Under 30 & Over 40

I have got an aim to get under 30 minutes for 5 miles next year. My current PB is 30.57 so I know it is within my grasp. Trouble is I will also be 40 in March 2009 so I know it will be tougher than if I was in my twenties.
This year I have introduced a good session of 5 x 2k reps into my training with very effective results. Managed to get my 10k time down to 39.24 and my half marathon to 1.27.45.

Can anyone suggest a good session to crank it up another gear. I usually train 3 - 4 times / 30 - 35 miles a week.

Look forward to any replies


  • Now over 40 and got my 3 mile time down to 18.04 a couple of weeks ago and did a half last Sunday, so now it's speed work.
    Anyone got some gud sessions?
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