Rotterdam 2009



  • Hello.  I only just got an email saying someone had posted in the thread, and then find I've missed three pages of chat image

    How is everyone?

    Anyone know of any cheap hotels?

  • Hello Vixx! Sometimes I get no email, sometimes I get two within 15 minutes of each other both telling me about the same logic to it.

    Not sure cheap and Rotterdam go together - it is also practically impossible to find a place that includes breakfast in the price. Most places seemed to be around 100 euros per night give or take when I was looking. You might find a good late deal though! TripAdvisor was quite good as you could search several places at once for a price and there are reviews from people who have stayed in the place too (it is also worth checking a hotel's own website for deals).

  • I am having trouble finding somewhere to stay.....

    Worst case scenario, I'll stay in Amsterdam and get the train over in the morning.....

  • Just returned from couple of days away on business.

    My, we are getting nervous aren't we.

    Think a good plan is to sprint as fast as you can from the start, intimidate the Kenyans, let them know who's boss, it'll destroy their confidence, and then just try and hang on for the last 26 miles.

    Vixx 76, I've hired an apartment, I always do when I do a marathon abroad, I don't need to worry about finding a decent restraunts on Sat night, will just saty in and cook plain pasta, wake up and eat exactly what IO normally do for breakfast without worrying about what they'll have, wehn breakfast starts etc... . Whats more, you get more room than in a hotel, and usually about the same price as a hotel.


  • Grant Cunningham wrote (see)

    Think a good plan is to sprint as fast as you can from the start, intimidate the Kenyans, let them know who's boss, it'll destroy their confidence, and then just try and hang on for the last 26 miles.

    Let's all do this! Link arms and make sure the rest of the field can't pass image

     Hope you get sorted Vixx, your worst case only puts you an hours away so shouldn't be a problem.

     My optimism is now taking a dive, always does approaching a race... also not helped by the lack of emails regarding new posts to this thread as well.

     Are we any the wiser to best pubs/bars for post race rehydration?

  • First sight of a weather forecast for Rotterdam, April 5th:

    Mostly Cloudy WindFrom West North West at 18 kmph Maximum Humidity80%UV Index3 Chance of Precip.10%Avg. High.10°C Record HighN/A Sunrise07:09

    On the topic of pubs, though, I have no idea! It'll be grab a bottle and back to Grant's flat won't it image

  • You will be most welcome. Will need to inspect your bottle first, of course.

    Did my last run today, 7 and a half miles, and is typical of this taper period, found it very hard indeed, jusr 2 weeks ago, I finished a 22 miler, and had enough energy to do another 4 miles.

    Anyhow, this time next week!!!!!!


  • I haven't run since Tuesday, will hopefully get out for a run tomorrow.  Have been hit by a big bout of depression and can't be arsed about anything - and after getting myself ready for this too....

    I hope I get a dose of enthusiasm soon....

    Hope everyone is ok

  • Here, Vixx, one dose of enthusiasm.....hope it helps image

    Hmmmm, methinks we'd best take a bottle for Grant to inspect and then some extras for the rest of us! Of course you'll all be finished so much sooner I am that you'll see at least two bottles when I pass one over anyway image

  • I'm expecting to finish as one of the last runners next Sunday.  My PB is just outside their cut-off point, so am not expecting to be able to work miracles after just 7 weeks build up.

    6 days to go...... How is everyone feeling?

  • Vixx, I was just about to come looking for you! Are you feeling better? Did you get a hotel sorted? 

    Part of the reason I thought Rotterdam would be nice as a first marathon was that the winner comes out and runs back in with the last person to finish (at least, that's what is says on the site). How often do you get the chance to run with the elite runners - not just in the same race but with them!?!

    By this time next week it'll only be a (hopefully not too painful) memory! Getting excited now though....

  • Bedders : Thanks for the info and link to your 2007 blog. Are you doing Rotterdam again this year ?

    Grant : generous offer of back to your flat if we can't find a pub. How are we going to meet up after the race on Sunday, without swapping mobile numbers over a public forum ?

    Vixx : Really gutted to hear you've been suffering from the old darkness. I suffered from mild anxiety at the time of the Robin Hood marathon in 2005 and it completely messed up not only the race but the whole weekend. Employing every weapon in my mental arsenal to stay positive for Rotterdam on Sunday and not lose focus, after build-up has gone so well up to now.


  • hi RebekahJane                                                                                                                                                      thanks for the invite over to this thread,                                                                                                                     i am new to runnersworld website,     so i have a little caching up to do, their is alot of info on here about rotterdam,   still i am not to sure if the marathon will be run in miles or kilometrers and if they are kilometers,      will they  be 1 k markers or 5 k markers.

    best regards

  • Welcome galeforce, we're going to have quite a little party after all - at one time it looked like only a couple of RWers would be going!

    As I said, the marathon will be in km (they'll pass so much quicker....) and Bedders came on here earlier - he did Rotterdam in 2007 - and thought he remembered the markers being every KM.

    hope that helps...

  • Hi, Galeforce.

    Fancy meeting you here !


  •  yes it dose help rebekaahjane cheers. and the more the merrier, i know of 3 others from my area that are doing this race,    and i will try to remember when i am feeling abit tired,  not to get confused with the km and mile markers.   all i have to do now is set my watch to km. and hopefully turn up in good health.
  • hi lettuce yes its is a surprice to see you here,  how is it going,  are you in good shape for rotterdam,
  • Hi Metronome - I am working furiously on defeating the dark side.  Come this time next week it will be all over.......

    Hi RJ - are you nervous now????

    How is everyone?

  • OK, I've done some recon on the public house front (the internet is my second home).....

    This is highly recommended, it is at the WTC (where we collect our numbers so we can all find it) and they say they take special care of folks on their birthday - celebrate with me and apparently we can all be spoilt by the staff at Paddy Murphy's

    If jazz is your thang, there is always Dizzy's

    Now, we need carnations in the lapel or something or we all sit at separate tables.....

  • hmmmm - reminds me of Berlin last year when someone suggested a place for a drink and they couldn't remember the name so they called it one thing and when we got to the bottom of the TV tower there were two restauarnts with similar names. So one group went to one, and one group ended up at the other.  We were 50m away and no-one realised..... image

    I don't mind emailing my number to someone.....

  • Hi guys - I've been struck down by gastric flu', not good, just relieved that it struck now and not in 6 days time! Can someone please convince me that spending the day in bed is good last-week marathon prep?!

    Hope to be on my feet again tomorrow, good to see so many messages, it's getting close!

  • A day (or two) in bed at this stage is good last-week preparation - but make sure you are fully recovered and stocked up on food, we want to enjoy the marathon not suffer it image

    I hope Steve hasn't been overcome by his unshakeable cold.......

    Take care!

  • RebekahJane wrote (see)

    A day (or two) in bed at this stage is good last-week preparation - but make sure you are fully recovered and stocked up on food, we want to enjoy the marathon not suffer it image

    I hope Steve hasn't been overcome by his unshakeable cold.......Take care!

    What, what! Somebody mention my name there image 

    I've been offline all weekend due to travelling up north to help plan a wedding  - mine apparently. But I'm stil none the wiser as to what's going on..... Still it's well over 4 weeks away so more importantly.....

    Cold is still hanging in there but not really feeling any the worse for wear at the moment, apart from the inconvenience of snot that is. Jolly little 8 miler on Sunday helped with the nerves. Have also stocked up on gel's, powders and the like so only a silly little ziplock bag needed to get it all through customs.

    A big hello to those who've just found the thread and a big image to Vixx, hope all is sorted before the weekend.

  • OOOooohhhhh, congratulations Steve (on your forthcoming wedding, not the snot image) - your last marathon as a singleton, eh. Is Mrs Steve-to-be coming to cheer you on?

    Mr RJ will be around somewhere.........I've told him he needs to find me at the end in case I am sooooo tired I can't remember where the hotel is! I think he's looking forward to me having more than one conversation topic again (the fool, it'll just change from "I'm doing a marathon" to "I did a marathon"....)

    One run left for me before M-day.......just a short tempo session to remind my legs what to do. Did 8 miles on Sunday and a couple with the dog today.

    Hope everyone is keeping fit - or returning to fitness.

  • ok, back on form again, and ready to run!

    Forecast for Sunday confirms RJ's earlier post: 11C, light rain (BBC), 12C, partly cloudy (Yahoo!).

    Great weather forecast, nice and cool, wouldn't mind some light rain either!

  • It had better bloomin' well NOT rain on Sunday, thank you Simon !

    If anyone does fancy meeting up in Rotterdam over the weekend and wants to discuss possible venues, send me a private message and I'll pass you my mobile number.

     GaleForce, my pre-race preparation is back on track after going slightly off the boil last week, thanks.

    Steady run with GCR 18:30 group last night - first off-roader of the year, so absolutely paranoid about turning my dodgy ankle over on the uneven ground. Thankfully survived unscathed. Just one more short one to get through tomorrow before the big one.

  • According to Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, wind now from the North North West at 6kmph, high of 13 degrees C and a UV index of 3 so that's sun cream on people and of course cool sunglasses image.

    No injuries at this point, please! Glad the sickies are feeling better.......almost there now!

  • OK, I think meeting up would be nice. I suggest we meet at Paddy Murphy's as it is central (and we should all know where the WTC is by Sunday) between 5 and 6 to give everyone a chance to freshen up after the run.....

    If everyone will have their mobile with them, I can text anyone who says they want to be there but doesn't show up - email me your number and I'll add it to my phone (already got some of you, say yeah if you're in). I fly out Friday morning so you'll need to email me by tomorrow if you want to be added to the list (or email someone else and they can contact you.....). Or just turn up at PM's.

    If we have interest I'll come up with something that everyone can spot and let you all know it tomorrow eveningimage

  • My mobile number is


    I will be going PM, immediately after run, but will certainly return afterwards.

    will check in tomorrow.

    Life good everyone, we're going tp have funn, fun, fun.


  • RebekahJane wrote (see)

    OOOooohhhhh, congratulations Steve (on your forthcoming wedding, not the snot image) - your last marathon as a singleton, eh. Is Mrs Steve-to-be coming to cheer you on?


    Thanks RJ. No Mrs Steve, she has more sense! I tried to build a stag night around the event, but the mention of a marathon seemed to scare all away! Probably for the better.

    I've hopefully shaken off the cold and have a couple of miles to do tomorrow and maybe a couple on Friday to keep loose. Can't waiti for Sunday! Good luck to all image

    I'll head towards PM's post run then (assuming I can walk).

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