Any experience of the Elite Hydromag Trainer With Digital Upgrade

I'm looking for a digital/computer cycle trainer which will give me variance evidence eg speed, cadence, hr etc.  Looking around this looks a decent option

Other options are a more basic one with a computer with hr and  cadence

only be speed missing.

Theres better ones out there but they soon start getting expensive.

Suggestions/Recommendations please.


  • as opposed to an analogue computer ?
  • I've mentioned digital there as meaning something that will give me feedback, I assume when you say analogue we are talking about something that will do me the same job. (If not assume I'm really thick when you explain, I won't disagree with you!).

    I see two options 1. A cheaper trainer and a standard bike computer which could monitor cadence and hr. Or 2. A more expensive trainer which already has those and/or other options included.
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