Stowmarket Striders Scenic 7

No thread on this yet so I thought I would start one. I last ran this in 2005, and in fact this will be my first race in over 2.5 years (loads of injuries in between) - so I am really looking forward to it!

Who else is joining me?


  • Would love to but have entered my first MTB race on the same day, quite a few clubmates doing it though.
  • Hiya,  may enter on the day, have done this  & other Stowmarket races before, like running there & can't wait for the cross-country at Haughley Park in Jan.or Feb.


  • looking at the weather reports, I think I'd prefer to be doing this than dragging a bike around a muddy forest!  image
  • Arg, entered this a few days ago on a bit of whim. Thought it looked like a nice alternative to doing a tempo run on my own. But 35 mph winds? I don't think I can physically run against a 35mph headwind!!! Eek...
  • Hi Freemers & Liza wiv a z , hope you have or had a good run depending on when you read this image. Moe, hope you have a good MTB race tooimage

    Hope the weather forecasters got it wrong as i hate running in the windimage

    Come & say hello if you like, i don't bite, my bark is much worseimage. Won't be many Bungay Black Dogs there today as its our club handicap races, 4 x 1 mile & 4 x 200 metres, not doing them this year as i have a tendency to get injured at  these events & i hate being out injured , then my bite is definitely worse than my barkimage.


  • Morning, hope you all  had a good run yesterday. Turned out to be a nice day & not as windy as predicted.

    For me an enjoyable run in 53-10/113th,  checking back  just 4 secs away from my pb back in 2001, if i'd known i was near a pb i'd have tried a bit harderimage. Lost about 40 secs on my average mile time going up that hill at 4 mile mark with several overtaking meimage, but once got on flat started to overtake some of themimage & put in a sprint finish after final corner to overtake a few moreimage.

    Well done Striders,marshalls & helpers another top eventimage

  • Enjoyed that - I agree not as windy as it could have been (although somehow the wind never seemed to be behind me, only in front!), and the sun was shining which was a bonus.

    Managed 50.52, about half a minute off my PB but really pleased as first race in over 2 years. 8th lady finisher - some of the marshals kept telling me I was in the top 10 so I was determined not to let any pass me in the last mile.

    Parking a lot better organised that I remember from before - parked in the school no problems, whereas previously I have had to find a spot out on the road.

    Good marshalling and support. One of the marshals at the first water stop let their dog escape from their car and it raced down the road weaving in and out of the runners. That made me giggle! When I reached the 5 mile water stop it was back in the car so may have run all the way round that loop - a lot faster than the runners I bet!

    BB Dog - I'll definitely be doing the 20k in the spring at Bungay. Best race I have ever done - really well organised and very friendly club.

  • Great run Freemers image. Well done & welcome back to the joys of racing image.

    Do i see you are not a club member?  Why not come & join us friendly Black Dogs, our female membership has increased a lot lately, even if you don't train with us,gets you a few quid off race entriesimage.

    See you are doing Norwich half, i haven't entered yet, but will do in next few days, x/country at Broome,Bungay this sunday in Suffolk league,love the mud me, then Hadleigh 10 week after really enjoying the joys of running at moimage


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