world record

His name is Fauja Singh aged 92 he completed the flm in 6hrs 1min 9secs breaking the over 90's world record.He gave up running at the age of 36 but took it up again at 89,he plans to run Toronto in sept New York in november then London in 2004.

I am truly humbled sir,what a fantastic effort.


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Cap duly doffed. Just wait till I get to that age! ( I hope).
  • I think I saw that guy. Man, I almost tripped him up when he ran past me.... or was that superman?

    Seriously though, top dog, the man did good!
  • I think I saw the man go past me as I was walking back to Victoria station at the crossing point.

    He's a total legend :-)
  • Hope Im that fit at his age
  • Hope I'm that fit at half his age!

    What an incredible effort, full of admiration for him.
  • Actually he's my grandson and I finished in 3.16.
  • he kept bloody overtaking me!
  • Well you finished in less time Benz, so you must have overtaken him back!

    Unless he kept stopping for breaks or something.
  • B*GG**R Sally Gunnell.
    BTW forgot to say he finished 22,870th which means 10,000 people younger than him finished behind him.

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