Running twice a day

I am trying to get in to running properly having played at it on and off for years. I have run a 1/2 marathon years ago and the NY marathon badly in 2004(4.55hrs). 

I live 4 miles away from my work and have started running in and getting a lift home but I would like if possible to run both in and out.

I think it will take sometime to build up to this but I am wondering how taking running both ways will be.

I am only plodding at the minute taking roughly 40 minutes to get in. Ho quick or slow should I build up to this or is it not advisable ?


  • I know I couldn't do it - far too short a recovery time - but I'm sure many others could with no problem. I think you'd need to listen carefully to your body and stop doing it as soon as any signs of overdoing it appeared.
  • I was doing two runs a day in the summer, when it was light early.

    I found it much easier than I thought I would.  By the time the evening run came round, I was recovered and didn't have a problem. 

    I also got considerably faster.

  • I do it sometimes - it's 3.4 miles from my house to work, and I alternate between doing a longer run into work (up to 6 miles) or running both ways.  If I'm doing both ways I run in "properly" and just enjoy the run home - walk if I want to and don't really bother about the time!
  • If you are running every day now anyway, you probably will have less of an adjustment to make than you think.  It may be worth building it up though, perhaps run in every day and run home 3 days to start and see how it goes.  Boredom could be a factor with the same route being repeated so you may need to design each to be interesting/challenging. You'll also need lots of kit, the logistics of getting your dirty work clothes home and extra washing to consider.
  • Just beginning to run everday really couple of times last week every day apart from Monday this week and will go for 5 days next week. I think once I have done the 5 the following week I will try and run home at least a couple of times.

  • Its really not difficult. Assuming you are working for 8 hours, you have plenty of recovery time with the added bonus that your body is already warmed up. I bet you will be surprised how easy the second run is.

    If I were you though, I wouldn't be running everyday. I would run a few times in the week and then really push yourself harder on a weekend day - run longer and harder. Running a good 6 miles on a Sunday morning will mean that 2 'sets' of 4 miles at a more comfortable pace with a fair few hours rest in between will quickly become a doddle. Following this sort of method will make your running less of a routine (could become a chore) and will challenge your fitness much more than just churning out the same distances every time you run.

    Maybe even substitute a steady pace 4 mile run with the occasional speed session over 2 or 3 miles - not only will it increase your base speed, it will improve your CV fitness (and therefore, your recovery rate) much quicker than a 4 mile run you do most other days. You don't want your body getting too used to doing the same speed over the same distance day in, day out.
  • My plan is or may be was is to get to the stage when I am running in and out and then start varying the speed etc so it's not always just a steady plod that said I am more than happy to here advice.
  • Just started to do a similiar thing, started 4 weeks ago.

    Cycle to work - 12miles  - Lunchtime run 5-8miles - Cycle home.

    Only run 3 weeks days (mon, wed, fri) also Swim 2 mornings (wed, Thur) - Wednesday is a killer day!!!

    Now this was a very significant increase in training for me ( up from just around 45miles running a week and nothing else) and the first 2 weeks were exhausting. But now at the end of the 4th week I feel fantastic and have even introduced some weight training to it.

    I think it takes a little time for your body to adjust to the 'shock' of the extra work and as long as you train easy at the start and eat well it does become normal. Preperation the night before is vital.

    Problems - 1 rucksack on bike and one dropped off for me by my wife, tonnes of washing. Can't seem to carry enough food to see me through the day, average about 2000calorie burn a day. Early mornings are stil a struggle. My eyes don't stay open much past 10pm(well 9pm really if you count the 'nodding' in the chair). My shower gel and deodrant bill has gone up !! but I am very clean !!

    Weight loss has become a battle hence the weght training but not a real issue. I would say go for it, give your self a few weeks to adjust and the benifits will amaze you.

    Improvements in my running have been staggering, I would plod along at about 8min miles for the medium to long runs but in the last week this has dropped to 7.30 pace with very little noticeable effort.

    Good luck and stick with it cos it gets easier..............

  • Wow that makes my hopefull 2 x 4 miles a day look easy !

    Logistics are not so bad for me I can drop some clothes at work and then I take a rucksack with just a t shirt, boxers and socks etc. I am lucky that  I work in jeans and a t shirt 90% of the time. I alsowork in a city centre so I can pop out and buy some food at the start of the week and store it at work.

    I am looking to lose some weight in addition to the training/health benefits !

  • I wouldn't say that's too difficult - that's what roughly 8 miles? I do roughly that or just over most nights anyway so it's definitely something you could cope with!

    Obviously I'm not running with a rucksack though so take it easy image

    Also a strange man shouted NICE LEGS at me in the street earlier so it must be working image

  • I find it really good to help improve your running - and good for weight loss.

    Your morning run (in the week) should really be easier than the evening one. Logistics are a nightmare though!!

  • I think you'd find it easier than you might think.

    I do it regularly. I live 4 miles from work. I run to and from work, taking about 28 - 30 minutes each way.

    Added to that I regularly get a run in during my lunch break as well - anywhere between 3 and 5 miles. So three runs a day is not too hard, although the legs feel a bit heavy on the last one.

    The only problem is that we don't have a proper shower at work so I have to have a strip-wash in the gents both in the morning and after the lunchtime run.

    On occasions, if I am trying to get miles in for a specific event I may even get out for a FOURTH run in the evening aswell. That's not very often though.

     Give it a try on a day when you have all evening to recover.

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