Rotterdam 2009



  • Aye, only just realised it'd changed as well. So I never got to run the FLM image ah well.

    Should have a guaranteed place with my good for age time anyhow, unless the requirements change. Doesn't really matter who the sponsor is, the course will be the same and the atmosphere will hopefully push me to another PB. Although if I get caught up in the madness at the start I'll hate it! Anyway need to concentrate on Rotters first.

  • I see Paula is out of London again.....
  • Decided to stick with the schedule, so 16 miles today. Went slightly faster than I should have, but it felt comfortable. Bit on the windy side, it has to be said. 10 minutes quicker than the last 16 miles though, so I'm happy.

    20 miles next week, then the taper........this is getting close!

    Hope everyone else is progressing well.

  • Well done RebekahJane - I am hoping to do 15 tomorrow image

    How do you feel?

  • I'm feeling good, actually, could have carried on at the same pace at the end of the run (preferably without the wind though, there were points where I was running on the spot because of it). Not as stiff as I been after other long runs either.

    I'll think of you doing 15 tomorrow while I enjoy my rest day image

  • Was supposed to be 16 miler for me today also, but tagged on a few more miles at the end to make it 18 as I was feeling ok. Rest day tomorrow now and looking forward to it, so it's down to you Vixx to keep things moving tomorrow. Good luck with it.
  • whoops... sorry I abandoned this thread a few weeks ago!

    I'm still running, still getting ready for Rotterdam. Slight blip with a week's skiing at the end of February. I did do a couple of treadmill sessions whilst I was there though. Thought I'd lost huge amounts of fitness, before realising that running a 2300 metres really is a lot more difficult!

     Since then I've done some more long runs, but only up to around 26 k so far - and I want to do a 30k + run before the race itself. Maybe this Sunday...

     Still, at least it's getting lighter. I've been doing early morning weekday runs in the dark for months, for the first time this morning I headed away from the street lights and went into the woods which was great. Feels like spring is coming... but also reminds me that we are less than 4 weeks away!!


  • Welcome back Simon, we thought we'd lost you image  glad to hear you're still Rotterdam bound.

    Shhhhh, only four weeks image I keep going onto the marathon site (obsessed, moi?!) and they have the countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds (25 days 18 hours, just in case you need to know).

    Vixx, did you get out for your 15 miles yesterday? Do you competition winners get a special start area?

    Steve, well done on your extra miles at the weekend - you have to be on track for a PB, I'm sure of it.

    I'm just back from a relaxing 5 miles with the dog - spring is definitely on the way it was lovely out.

  • Hello RJ - I actually did 16.25 in the end - the vast majority of them out on the road, but then the weather took a turn for the worse, so I did the last 3 on the treadmill, which was annoying, but the weather was just too bad to stay out in. I don't think I get a special start place - probably at the back! I put in an expected finish time of 5:30:00

    How is everyone today?

  • ok, trying to make up for my absence over the last month by posting again now!

    Just did easy 8k, feel a lot better than yesterday, long runs seem to take 3 days to get rid of the aches and pains. Day after long run it's difficult to imagine I could run for the bus, let alone 27 m 385 yds!

  • whoops, I meant 26 m 385 yds, I can do without an extra challenge!
  • Hehe, that extra mile would be hell as well, with the wieght of the medal and goody bag to carry image

    Did my last interval session tonight. Now it's just easy and tempo runs. I hate intervals - but went well 4 x 1600m and ahead of target pace. So as long I can walk tomorrow spirits will be high. Not long now, hope all are well and where they want to be in their prep.

  • It's all about staying injury-free for me in the next 3 & 1/2 weeks!

    Knees are complaining, but nothing major, so I should be fine as long as I keep the tempo runs balanced with easy ones.

    Steve - I picked a program without intervals, since I hate them too... evidently you've got more will-power than me!

  • And the taper's all in the bank now people, we can relax and ease our way through the next couple of weeks (eek!). 20 miles today with no incident and at target pace (averaged out anyway, I have to adjust for those silly hills).

    Simon, I really do not need extra distance, an extra yard would be bad enough - Behave! Victory lap anyone?

    Got a SiS marathon belt for my gels. Did you get anything sorted Steve?

    Now, I'm just going to repeat "I believe in the schedule" until race day.....

    Vixx, I put myself in the back pen (G) as it is my first marathon.......maybe see you at the start.

  • Taper... what's that image

    22 miles yesterday. And just ahead of schedule. Forgot to stretch off properly last night though and so feeling it a bit today. 20 miler next weend. Then my taper will begin.

    RJ - Prob not going to bother with a belt now. Think I can manage with  3 gels, 2 I can get in my shorts pocket and I'll come up with something inventive for the third!

    Just need to remain sensible now and not do myself a mischief

  • Well, I looked it up and apparently a taper has something to do with lighting candles.....

    No one is allowed to make, have or obtain any mischief - it is forbidden until late on Sunday 5th April, when mischief can, and probably will, abound image

    Now, where was I? Oh yes, I believe in the schedule, I BELIEVE in the schedule....even if I have just noticed an interval session at the end of this week.......I b-e-l-i-e-v-e in the schedule!!

  • I did 19.5 miles last Friday, so whilst I will not start my taper until next weekend, I will probably do 15 or so toward the end of the week to end on.  Then it's carbo-load time and fun, fun, fun! Well, as fun as it can be flying to Rotterdam with my mate, going to the expo, seeing the sights and, oh yes - run a marathon!

    Can't believe I got marathon ready in a month!

    How is everyone doing?

  • Yay! Well done Vixx - that is quite some achievement, especially with your hip recuperation image

    I'm into the "who thought this would be a good idea" stage of training........the 20 miles at the weekend was okay and I could have continued...(supose I did, what with dog walking and what not to do on my return)...but another 10k? Don't panic! I tell myself that I have not been training at race pace so when I have run for that length of time I will have less then 10k to do....and it is on the flat....and hopefully not as windy as most days I have been out......and the atmosphere will help.....and running with other people.....and cheering crowds.......oh, whose idea was this?!??! image

    But, physically, I'm ready - because (all together now) I believe........

  • RJ - I will also be in (G) so we could try and arrange a system for saying Hi and maybe doing the first few miles (you will most likely be faster than I am) together.  I will be around the 5:30:00 mark I think.  I just wonder if it is a definite cut-off or a guideline as I would hate to be cut off at 5:30:00 if I am not far from the finish.....

    I know I can do it - it's all about the belief!!!

    And I know you guys can all do it too..... image

  • Hi guys.

    Any of you know whether Rotterdam has mile markers or just kilometres ?

    I tried at Berlin, and found it so difficult to think of pacing in terms of time per km. So then atParis, I made a real effort to memorise targets for key splits in kms....... and when it came to the race, they had mile markers aswell !

  • Not sure, but I'd expect markers to be in km only....

    My plan is to set my Garmin to show me my average miles/minute pace so I don't need to convert pacing. The other thing you could do is download a pacing bracelet thingy from this site in km for your intended time, that way you don't need to recalculate on the fly or memorise anything.

  • Vixx, I'm hoping to push my way toward the front of the pen - would you be happy there? Not sure how big the pens are going to be anyway, so it probably doesn't matter that much. Would be nice to meet someone from the site - I've been at races that others from RW are also at, but never managed to meet anyone!

  • Metronome: I did the Amsterdam half-marathon last Autumn, and don't remember seeing any mile indicators, just kms (same course as the marathon). The Rotterdam online course map is only in km too, I think.

    Having lived in Belgium for 10 years, I'm pretty much metricated now (is that a word?!), so I'll be happy with km markers. I'm another Garmin user, so will set my own pace from that.

     Just did a 30km (19 miles) this pm, that was hard work, I'm looking forward to this tapering I've heard all about!

  • Thanks, Rebekah & Simon.

    Sounds like I'm going to have to think metric for this one, then. It's just so tricky clocking a split at, say, 15km, and trying to convert that to what it equates to in mins & secs per mile. Wastes vital mental energy, too !

  • I don't know, it might distract you from the pain! On bad days I try to calculate how fast my next 5k split needs to be in order to increase my average speed by xxx - very effective distraction!
  • Hi RJ, SCJW, SG & V76.

    I'll be travelling from London to Rotterdam by train, and staying at the Domina hotel, Energieweg, 2.

    Any of you guys ever done Rotterdam before ? Or know anyone who has ?


  • Sean, I've never done a marathon before, let alone Rotterdam! I looked at the Domina, looks like a nice place, but in the end decided on H2otel. 

    My Mum has just swung by with early birthday pressies for me image  Looks like I will be NikeGirl, a bit more up market than the Aldi/Lidl Girl I was going to be image. She got them to me now so I can check they don't chafe, bless! Top, capri and socks!

    A little four mile jaunt with the dog today. Her last trip out before the marathon as she almost caused me to turn my ankle in a pothole image, it just isn't safe out there......I'm going to bed until April.

    Hope all's well with all of you - just 18 days 16 hours to go.........

  • always good to have some new running stuff to strengthen motivation.

    I had to google image 'capri' to find out what you were talking about - they are 3/4 leggings, right? Either that or you've been given a very nice island!

  • I've just discovered (which is also owned by Runners' World) ... yes, I know, a bit slow to catch on. Anyway, I really like the race portfolio feature where you can enter races you've done or are planning to do. Signed up for Rotterdam - 11 others on the board are also going, so maybe we won't be the only Brits there! 

  • The very nice island, of course - it only just fits though and I am worried it might get a bit heavy image

    They is wimmins' clothing, at least I've never seen a fella in 3/4 leggings (aka capris); you have learnt something new today, so I feel I have done something useful!

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