How do you prevent a massacre in your lady garden?



  • LOL.....we don't want frost bite on our lady gardens now do we girls!!  Note to self........bag em first. image
  • Who boinged this wrong un ?
  • lee - hahaha

    eccentric - this was one of the threads I read last year that convinced me to buy a yellow pirate top rather than bible around with my local oh so enthusiastic tri club

    its not a wrong un!

    any bunch of people that can spend 10+ pages talking about painful tw**s get my vote

    my missus read this thread and found it really interesting
    I just fell off my chair!!!

  • George Bush is a painful tw*t, but not sure I could stand 10+ pages of him image hehehehe. Unfortunate name too, given this thread. Freezer would be a good place for him right enough....
  • Just been discussing this with orangecannon.......

    Not sure how a cold string helps with delicate parts?????

    * embarrassed face* - chrome does not support smilies
  • this is such a cool post !!!
  • shuffle bunny......I think perhaps you are going to have to go and buy some Bridget Jones knickers for this one. image  A frozen string may just split you in two! image
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    That way the knickers themselves become chilled but not frozen stiff.

    Don't knock it 'til you've tried it image

    I don't want ANYTHING stiff near my knickers this early in the morning FANK YEW....image
  • OC , there was more than a tinge of irony in my comment , I do recall earlier in the thread being grossed out by Meldy , my OH's post is one of the most sensible bits of advice a few pages back image
  • Liverbird actually wears Knickers !??

    That has to be an April fool....

  • they're too small for her arse.
  • Ironholgs wrote (see)

    Liverbird actually wears Knickers !??

    That has to be an April fool....

  • Best thread ever! 

    For post chafing avoid strimming in any direction and try a salt bath - the latter definately helps after giving birth, so I'm sure will sooth any inflamed shrubbery or bruised borders image

  • ROFL'copter image

    Brilliant thread.

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    I dont have a garden,  just a few straggly bits at the front entrance
    I had to go all the way back to page 6 to find what offended Mr Centric !

  • just thought I would share the missus's experiences....!!!???

    She has tried saddles from selle and specialized,  all with cut outs, and was still getting....  err.... pressure.
    She then tried the ITM Adamo saddles, trybike - weird looking saddles

    They look a bit like a space ship or something.....  however they work for her.  well at least all the pressure is now on her sit bones, and now she is getting saddle sore in the right way!

    They do a try-before you buy service, and their customer servce was also great.

    however they are not cheap, but I paid for it as there are obvious benefits to me!

    ps - its not advertising, just trying to help those with discomfort.

    pps I am now buying one as well

    ppps this one had not been out for a while so it needed a **boing** !!!!

  • This is one of my favourite threads, thanks, OC. image

    (and I don't even ride a bike!)

  • P has one of those Adamo saddles - takes a while to get it positioned right but once right, shall we say, [quote] "it's flaptastic" [/quote]

  • oooh now this is a rather apt thread as I am doing a Smiffy ride in the morning. image  I can sense a massacre coming on. image

  • Was just thinking about this thread yesterday.   Greg James on Radio 1 has a feature with his 'best bits from the radio from yesterday'. Yesterday's was a clip from Radio Somerset where the announcer said something along these lines:

    "And later tonight we have a new programme called Lady Gardens.  It's got two lovely ladies talking about gardens.  If your hedges are hopelss, your decking is dismal and you want advice trimming your bushes, this is the programme for you."

    Couldln't believe it!

  • LOL Hen image
  • Missed this thread when it opened so just read it from start to finish ( when I was supposed to be studying! Nearly cried I laughed so much and yet got some very useful info. I have a bit of trouble with the saddle on my tri bike over long distances. I've never ridden it for anything longer than a 1/2 IM before and I was getting a bit uncomfortable towards the end despite copious amounts of body glide. Going to find out a bit more about this Adamo saddle. For those that have one, are you using it on a tri bike or a road bike?
  • Hi, I use it on a road bike and cyclocross.  But I use the tri version which has slightly more padding than the hard core road option.  The guy's at the internet site I bought mine from were lovely.  Very happy to talk about 'Soft Tissue Areas'..... they ask you about your riding, hours aims and type of bike then will recomend the right saddle.

     When I bought mine they ket me try a saddle for a week before to see if I got on with it and then even when I bought then as he was not a 100% about fitting one to my cyclocross he said to try it and if no good they would swap it for a MTB version.  I really am happy with then.  Now my only problem is that my glutes and sit bones need to get used to taking the pressure rather than other areas.

     I got my saddles from:

    Give them a call and they will talk you through the options and also have a look on the ISM web site for fitting:

    I'm still playign with the possition, but it's still a masive improvement.

  • Some of the women in the track world cup on TV this afternoon were using those saddles, including the GB pursuit team.  They're not known for using kit that doesn't do the job, so there must be something in it.

    Don't ask me how I noticed, though image.

  • You've clearly got 'an eye for detail', Dave. image

    Orca I had a bit of a mare around March/April time last year when my bike mileage started to mount (and I wasn't constantly stopping for cake etc).  I tried the Sel Italia Gel one with a cutaway - will look up the name if you like (Diva I think) - but hated it. Then tried the Specialised Jet 143, recommended by Mouse.

    What I thought was that perhaps some people got sore bits at the front and some people had probs 'in the middle' which is where having a cutaway came in useful.  I think I'm one of the ones that has probs at the front and the Jet is great because, as ShuffleB says with her saddle, your sit bones seem to be the only bit in contact with saddle and nothing else is in contact. Problem solved. Took a bit of getting used to but it was so much better than before...  It's got a cut away, too, so perhaps it would work if you were a middle area sufferer, too.  

    Oh, and I've got it set absolutely horizontal so it's not as if there's no pressure on the front because I've got it tipped down.  

    Thing is, we're all anatomically different so it's def not one size fits all.   My LBS was very nice and let me try the Sel Italia knowing I might not buy it.

  • I saw one of the GB ladies bikes with one of those seats too Dave. Did you have one of those on your bike yesterday AH ? I didn't notice one, mind you I was looking at your lovely eyes when we spoke image

    Oh and may I offer my new 'Lady Garden' services girls???? All types of bush trimmed, gardens checked for saddle damage, no job too small. Very friendly service guaranteed image

  • Such generosity Nicko, I am truely "Under" whelmed image

    Thanks for the advice AH & Shuffle. From what I can see the Specialised and the Adamo appear to be the most popular with those whose lady gardens were getting massacred. I will have to actually get on my TT bike ( I haven't ridden it since last August) to figure out exactly where the issue was. I'll make a decision based on that. Thanks again.

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