When travelling to Europe....

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I can't find definitive answer on the web.


  • Think so.  But that's just my opinion image
  • Not as far as I know.  It's the US that requires 6 months.
  • I think as long as it's within the EU then you don't
  • you in theory dont need a pasport for the EU

    States need 6 months to go though

    can you call us from Calais if I am wrong please

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    If I end up in Calais then I'll be in the wrong place.
  • You certainly need a passport to get back into the UK from a European destination
  • As Plumble says - no you don't. I've travelled to a few places over the last few months in the EU - and my passport ran out today.

    Damn - need a new one now.
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    That's good to know Cougie, thanks.
  • I've been to Europe with my work pass.
  • You might find that an airline won't let you board if there's less than six months on your passport.

    I read about a case of this recently - Ryanair or easyJet, can't remember which.  They were in the wrong, I think, but that didn't get the lady onto the plane!

  • You certainly need a passport to get back into the UK from a European destination

    errrm - you don't actually provided you have some other form if ID...

    we brought a fellow traveller back from Mexico via Madrid to Heathrow after a mountain bike trip - he "lost" his passport while packing when pissed (turned up inside his washbag when he got home!) - we were certain LHR would stop him getting in but all the Passport Officer wanted was 5 mins doing some checks - was only interested to know if he had a criminal record and was wanted by the plods......let him through with no hassle
  • What I probably should have said is that they do check passports coming back from EU destinations.  Whilst this guy got back in after 5 mins of security checks it would lead to awfully long queues if everyone needed 5 mins of checks rather than the 10 second walk by passport check.
  • MrGFB's passport ran out this year....we did quite a bit of travelling (1 time in NY, 3 x Lanza, 15 x England)...for the NY he had to have 6 months, for LZ it was 3 months.
  • Sezz is FF telling you you can't go to the Christmas market coz your passport is about to run out?  Is this a champagne avoidence tactic? image

  • Spain always used to demand six months validity but they were the only European destination that did - but I haven't worked in the industry for three years.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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