The perfect marathon.

Off road (or multiterrain), undulating (nothing flat please), cool weather, amazing views.

OK where is it? Hopefully in the UK. I'm just looking for a marathon for next year. Spring or Autumn.


  • where abouts in the country are you? Try searching on the events?


  • Beachy  head  last weekend in october
  • Yes Beachy Head would be good. I can walk there! (probably not back though LOL

    icclesuez - I was hoping that this would be a bit of fun. To learn what others think makes an ideal marathon - hence the description. Really I can search events til I'm blue in the face, but if you're promoting a race you're going to say it's good, regardless. Best to know what runners think of as a good race.

    Hey come run my race. No loo's; no parking. scenery the lustre of smog and a local populace who eat carrots.

  • You've just described day one of this years Atlantic Coastal Challenge... a truly fantastic event.
  • I was going to offer Windermere (mid-May) then I remembered that it's on the roads and that its been a little warm the past two years. It meets the undulating with great scenery criteria though.  I've not done enough myself to comment any further with confidence.

    White Peak is the day before Windermere - I believe that to be off-road and would expect it to be quite scenic and mildly lumpy.

    I expect somebody will come along soon singing the praises of Snowdonia or Cape Wrath or both

  • White Peak is good but is n't undulating. Its gentle up hill for the first half (barely notieable) then flat till towards the end when it drops drastically.

    Windermere is great even if it on road.

    Its worth having a look in events and then checking out previous years ratings.

  • steyning stinger


  • LOL Steyning Stinger.

    Actually it's a serious contender on my list of want to do marathons.

    I don't want anything thats going to be fast. I don't do fast but I can do long.

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