Looking for a good race on 26th/27th Jan 2009

Its my 10th wedding aniversary next year, 28th Jan...and I'm looking to treat my wife to a weekend away.  She's suggested St Lucia (where we got married), but I'm thinking of something slightly less exotic (i.e. this country).  As we both run I thought you lot may have some ideas.

 Does anyone know of a decent race (anything from 10k to half-marathon) that will give us something to do togerther and remember on Sat 26th Jan or Sun 27th?

Ideally it will be in near a decent city for a good night out and a bit of sight-seeing. 

 I'm open to any ideas...mad or not. 

 Go on - suprise me! (And her)image


  • poor old wife - she wants st lucia and what does she get...rainy run in wales or bognor !

    well done for getting to nearly 10 years

    sorry did a google but cold not find any runs !
  • Ah, but St Lucia wouldn't have the memories of a rainy run...the togetherness, the satisfaction of finishing, the biting cold etc etc.

    Thanks for looking anyway...I've actually just realised my dates are wrong -

    it's actually the weekend of the 31st Jan or 1st Feb

    Not a very good start really!

  • if you forget the date of your wedding anniversary you might not make it to number 11 !

    my 10th wedding anniversary next year - if credit crunch stays the same it might be blackpool and not the italian lakes for us !
  • Blackpool would have been nice, I don't think I got a card image
  • Perfect answer:

    The Almeria Half Marathon, southern Spain. Sun Feb 1st 09. They also do a 10K at the same time.

    We've been going every year for 5 years now. Incredibly cheap, great value, nice course, much of it along the seafront, plus loads of good apres-race entertainment. Flights and hotel are cheap as it's low season.

    Drop me a line if you want more info. You are welcome to team up with us or do your own thing.


  • or - if your missus is up for a bit of a different running event in the UK with mud/water/obstacles - something I can guarantee that neither of you will EVER EVER EVER forget, there's always Toughguy on January 32nd (it's ALWAYS in January even if it's the 1st February!!)


    go on - surprise her with that one! not far from Wolverhampton....

    it's our 30th anniversary next April and we are hoping to be ski touring doing the Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt to celebrate it.....romantic eh?
  • Just seen this reply......what a cracking idea for next year!

    Clever people out there!

  • FB - I just checked out the site.  It looked like really good fun, up until the point I saw the guy's leg at the end and Mr Mouse's eyes turn evil.  I'm still tempted though ....
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