Ironman UK on Tv

Starts at 8:30

Great shot of a pirate on the run in the last 5-6 mins of coverageimage


  • I missed the Pirate  image
  • No coverage of me, ngl or the rest of the smr posse but great shots of CRAB, fame at last for one pirate!! Nice one feller!!
  • I caught the second half of this and it re-ignited the desire to do another Ironman, I did Lanzarote in 2004 and walked part of the run and haven't forgiven myself for that yet and watching people walking this morning made me want to do it again, only properly this time.


  • Oh missed this but im france is on tv this week - friday i think ?
  • i was on it at the end huggin a blond (team mate!) at the fininsh, no pirate kit mind as dark vadar still has my monaco....mmmm that reminds me image
  • Lucky you, nice one, guess I'll have to buy the dvd and see if i'm on any footage!
  •  IS..  I have emailed you twice about sending back the monaco.... email me now with your address and it'll go in the mail on Monday...   i took it to IMF, but no one needed it..    image

  • no worries DV i not moaning buddy, i just must have missed your emails, but did you see me on tele? image

    how was IMF?

  • Your email has arrived..  I'll mail it back on Monday..

    IMF seems a long time ago now..  but it was great..  I really enjoyed it, even though I was slow...!   The pirate support was excellent and made the experience so much better...

    Sorry, I missed the tv show..  who was the blond..?

  • its available online here for a limited time.
  • I did IMUK 2 years ago when the run was up and down the dual carriage way.

    Looked miles better this year through the town with much better support. Or is that just clever editing???

    Am tempted to sign up but its not in sherbourne next year so will wait and see.

  • Oh good work Eddums !
  • DV - she was a team mate (wessex wizards) and funny enough she is also one of the managers at crusader the people who make the caps for the finishers

    my mother-in-law was watching it to she said to my better half that she now had the evidence if i ever misbehavied - as if! image 

    calf - i did it last year to and yes it was better in the town and yes its defo NOT in sheborne next its all wait and see pie as to where it this space!

  • no prob coogee..cant work out how to steal the stream tho image
  • easy if you join 4 on demand you can download the programme and keep it for yourself ed image 
  • that would be paying for.. not stealing... surely ?
  • no no its free i believe image
  • i thought it still looked fairly shit!
  • and that Bella bird has got weird pointy teeth
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    maybe she did it to save a few grammes?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    or too many deep fried mars bars and irn bru in her childhoold
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