Peter Kay

Is it just me or was it as crap as I thought it was???



  • I found it quite funny, although it was essentially just the same as X-Factor normally is, so nothing new... You Manc twat. x

  • I feel asleep watching it.........
  • only cos you're old...
  • I started to fall asleep after 5 minutes and then switched over to a lovely thing on BBC4 about the arctic and why all the Europeans who went exploring round there died horribly. The only concussion I can give is that even a satire's of x factor, BB etc are sh*t. image
  • So did I FB but who turned the TV off ???????

  • only cos you're old...

    fuck all to do with the 4hrs on the MTB and then beer and wine beforehand then???

    good - I thought I was getting old

  • I fell asleep before it was on. image
  • image Lucky bastard. image
  • good for you fb - nice to hear you're still mtb'ing!  rude not to finish off with a glass of vino!!?

    i thought peter kay was awful too.  tbh the advert for it was funnier and summed it up pretty weel so there was no need to sit through the whole thing.

  • Has anyone seen Flight of the Conchords ? I think its pretty good.

    For Kiwis.
  • the thing is that the original is funny enough in its own way and it was too drawn out.  would have been fine as a short sketch.
  • thats eme talking about peter kay rather than in response to cougs!!!
  • so - general consensus seems to be "it was crap" or "I'm a lightweight and fell asleep"
  • image Both I think?
  • Apparently, you're all thick if you failed to find it funny.....image

    (So says Chris Moyles)

    Who clearly doesn't make allowances for differing senses of humour.....image

    I loved it - but then again.... I am blonde and men talk to my boobsimage

  • DM made the point apart that it was hardly any different to your normal run of the mill x factor.

    Not that I ever watch the x factor image

  • Fibber! You were a secret Leon fan.....image

  • I'm a brunette and have no boobs and I thought it was rubbish, LB.But not sure that's WHY I thought it was rubbish.

  • Did anybody else ring the number on the screen last night to see if Peter Kay had left a recorded message saying "you bloody tit - put the sodding phone down" !!!!

    Or was it just me and Mr LB?image

    Gutted it was that bird who says "the number you have dialled has not been recognised"image

  • The acts reminded me of an old choral group I once saw, called Amicus, I think.

    *runs away before Liverbird can belt her...*

  • I know you have no boobs. I've seen them....

    Well actually, I haven't - because they're not there....image

  • Makes me more aerodynamic though, luv. image
  • I still look better in a wonderbraimage

    Before you ask DM - you cannot be the judge! image

  • Better having no tits than being scouse MT,unless of course you are a mickey then there is no hope for you I'm afraid.
  • I'm wearing mine now, oddly enough.

    PS You're quite right about Geraldine being modelled on you. I thought so the moment I saw her. I'm more like Cat Deeley. image

  • I don't wanna look at your saggy wabs, anyway.
  • More like Kat Slaterimage
  • I'm neither, BRT - I'm normal. Relatively. image
  • BRT-  As you have no Farcebook you will never know how lovely I am.....

    You will have to dream....image

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