Wet Test

Anyone done the Wet Test as described in the Gear section?

I am currently running in Mizuno Inspire (Stability shoe) but I am getting a pain in my left foot after 2 miles or so on the arch of my left foot, it starts as a burning pain round the arch but spreads to my whole underfoot - the right foot is fine. I am also getting twinges in my knee and hip.

This lead me to think maybe its the shoes - so I tried the Wet Test and it seems I have high arches - and the article on the site suggested I need cushioned shoes, the shoe finder recomends Wave Creation (well from the Mizuno range and I like Mizuno shoes). I have always worn stability shoes but am 50 now so perhaps my gait has changed. This is also the same leg I have previously had piriformis syndromr in

Do you think I can trust this test - anyone else bought shoes after doing this ?

OK I know I should have a video Gait Analysis but there are so expensive - Advanced Performance are good and free if you buy the shoes but thats a 200 mile trip for me 

Any advice welcome


  • Yes, didn't work for me.  The wet test suggested I was "neutral".  Gait analysis showed I was high arched but a moderate overpronator.

    It's a small world - Advance Performance is where I go.  I think it's worth the 100 mile round trip.

  • wet foot test alone is insufficient in determining whether a shoe will suit your gait.
  • Mr Bump

    You could be right - well I know your right and will maybe have to go but 200 miles is a long drive. I live near Heathrow Airport so I may try to find somewhere nearer. But had one done at AP about 5 years ago and they were spot on with the shoes. I was wearing AAsics 2010 amd they put me in Mizuno Elixr

  • don't do it!!!!! image pain and woe will be yours! Beware the Ides of March
  • But its October
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