Loin girding

I've been advised that I need to gird my loins in preparation for something, but have no idea how to go about this the right way.

Anyone got any suggestions? Should I do interval girding? Or resistance girding? Would fartlek be a good option?

I'm sure someone out there has the answer image


  • do you not wrap them in foil with a bit of seasoning and some lard?
  • Endurance girding is the key!!

     Fartlek can happen if you take too deep a girding position.

  • Should I aim to increase my girding by no more than 10% per week, do you think?

  • Blimey flib blinkin blimey.


    Is that you?

  • Oh no, just throw all your time and energy into girding as much as possible. The loins are generally pretty resistant, some have even been known to receive knighthoods in the new year honours as recognition for this.
  • No it isn't me. Him.
  • Ah, so that's where Sir Loin came from!

    Does he not have a French cousin, Pur?

  • Next thing you know there'll be competition to win special girding shoes .... and I'll win some image

  • They do special girding shoes???

    I want some! image

  • I was never sure if girls had loins...or groins???  Still not sure!image
  • It's a well kept secret GFB but it's true.  Where would our legs fit onto if we didn't? image
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