Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon

Anybody doing this at the weekend? Will be my first Duathlon and looking at last years results everybody was slower on the first run then the second so presume the sensible race plan is to hold back on the first run.

Is that the general tactics for Duathlons?


  • nope - balls out from the start
  • And if you thought coming out of T2 in a Tri was bad..........

    On the results front, the link is wrong as it's to the results of a tri - the first column is headed "swim"

  • Prefer the balls out from the start method image

    Presumed the header was wrong in the results for that column, looking at the range of times. Didn't seem to fit in to either a Sprint or an Oly for a Tri?

  • Possibly a 1000m swim?
  • So going flat out of first run who much can I expect to drop time wise on 2nd run? I should be able to do 18.30 on 1st so is sub 20.00 still realistic for the 2nd run?

  • Did anybody else do this yesterday? Really enjoyed it, finished in 1.37 overall but the two runs seemed suspiciously short, especially the 2nd one. According to the results I set a new 5k PB by 40 secs, which seems somewhat doubtful after a 30k cycle!
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