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Hi ya just wanted some advice reallyimage

I have been on the injection for years and the last 9 months have been on the mini pill. So for the last 7 years I havent had a period.

I have my first every HM on Sunday and guess what!! I have just started my first period in 7 years. BLOODY GREAT

Would like to know what is the best pad/tampon to wear while running.

Sorry to ask but ?!! Need to know!!



  • I can't abide pads!!!  Plus they might chafe you.

    Use a tampon, put it right 'up' so you can't feel it and if the string bothers you put that 'up' a bit as well.  Don't worry it won't get lost.  Use quite an absorbent one so you don't need to change it during the race.  By Sunday you're on your third day and the flow shouldn't be so bad.  You'll be ok.

    Good luck. image

  • Thanks Nam...

    How bad is that after 7 years!! I thought I was going to faint yesterday and had to eat choclate and the last 5 days I could have killed my other half!! Now I know why!!

  • It isn't great timing but these things are here to try us.  image

    I strangely have a lot of energy 2-3 days into my period so you never know it may work in your favour.  image

  • Hmm, watch out for the mini pill, not very effective ...
  • MaryMoo, bad luck, but don't despair!!  I've always suffered with really heavy periods, and ran my first two HM's and first Marathon during my period: Sod's law or something.  But I did ok! 
    I agree totally with Nam: heavy duty tampon and definitely NOT a pad. I once did a training run in the pouring rain wearing a pad..........and was shocked how much rain water it managed to absorb, (not to mention chafing),

    Good luck with the Half!

  • Thanks girls, I dont know how you all put up with this every month, I am bleeding to death this morning and have really bad tummy pain! Took painkillers and have a hot water bottle on tummy. Just hope I feel better later!

    But yes RB it is sods law!!

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I'd recommend the Mooncup. Takes a wee bit of time to get used to/confident with it, but certainly for future it's well worth it. Wouldn't use anything else now.

    Have a good race! image

  • Mooncup?
  • I've had the opposite problem. My normal cycle is 21 days, with 7 days of blood loss. I was on the injection for a couple of years and bled solidly EVERY DAY for 10 months. The GP was very unsympathetic and said "well it's the Depo - what do you expect" as continual bleeding is rare but possible.

    Eventually got to see a gynae doc and had an op to sort it out, but I have NEVER been the same since and still have major problems. If I had not had a period for seven years I would be skipping down the street, but I guess you've forgotten how horrible it can be by now Marymoo! image

    It is usually only the first day or so, so you'll be fine soon!

    Those men don't know they're born do they?image

    Just for the record, my next one is due the day of my marathon and the last one arrived the day of GNR! What is it about running women timing their cycles to race day?image

  • I've bought a Mooncup, but it looks uncomfy. Convince me Clag!
  • mooncup is ace - once you get used to inserting it you don't know its there - you will probably have to shorten the stem.  The getting used to inserting it isn't as bad as you think.  On long races/rides you don't need to take extra stuff just empty and reinsert.  It feels sort of cleaner as well I find can't explain why it just does
  • I've just come on {not at he right time seem to be irregular} a day before my race.  Only problem is although I use a super tampon I still sometimes leak any ideas how to stop this?
  • The mooncup is fab and holds LOADS more than any tampon!!  I do find though once inserted I have to run my finger round the outside of it to make sure it's in properly so it doesn't leak. 
  • Wiener - maybe try a different brand.  They have different mixes of fibres, and slightly different lengths.  I found a leaking problem stopped when tampax made theirs "new and improved"
  • Wiener - New tampax have "skirts" on them now that seem to do a better job of not leaking. Go up to Super plus too for a day or so to see if that helps. (Orange pack usually)

    I'm going to have a go with this Mooncup thingy next time! The only question I have might sound a bit mental, but here goes...

    If you were out shopping and had to use a public loo, what do you do if it needs emptying? I would be mortified if I had to wash it out in a public basin. Do folk simply pour out and re insert?image

  • Thanks everyone. Just been and got a box of orange ones.

    Just would be so embarrased if I had any probs. Also think I may give the mooncup a go next month. It's a real pain sometimes, men are so lucky.

  • It's the pain that gets me.

    It hurts like hell on day one. I think all men should be kicked in the goolies the day before the race to even things up! image

  • Totally agree LB,

    I've had the worst cramps ever today, I think it's my bodies way of punishing me 'cos it knows what I'm going to do to it tomorrow!

    Just hoping and praying that I feel better in the morning.

  • LB........ LOL!!!

    WD...... Where you doing your marathon

  • Not a marathon only a 7 miler. But it is one I want to pb in 'cos it ws my first ever race last yesr, and I got a bad time so I want to redeem myself.

    The race is in Norfolk. Also what makes it worse is that there is a bit of competative rivallry between myself and a bloke who was really rude and cocky to me at last years race.

    I know that 7 miles is not that far and people would say that I won,t have any leaking issues but I seem to have really heavy periods and can leak very quickly. Can a doctor do anything for this except put you on the pill? I can't take the pill as I tried about 6 types and had really bad side effects with them all.This makes me reluctant to try any other drugs or implant/ injection 'cos they are not like a pill they stay in your system.

  • Mirena coil, Wiener Dog?
  • That's what I was thinking Hipps!

    But you're the doc.......image

  • not a doc of ladies bits though


  • Would that have any pill type drug implanted in it Hippo?

    I just worry in case I have any bad effects and then can't get rid of them due to the drug being slowly released into my body.

    Is the Mirena coil very effective? Because tbh I am really fed up with these heavy periods and I did once ask my doctor about 6 ears ago and found him really unhelpfull {just wanted to keep trying more pills} Thinking of switching to a lady doctor.

  • isnt there microwave procedure that gets rid of them once and for all ?

    they used to do D&C's a lot for heavy periods didnt they ?

  • Don't put up with it WD.

    I eventually had microwave endometria ablation and haven't bled since, tried the pill, patches and various other things along the way none of which worked. 

    I'm not a runer but did have hideous floods and it was feckin miserable. 

  • Hipps - you are a girl and you've got bits and you're a doc. Unless we get a bona fide gynae doc on here, you're the closest we've got! image

    I've had cervical cauterisation and DNCs aplenty, but nobody so far has asked me to be microwaved! imageimageimage

    WTF is that?

    A friend of mine once microwaved a spider.....

    You can guess the rest...image

  • What is  Microwave endometria ablation beebs?

    Sounds like some sort of kitchen device image. How would I go about persuading the doctor to put me foreward for this? I actually think he thought I was just exaggerating when I told him. I have put up with this for too long now and just need someone to belive me and do something about it.

  • LB, general anaesthetic, probe up the fanny microwave lining of uterus and in my case no more bleedingimage

    Still have all my bits and a hormonal cycle just don't have a womb lining to shed because its been zapped. 

    Only an option for someone who has had or doesn't want kids

  • WD, xpost , I was refered by GP to gynae, who did a trans vaginal scan to check for fibroids etc. 6 months later in a s a day case and as above post.
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