Oh no, my foot hurts

I'm doing Beachy Head in 10 days. But yesterday I woke up with my right foot feeling very stiff across the sole. I rested yesterday and stretched a lot. Today it feels much the same- not quite sore, but definitely not right. I cycled this morning and it's ok as long as I don't flex my foot too much. But I think running would be a problem.

I've had plantar faciaitis (sp?) before, and that came on very suddenly and was more painful, so I'm not sure if this is just a bit of a twinge, or if it's on the way to becoming something worse.

Any advice on how to get it better in time for the marathon would be much appreciated!


  • Put a bottle of water in the freezer then when frozen roll it under your foot.   Give it a good rest til Beachy.

    blimey, is it only 10 days til Beachy!!! image  Helpppp

  • You could even try a Doctor or a Practice Nurse.and ask them .....
  • Yeah might be a plantar fascia strain as opposed to the return of fasciitis. Have a look here for treatment info
  • Thanks guys. I will try the icing technique. It does feel more like a strain so hopefully won't take too long to repair itself!

    Yes shimmy shimmy, it is only 10 days... I'm starting to get more scared than excited now!

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