To buy a Garmin, to not buy a Garmin?!?



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    PAUL - G1PDC wrote (see)

    and at 13 (your oldest one) you've only got 4 years before the.......driving lessons start.......then you'll have a beat up old saxo beeping you when you go running......and the chants out of the window.....ha ha....

    Oh I so look forward to that ...image

     oops, it's because of my Garmin FR 50 that i can beat my kids again (there, that's better).image

  • i think you're either a gadget person or you're not, there's no real right or wrong.

     I've been running for 6 years, this past year i've really taken a leap forward in performance which i put down entirely to the garmin. It really motivates me both while running and comparing stats afterwards, the best money i've ever spent on running gear by far.

  • My boyfriend just got me a Garnmin 205 and I can't wait to try it out.  Not done much training this year thanks to injuries and I'm a bit scared it's going to tell me how crap i've become!

  • Brain and hands not coordinated - I meant Garmin of course!
  • hi pjb. oh the tempation say "hi princess..." image

    why did you say..."how crap i've become"....what a load of err you said it....

    if you've gone out and done a run, thats great,,,forget you 6min miles ha ha from earlier in the year, this is about you and your new toy in Oct....

    i've just started running to work....and got told the other day to "buy a f====g car" oh well thats what some people think when i bomb past the cars whilst there stuck in traffic jams.....

    the watch will help you get out, and run more,,,did the trick with me, always trying to run further or faster or sometimes even both.....

    hey and what a great gift from the other half.....i got an electric drill before i got married!!!!

    so i bought her a toaster for valentines...that evened up the score....(she still married me)image

  • Hi Paul

    I've been running on and off for most of the year, after a really good first year last year.  But just when I start getting close to where I was before, i end up having a couple of weeks off running again.  Either i'm injured, on holiday or my running partner is on holiday.  Now there's no excuses!  The boyfriend wants to do some running, so I'm going to take him and my new toy for a gentle 3 miles tomorrow.  November will just be short runs as I'm away most of the month, but if i can get in 2 good months of training in Dec and Jan, i'll run Wokingham half mara at the beginning of Feb.  Unfortunately I can't run to work as it's 26 miles each way!  Hopefully 2009 will be better than 2008 and I won't have to keep missing races thanks to injuries.  Fingers crossed!

     So what are you two going to buy each other for Christmas?!


  • been married 10 years now, and have a 5 and 2 year old, so we tend to spent the pennies on the boys and get each other practical stuff ,,,rather that romantic teddy bears....image ha ha

    bought a some more running stuff the other week from aldi, so will get some of that...

    x-mas for us now is about the kids..and watching there faces when santas been...its a day i treasure...

    oh dear i sound really old hu ha ha ha...

    (the boss,,,,still mentions the toaster....after 12 years!!!! shes seems to forget i also took her out to dinner.....and no it wasn't macky dees....)

    wokingham....hmmm i did some "working holidays" for the BTCV at California park in about lost round the one way system ha ha....

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