Why do I get that blister there?

I am relatively new to running, and as I have upped my milage in preparation for the great south run, I've found that I keep getting long blisters along my instep al the way from toe to the middle on my arch. And only ever on my right foot. image I have changed socks, and trainers (twice) and think that it is down to the edge of the insole rubbing on my foot, or down to my footstrike.

Does anyone have any idea on how I could avoid/reduce this in future, or any other theories on what causes this?


  • Briefly  

    Do your trainers fit properly

     do your socks seat properly

    don't forget - your feet and body may not have yet adapted

    something LIKE vaseline or talc could be needed - which you need to sample and try - but hopefully other ideas will come along

    beleive it or not, i used to suffer ( Years ago ) badly with blisters - but i use a heavy coating of vaseline on my feet, and crutch and keep same pants and socks, until they wear out - or become to heavy to wear -  i do NOT wash them ,


  • <<holds nose and leaves thread hastily>>
  • I'm creased up image

    Mick .............tell me you're joking!

  • No, i'm not joking  LOL  image  image

    It's not failed me yet

  • I trained 6 months for a marathon, same socks, shoes, no blisters and the on the day, I got a mean blister by mile 8, in exactly the place you're describing, Mark.  So annoying, but it's been great fun to squeeze all week image

    Go with the vaseline suggestion, but try some different socks, maybe?  Or alternatively, the skin needs time to heel properly so it doesn't repeat in the same place....

    Mick - you weren't on my tube this morning were you by any chance?  Thought I got a whiff of something image

  • erm, do you run in Asics?

    you might need a shoe with a lower medial post

  • Thanks everyone,

    I think my trainers fit properly, the person in the running shop seemed to think they did and they feel fine, and I have tried 4 or 5 different socks as well.  I'll try the vaseline... i think that sounds like a good idea. Juana, the skin completely comes off there so no squeezing for meimage

    Mick, not washing them, ever? really?

    PH, I do wear asics, but this also happened with my Nike which i have stopped wearing, what's a medial post?

  • Washing them - just dries them out, and defeats the whole object, they need to be moist
  • Its that bit along the instep of the shoe

    if you are wearing motion control shoes it might be digging in

    i wear saucony

  • Each to their own, if it works for you Mick.

    Can't see how keeping feet moist is going to help though, as moistness actually causes blisters as there's increased friction.

    Vaseline is definitely the way to go - rub generous amount onto the affected areas before socks.

    The medial post is the inside arch bit of the shoe. If it's rubbing it indicates the shoe is controling excessive inward movement (overpronation), so maybe your foot just needs time to adapt.

    Also check your shoes are laced up tight enough to stop too much movement as you run.

  • So. what do you have when you put vaseline on your feet then ?

    all i'm saying is, my socks have still got a sweaty dryish coating of vaseline on  when i next race and apply a fresh rubbing of vaseline to my feet


     it's good that u've posted your comments though as it may help others

    for me,

    if it ain't broke - i don't mend it  

  • Thanks everyone, I'll add some vaseline to the shopping list, and maybe check out some different insoles with a lower medial postimage
  • I had this sort of thing and I found it could have been my laces coming abit loose so when I feel the rub I stop and do my laces.
  • and I vasaline
  • Thanks Chickpea, I'll give that laces a tighten.
  • mark

    yes, these are all going points you see -

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