Sad song thread ruined w/end run

On Friday I thought it was a great thread. Come Sunday I was out running & thinking of sad songs when "Billy don't be a hero" by Black Lace came into my head ......... & wouldn't leave. Even on this mornings recovery run "and as Billy sterted to go ......."
It's driving me mad.
It's obviosly been bureied in my subconcious for 25 years & the sad song thread has made it tunnel it's sorry ar$e to the surface.
Any one else suffered in a similar way? Is it terminal?



  • or the Birdie Sond
  • You mean ...... there's worse?
  • I wanna do a PB, will my heart stand still? Do do run run run, do do run run.
  • I s'pose it could have been

    .......I've got 20 acres you've got 43,
    I've got a brand new combine harvester .....

    Roll on tomorrow
  • Remember, member, member what a womble, womble, womble you are
  • It could have been much worse.............The Night Chicago Died by the same band!!!
  • Whoops, and they were both sung by Paper Lace, how sad am I remembering that...
  • "...and Honey I DON'T miss you,
    and I'm being BAD,
    'cos this song is the issue,
    and driving me MAAAAD!!!!"

    ALL SODDING WEEKEND! Why couldn't it have been "Eye of the Tiger" or something with a steady beat at least?
  • Glad it wasn't just me.

    Ma baker she knew how to die.

    Thats your fault Gary, I therfore curse you with a weeks running to the tune of ........Do do do the funky gibbon ......

  • Try out UB40's "One in Ten" and KNOW a true curse. Just writing this will cause me to suffer the blasted dirge for days...
  • Pizza Man

    How about a weeks running to Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me.........or Black Pudding Bertha.

    I thought not, now where did I put that Goodies LP

  • Ah, I take it back,there is worse. My running partners favourite "I wish I could fly" by Orville the Duck, She is a sick woman.
  • The smurf song----La La lalalalalalalala
  • Living next door to Alice , Smokey
  • Tim, aren't they ironing tunes?

    This one could have actualy been on the sad song thread

    I've been going out with a girl
    her name is Julie
    but last night she said to me while we watching telly

    she said listen I jon I love you
    but there's this bloke I fancy
    I don't want to 2 time you
    so it's the end for you & me .............
  • Or of course there was the B side of that, which was "Going Steady".

    Yeah, yeah, I love Sharon/Carol - can't remember - help me out someone, or it'll be bugging me!)
    Yeah, yeah she loves me
    Yeah, yeah, I love X
    And we're going...steady.

    Renee and Renato - Save your love
    Joe Dolce - Shuddupa your face
    I wanna be a winner - Brown Sauce (Noel Edmonds, Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin)
    Morris minor and the majors (can't rmemeber the song title)
    Seven Tears by the Goombay Dance Band

    This forum is turning into a real nostalgia fest!

    Incidentally Tim, did you see yesterday's Metro with the article on Extreme Ironing?

  • i was so upset that I cried
    all the way to the chip shop

    God, what we remember
    Does running make you senile??
  • Sharron, Iain.

    Benz, this thread answers your question.

    Didn't Paul Young have a band once that had a hit with "Toast" and the sound of burnt toast being scrapped in the background.

  • Yes he did.
    It was crap.
  • And when I cam out
    There was Gordon
    Standing at the bus stop...
    and guess who was with him,... yeah, Julie
    and they were both laughing at me!!!!
  • I think the next bit of the song is rude
    Isnt she a S##g, and hes a p##f
    What happens when it goes to the moderator?
    Seems to apply to nearly every thread
    Telly on downstairs, Why has noone mentioned 9/11?
    Yeah Yeah its not fair!!
  • Did you just go thru your record collection?
  • No. I actually remember it
    Hope its just the gin
    My record collection comprises ABBA, ELO and genesis
  • More a man than you'll ever be
    here we go 2-3-4.

    Then the 'she's a sl*g ....

    Yeah yeah, it's not fair, yaeh yeah!
    Thank god for Jilted John
  • I keep tropical fish
    I keep tropical fish
    In my underpants
    In my underpants

    Hello John got a new mota'
    Hello john got a new mota'
  • Wots that nob over there for?
    Wots that nob over there for?
  • Youre sad!!
    Look gotta go to bed soon, Supposed to run in the morning and Im starting a 48 hour on call.
    Ill leave you with
    We had joy, we had fun ,we had seasons in the sun- the ULTIMATE sad song
    Night night
    Sob sob
  • Me too,
    'nite benz,
    'nite barkles
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