Lack of coverage of GSR on Runner's World

Hi all

I am new to running and I am doing the GSR on Sunday which I am really looking forward to. But I can't help but notice the complete lack of coverage on the event on the Runner's World website.

There was an interactive course map which I was emailed for the GNR, useless for me who didn't do the race but really helpful and interesting for a friend who did, but in contrast of the coverage for that event there is virtually no mention of the GSR on the website - or on the emails that I get sent every few weeks.

As a newbie and someone who just goes out running on their own I wondered if there was a snobbery around the GSR which accounted for the fact that it has been ignored?????


  • I guess there are lots of races every week, RW can't cover them all. 
  • ...Probably due to the way over the top emphasis on the GNR, which is more of an event than a race and basically too many are allowed to enter! (in my humble opinion image)

    The GSR is smaller, but a better 'race'. It is a shame if it's not given enough coverage. (My tip for a 10 miler is the Cabbage patch 10.cheaper and a great race....)

  • hi Simon and PinguPongu

     yeh, i guess you are both right - RW can't cover every race but just seemed to be ignored in comparison with GNR but as you say Simon, the coverage is probably slightly over the top.

     Looking forward to it all the same and will keep my eye out on the Cabbage patch 10 too

  • How many people run gsr as opposed to the gnr ? You get tv coverage anyway - so its not too bad ?
  • CB10 was last Sunday I think - try it next year, great race.
  • It's just a race - why should it get more coverage than all the others? Because it's got 'Great' in the title and Brendan's boys organise it? Please!
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