Ice pole

Just in the recent weeks I have noticed that even though warm while doing my workout, my body temperature has been shifting to freezing cold very quickly. Out of all the exercise and running of which I've done, I am finding this the hardest to combat. Should I feel so freezing cold after my exercise?. I know some would probably just suggest a snuggly jumper for afterwards but actually want to combat the coldness I feel.


  • yes it is normall, I get the shivers when I stop, always have an extra jumper with me for after and never run without gloves and a hat, head loses the heat so keep a hat handy.


  • You are probably cooling down too quickly, make sure you put some warm clothing on and have a nice warm bath!
  • I do wear warm clothing, but the temperature loss is so fast!

    Thanks anyhow, just have to wear double everything.

  • They've forecast sleet / snow for parts of UK this week. Dont remember it being this cold in October before!

    When I finish training on a cold day, I usually have a cup of something hot - tea / cocoa, etc within 30 mins of finishing session. Also used to find it very nippy if I stayed in my cold / wet training gear for too long - now make sure I have a hot shower and change into warmer gear before having tea - as soon as finishing the session really.

  • oo yes. I always have a bowl of soup when i get back then a warm bath!


  • I used to get really cold after training, then thought it had gone away as I got fitter.

    But no, now the weather's cooled down, it's back again.  Very annoying when I run at lunchtime, and sit at my desk shivering, despite having had a hot shower.  A good excuse to drink hot chocolate, I reckon!  Apparently it's more common for women to get this - something to do with us not being so good at regulating our body temp.

  • Well I went off for some tests with the doctor and I got a letter this morning asking for me to book an appointment. Its the results of chest scan, blood tests and scan on my kidneys, so fingers crossed.

    Managed only 6k yesterday running, 10k on the ski machine, 20 minutes on the rowing machine and 5k on the bike.

    Will try and look for some hot choc in the store today

  • milk + cocoa powder,

    its cheaper and has less crap in it.

  • Have any of you gone in for the flora competition? 250 words of reasons why you deserve this elite training package?

  • nope - 26miles!

    are you Di?


  • yes. I'm Di.
  • well good luck for the cmpetition, be sure to let the club Bentley know your hoping to do the marathon - they will help loads!!

     very best of luck

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