Heanor 10K Xmas Pud

This race is on target to sell out for the fifth year in a row, never seen such demand so early!


  • still debating whether to do this - but edging towards "yes" - when shall I decide?!

    ttp imagex

  • Do it TTP - another UKNr there!!

     The size of the pudding is enough to entice most (I can't stand it - but it makes a great stocking filler for the outlaws!!!)

    superbly organised and a great atmosphere - even last year with horizontal sleet, heavy rain and a bit of icy wind for good measure!!!

  • Thanks TT!   Weather conditions sound just great!

    I think I will.  Are you doing it?  Are you local? (sorry, that's a bit League of Gentlement, isn't it...)

    One of our UKNr guys kindly offered to run it with me - I think I'm going to apply online right now!


  • I'm Warwickshire...  but used to live in Eastwood - so old stomping ground, (i.e. used to go to shipley a lot, and use the swimming pool / gym at Heanor!)

    So..  as long as it's not a local race for local people..  I'll be fine  ;o)

  • I may do it image

    Only down the road!

  • Just signed up.

    My first ever race image

  • Great, OffColour - I've signed up too!


  • Ran the course the other week to get a feel for it, deceptively tough me thinks! You think you have got away with it but there are two climbs near the end, the first of which is long and gradual then for good measure steepens for the last few hundred metres.

    You are gonna know you have run this one for sure image

    I would put in your training some hill work when already fatigued image

    See y'all there

  • Just ran this this morning (Sunday) in the wind and rain. Not too bad..Was a bit wet and muddy in places but enjoyed the course.. Time 1:04...! but this is a relfection of the hills which arn't too bad but do take it out of you a bit. The last climb up into the park isn't that bad  - i made it up without stopping as there were a few peopple around which always spurs me on a bit.!  See you on Sunday image Look forward to the pud.image
  • Does my scottish athletics membership get me affiliated entry price?

  • Salty - it should do...  the UK one does with Scottish races..  we're all one happy famil after all  ;o)
  • I ran this one last year in the horizontal rain.  It was a well organised and really enjoyable event, despite the circumstances.  The long sloping hill towards the end of the race is a real sting in the tail. 
  • Brand new course this year, taken out the long drag at 8.5k. Hopefully better weather this time! Race sold out well in advance again. Thanks everybody!! 
  • Looking forward to this one hoping for a PB which wont be too hard as ive only ran 2 other 10k races lol done loads in training tho see you all there sunday xx

  • Any idea where the results are ? Assume they will get on the Club web site ?
  • Bear with us rthey will be on asap
  • results up, rob - they have got my time wrong is there anything i can do fella?
  • Does anyone know who was taking photos near to the end - is there a link to the website anywhere?


  • hi, the people taking the photos were mick hall photos, just tap it in the search engine.

    Any queries on times contact ian at scs results.

  • Rob, You got an e-mail address for Ian at scs please?
  • Chris, there you are mate.

    Ian Thomas
    E-mail Address(es):

  • image great race really enjoyed this one, got the pb i was after and to top it all got under the hour which for me means everything, doesn't sound quick to most of you but when you think 2 years ago i would get out of breath going up stairs and was 9st heavier i think is a big acheivement. 59mins 34secs 513th woohoo image xxx

  • Really enjoyed it despite wanting to just give up and walk on that last 200 metres.

    583rd and 1:03:24 (my timing since I started at the back image)  for my first 10k over (for me) a very hilly course. Definitely made me confident I can break 60 mins on the flat at Bolsover next month.

  • Angela, same here really, broke 50mins for first time, some would sniff at that but back in feb when i started running i weighed 4 stone heavier than now and could not run more than 5 mins at walking pace!

    woohoo indeed image

    think what we could do on a flat course!

  • hi chris

    i'm running in the "millennium runs on" 10k on 28th december and its surposed to be a really flat course so im going for it on that one lol, will also stop me over eating at xmas having a run 3 days after image

  • Not sure if I'm just being stupid, but I can't find the results anywhere: where are they?

    UPDATE: OK, they're there, now. Strange format, though, opens in an email client.
  • No i cant find them either,and were is the millennium run?
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