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Great new site, I am new to this forum. Anyone about who has run any races in and around Bracknell lately, eg Crowthorne 5's, Yately 10ks, Woodley, Wargrave, Bracknell half?? Wasn't Crowthorne woods a mess after the rain last night? Good fun though, struggled to run 38.36 with mud everywhere!


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    I did Woodley, Wargrave and doing Yateley 3 on Wednesday. I take it you ran these.
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    Yes, I ran all of those. Woodley was hot, Wargrave windy and I'll have run 6 yateleys on the trot if I complete next week's race.
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    I'm a bit sad when it comes to races I run because I keep a spreadsheet. You're a lot faster than me Neal, I was 65th at Woodley 42 places behind you so PB wise I'm over 5 minutes slower.

    Have you got a number for Yateley - you will recognise me by the knees.
    A few more forumites will be there such as Jacqueline, KeithE and Dustin
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    I can't remember my number unless I get on the Sandhurst Joggers website (I am an accountant!!!!). A year ago you'd have been quicker than me, the last Yateley I went round in 47.30 or something, last month I went round in 39-36. I am 2 stones lighter and have taken 13 mins of my 1996 half marathon PB with some dedication and plenty of salad!
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    I wasn't running a year ago so you would have still beat me. See you on Wednesday Neal. Give me a shout if you find your number
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    I've done both Yateleys so far, and I'm doing the third on Wednesday. I also did the Bracknell 1/2M back in April.

    Brian Wakem
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    Hi Brian, like Neal I can't remember my number but I am fairly easy to spot (Blue Knees). For the record there is also a Readers Forum club site where we record our profiles and races so we can meet up. The address is

    Look forward to meeting yoou both.
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    DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Hi guys,
    Did the Bracknell 1/2m (stiff as a board being two weeks after FLM) , and did the last Yateley in July. Running the one this Wednesday (if I remember I'll post my number here later) if not I'll be wearing the URWFRC team vest (blue and yellow) and hoping to beat last months 42.03 pb.
    This last view may be revised depending on how Sunday's Milland Valley race goes - it's supposed to be hilly (gulp).
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    Greetings from the Medway Towns.

    Maybe a bit of a throwback but my only visit to Bracknell so far was for the "Great Sams" half-marathon in October 2000.
    It was, however, a very memorable day for me personally as, on a very windy day & just a fortnight after smashing my marathon PB, I finally beat a half-marathon PB which had stood for nearly three years.
    It was some time later in the day before I reluctantly took my medal off!
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    Yes, I have run that one. Can't remember which year and I have run both Bracknell halfs now. That is the one that started at ICL Fujitsu on the Southern Ind Estate. It was cancelled last year and replaced with a 10k run at Wellington college ( as this year).

    I have just run the Hook Norton Hooky 6 (m) yesterday in Oxfordshire. Pleased with a time of 37-56 as it was fairly undulating. Hook Norton is a pleasant little town between Banbury and Chipping Norton. I'd recommend it to anyone if they can be bothered to drive that far (I was en route from Coventry anyway).
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    DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Neil Clark - where abouts in Medway are you ?
    I'm now in Hampshire but lived in Rainham/Gillingham until my wife kidnapped me and took me away from the delights (?) of North Kent.
    Still parents still live in Rainham so I'm over there quite often.My training runs for my first marathon took me along the A2 from Chatham to Newington.......
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    I have got it!! I am number 224 and will be wearing black shorts, black and white vest.
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    What a small world it is! I've lost count of how many times during a race I've run alongside a fellow runner who at some point in their lives has resided in the Rainham area (perhaps we've met during a race).
    You ran from Chatham to Newington! If that started with an ascent of Chatham Hill then you earned the flat/mildly undulating terrain that followed it.
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    Well, I smashed 1 minute off my my PB at Yateley last night -38-36, but wasn't it an awful night? I can't beleive the rain that fell, and the 10th km was like running up a river!! I am glad I ran so quick, cos that car park was getting trashed and I don't know if all the cars would get out of the mud if they hung around. Does anyone know if all the cars got out ok. Did you see the floodwater in the school classroom?
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    Sorry to have missed you last night. See thread on Unoffical running club forum. Great weather
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    Where is that thread. Do you have a link?
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    The Unofficial Forum Running Club near the bottom of the list of forums
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