Rotterdam 2009

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I've just entered, anyone else doing it? Couldn't see a thread about next year's race, point me in the right direction if im wrong image





  • I'm thinking about entering this myself. Had a pretty shocking 5 hour + first marathon so want to get my time down.

    I don't really know too much about it, is it a fast course? How many entrants?

  • I've just taken the plunge and entered - I'm about to start training for my first marathon image I booked the pasta party too.

    Anyone else?

  • I'm in too... first marathon, but did the Amsterdam Half last month and was impressed by the organisation, hope this is a Dutch trait!

    RW rates it as flat and fast, around 20.000 entrants.

  • Anyone booked a place to stay yet?

    Simoncjw, I think the 20,000 is for all the events? All my events so far have been hilly, I thought I should start my marathon career on a flat course just to see how different it is. Not sure I will be fast though...

  • yes you are right on numbers RebekahJane... I'm not sure how many will be doing the marathon then. But there is no half, so anyone who wants more than a gentle jog (10k) will have to step up to the full thing!!

     Not sure how fast I'll be either, but it definitely feels fast running around a flat Dutch city after training on hilly trails!

  • I've entered this too! Still need to books flights and accomodation. Anyone recommend a place to stay?

    I would post the question in the 2006 thread, but not too sure what's going on in there! image

  • yes, I saw that thread too - looks like it's evolved into a fully-fledged community!!

     Can't help with flights / hotel I'm afraid. I live in Brussels, so I'll drive over the same morning.

  • Anyone still training for Rotterdam?! Come on, there are more messages on the Rotterdam 2006 thread than this one, can't believe there aren't more of us who are entranced by the delicate beauty and charm of this wonderful Dutch city.

    Or perhaps more realistically, drawn to sign up by the very flat course!

  • I'm still in full swing for this. Flights and hotel now booked and looking forward to it. Now debating whether to race 20 miler on the 1st of March or just use it as an easy long run.


  • Did 16 miles yesterday in the freezing cold and over 2000ft of ascent - I'm still heading for Rotterdam and I'm looking forward to flat!

    Still to book flights and hotel......can't decide on a hotel, I think it is called procrastination - how did you decide where to stay Steve G?

  • Just picked the closest I could get to the start/finish. Staying in the Hilton for 2 nights. Expedia had a half price deal a few day ago. Although at £74 a night it's by no means cheap. There is another close to the start which is a little cheaper, but I didn't like the look of it. Can't say I spent much time looking though.
  • A 2-mile recovery run today with the dog - lovely weather, shame to keep the mileage so low.

    We should have received our confirmation email and PDF information magazine within the next 10 days.......then I guess it will all seem real! There's at least three of us still in the running (no pun intended image).

    £74/night is probably about as cheap as it gets - especially if you want a comfy bed and a bit of quiet the night before. Looks like I missed the deal, it's £158/night now - but at least that means I can procrastinate some more......

  • 24k on Sunday... what's that in miles? about 15 I think, so I'm behind you RebekahJane!

    I'm still deciding whether to stay the night before, or drive over that morning (I live in Brussels). 

    Driving over would be ok, but I have a feeling the drive back would be hard!!

  • The last few miles HURT!! But, I think that was due to the cold and the climbs I had done en route. I must start thinking in km or I will get very confused on the day. 16 miles is around 25.75k I reckon that put me starting back across Erasmus bridge.

    I don't think I'd be able to drive before due to nerves, and after due to stiffness.  

    Anyone aiming for a time? I'm telling people I just want to get round...

  • I was targetting sub 3 hours until I was laid up with 'man flu' for two weeks over Christmas. Now looking at sub 3:10 for a new PB. But will see how it goes over the next few weeks. Comfortable 14 miler is my longest run this year at a relaxed 7:45 min/mile pace so I retain some optimism.

    I drove home after the Edinbugh marathon last year - 5hrs without stopping. Not recommended! Literally fell out of the car when I got home.

  • Time?

     I'll telling people sub 4 hour for my first (only?!) marathon.... but really I'm aiming to break 3:30! 

    I've done a few 20k / half-marathons, and my predicted time from them is 3:40, so some work to do to achieve this!

  • Got my confirmation email, race number & rotterdam info magazine today... now it seems real!

     I think that should be enough motivation to kick me out of bed tomorrow morning for another training run... it seems quite close all of a sudden!


  • Got mine too. Looks very well organised image They even have funky cups at the drink stations!

     Can't wait... well I can as I have to get a few more miles in first.

  • yes, I hope to get enough miles in so I'm not relying upon attending the prayer service beforehand!!
  • Mine arrived too - looks like we're really doing this then image

    Also found the route today, in case you're interested in a peek at what awaits (it is the 2006 route, but I don't think it has changed....) 

    You two are speedy - I'm hoping for 4:30 ish, it should be realistic, but I'd be happy at 5 hours.....shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, if anyone asks I'm just trying to get round!

  • thanks for the link RJ, really interesting to see the route from that perspective!

    I found a related link which told me that the 2007 race was abandoned after 3.30, because it was too hot! I hadn't expected heat to be a problem when I signed up, hopefully this year will be cool!

  • Abandoned at 3.30.....I'd be out, but you should both make it home if the weather heats up......I'm hoping for cool anyway though because the heat slows me right down.

    Only 10 weeks to go. It seems too close and yet still quite far away......happy training!

  • After my last few runs, I may be tempted to revise my target time upwards! Legs are definitely aching after 22 k today, 12k yesterday... and that was at a fairly slow pace! I've never run more than 24km, and my programme for the next few weeks takes my LSR up to 32k: training is not going to be easy!

     Good luck with your training too!

  • 30k today, 32k next weekend for me...then a well deserved and looked forward to step back week! But I'm not doing any runs two days in a row. 1 or 2 easy runs, tempo/speedwork and LSR each week. I take my dog on some easy runs; she is up to 6 miles with me now, but we are still building.

  • Good link that video. A mate of mine had said the temps were horendous in 2007 and people struggled. I though he was having a laff as I too hadn't expected heat to be an issue.

    LSR of 16miles today. Fairly comfortable at target pace so happy considering I over did the wine and beer last night and had spent most of the day in bed! Never again....

    Good luck with the training both. Think it's only the 3 of us running image

  • Hi,

     I was due to take part in this years event but injury has scuppered my plans and I will now not be travelling. I therefore have two flights departing Luton on Fri 3rd up for grabs. Asking £120 for each flight and am willing to pay the costs attaching to the of details.

    If anyone is interested we can arrange the complexities offline.


  • First of three planned 32k runs today. I took the 'flat' route, so only 1700-odd foot ascent. The wind was bitter so I finally put my gloves on and that really helped - I didn't realise how much energy was lost just through having cold hands!

    Can't help I'm afraid, Clarkie. Hope you heal quickly. Why not just come over and cheer the rest of us on - or if you can't face it, have a long weekend in the 'Dam instead. Don't know how you've injured yourself, but maybe you'd be able to make the start line with a lowered time expectation?

    Hope everyone else is still fit and on track.....I'm starting to get quite excited about it all now image

  • Missed my long run yesterday due to being stuck on the M1 for a few hours due to an accident and got back too late. It 's now planned for later this afternoon, but looking out the window a pair of cross country ski's may be in order....image Don't want to miss it though as I've already revised my plans a number of times and things are going well at the mo and I've the Pukka 20 to be ready for next month as well.

    Sounds like you're on target RJ and with all these hills in your routes you should find Rotterdam a doddle.

  • Hope it brightened up for you this afternoon Steve. I think I now see the benefit of training for an autumn marathon image

    I did start a thread on the Training forum - worried that I would find the flat more tiring after training in the hills, but I think I am just looking for things to worry about - that's what the first marathon is about, isn't it!? I'm now moving onto wondering whether compression clothing is worth it - either for the run or for afterward! And still, she hasn't booked her flight or hotel room.......

  • 18 miles in the snow, done! Only landed on my arse once, but shredded my cosy winter tights... oh well.

    I've ordered some x-socks compression socks for recovery, should be here this week, though don't think I'll have the nerve to wear them during a race.

    Sort your travel and accom out, then you'll only have the running to worry about and that's the easy part image

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