What music to run to?

Now that I've started to run a bit further my mp3 player is great at keeping me entertained and I find certain songs help keep my pace up and get me home that bit quicker!

At present listening to

Amy Macdonald 'This is the Life'(my fave for running especially the track 'Run')
Sharleen Spiteri 'Mercy'
Keane 'Perfect Symmentry'
Maroon 5 'Songs about Jane'
Coldplay 'Viva la Vida'

Any suggestions for some good running CD's to get.I'm not keen on the dance/rave/typical workout music and prefer to get the complete CD instead of downloading individual songs.


  • Every week someone asks. Every week I say...

    Metallica - S&M

    Try it, you'll be surprised.

  • If I had any of the above on I'd be running at he speed of light.  To get home so I could switch it off.

    I'm just kidding folks.  Mostly. image 

  • anything by Razorlight and Muse is good to run to ........image
  • Kaiser Chiefs-Employment ......is the best

    mite try metallica though

  • White Stripes for me.
  • BASSHUNTER image
  • Definitely ABBA. Feel good, up-beat music that you have heard a million times but don't like enough to really listen to while you're running. And it brings out the dancing queen in all of us.
  • Just put the following on my mp3



    Hope if i get run down whilst attempting to run the mp3 is destroyedimage

  • kings of leon for me plus loads of rocky music

  • Hi Susiebe fancy meeting you here! Have you tried Dr Bobs jogtune indie podcasts? They are groovy (and free!) yippee! Also podrunner do good (free) downloads too. You'll find them both on Yahoo or google.

    Other than that, I listen to all the things that i like but no-one else at home likes, Will Young, Gnarls Barclay, all my 70's and 80's disco funk and stuff image oh and drum and bass

  • Dunno if i dare say but.............Girls aloud are really surprisingly good to run to The best of Girls aloud being my fave.

    Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and Ladytron are all goodies too x

  • The latest Ministry of Sound Pump It Up Album is on iTunes for under a tenner, has 2 warm down tracks as well as 30,45 and 60 minute workout mixes and the normal individual tracks! Ups the tempo as you go which i find helps image
  • Julia

    Thanks for the podcast suggestions!Will have a listen..

    I second 'Girls Aloud'-their 'Out of Control' album starts with 'The Promise' which is a great song to start a run with-the song even starts with 1,2,3,4...!

    Have also recently discovered 'The Zutons' which has a good thumpy sort of beat to it!
  • Have the typical Rocky numbers plus bit of top gun plus a couple of Girls Aloud, jump and love machine pretty good lol


  • And if you want to sprint try Mcfly, in particular 'Lies' !

  • Listen to stuff by Pink, find her music good to run to!
  • Already mentioned,  Keane -  Perfect Symmetry, superb album whether running, driving (whack up to full vol).
  • Susiebe, am a big fan of the i-Pod myself, if you're no keen on dance try out:

    Starsailor, Razorlight is a good shout as are Kings of Leon, James, Snow Patrol, Verve, The Killers, Cranberries.

  • Try DJ Steve Boyett's PodRunners they are mixed tracks that are all at the same BPM.

    Great as they help you keep pace just choice how many steps per min you want to run at. They are free to download as well and last an hour. Used the 170BPM at Silverstone recently.

  • Don't Stop me Now by Queen works for me followed by a blast of Scouting for Girls LIVE!
  • My favourite running track is "Galvanise" by Chemical brothers - keeps my motivation up a treat, especially mid-run image
  • I can't bear dance tunes to run too no idea why, just can't get into it, I am a fan of rock, the beat seems steadier i think, Biffy Clyro is a fav, King of Leon, Kanye West's latest and even a bit of fleetwood mac. Plus Motown always gets me going !
  • Tom Tom T. Barrow wrote (see)

    Every week someone asks. Every week I say...

    Metallica - S&M

    Try it, you'll be surprised.

    I love this album, but never thought to try running to it. Will have a go. Thanks image
  • I love The Fratellis second album, The white Stripes and anything by The Proclaimers....

    Absolutely despise dance music!

  • My current playlist on the ipod is:

    Mamma Mia cast's- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme; and Voulez-Vous

    Christine Aguilera - Candy Man (surprisingly good)

    Propane nightmares


    Rob Dougan


    Lady Gaga


    Infinity 2008 (Klaas remix)

    My other choices will include (when I get round to it) Muse, Placebo, Metallica, Nickelback, Seether, and almost certainly some more dance tracks.

    Eclectic me.

  • I love U2's new CD but haven't run to it yet.

    Agree with The Fratellis,Kaiser Chiefs,Lady Gaga,Razorlight etc
  • The sound of nature for me every time.
  • In my one and only half marathon I was really flagging when a bootleg mix of Eye of the Tiger and some rap song came one.....and it really made me pick my legs up...couldn't have timed it better if I'd tried! I always have my pod on shuffle for running just to keep me guessing and have a real mixture on it including:

    Chemical Brothers, Masters at work, the Smiths, the Cure, too many dj's, depeche mode, duran duran, groove armada, old skool reggae stuff - no idea who its by, Johnny Cash, Mint Royale, Flying Pops, Blondie, Zero 7, Chungking, Lemon Jelly...a right old weird mixture basically!!

     I am well up for trying Metallica! Might try some GnR's too!

  • Anything by AC/DC

    The Live Album is particularly good with three 10min songs with Angus Young Guitar Solos.

    Can't beat the solos for keeping you going!

  • I love Kings of Leon, the new Lily Allen album and then a few single tracks get me going like Womanizer (Britney image sorry!), FloRida - Right Round and Low...

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