Snoop Dog - entry form for the Brighton 10k

Snoop - you mentioned the Brighton 10k, I did it last year and hadn't realised it was coming around again, I am on a late shift that day so plan to enter but can't find and entry form for it on the net any ideas, it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.


  • Yeah it's a good race, very flat course - great for setting a PB. Quite a fair size field for a 10k - over 1000 if I remember right.
  • I'm also hoping to do Brighton.
  • Hmmm. Well, we are getting a shiny new car this week and it could perhaps be presented as an opportunity for a medium-sized road trip/nice day out by the seaside. And 5 miles shouldn't take too long. And we could all eat chips afterwards.

    This needs to be carefully sold to the family.

    What does "croo-thread" mean - or is that a typing error?
  • Hi guys,

    I have found it now, not on the net but this months RW has it listed (not listed on this website under the events tab though?!)

    The website is supposed to be however the sight has no reference to running and has no mention of this 10k being something they even sponsor etc.?
  • I'm doing it to try and achieve a p.b., as I am told it's a cert, (if your not hungover that is).

    See you there.
  • I'm thinking of doing the Brighton 10k and I get the impression from the advert in RW that you have to write off for details. Anyone done this yet? (Write off that is.)
  • I've sent off an s.a.e. for the race details, probably everyone has to do that to get an application form.
  • Folks

    To try to resolve the confusion, I just spoke to the very friendly organiser.

    Entry forms should be available to download from but are not there at the moment. She's going to look into that. The race will be on Nov 17, starting at 11am near the Brighton Marina, for those of you who know where that is.

    If you don't want to wait for the website to be sorted and would like a form posted to you, you can visit for the organiser's contact details.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks Neil - see you all there! There's a brill boozer on the Palace Pier for afterwards!
  • I take it you mean Horatio's Bar Snoop, I'm a local!!!
    I'll be there also hoping for a PB.
  • A PB for getting to the pub after the run and drinking a pint that is !!!!!
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