Speed sessions

I've not been training hard for a while (2 years) but have done a few 6-9 milers over the past 5 weekends and a few, slightly faster, 3-5 milers during the week. Had a bit of inspiration and very fortunately managed to grab a last minute place running under someone else's number for the Cardiff 1/2 on Sunday. Beligerantly pushed out 13 consecutive 8min/miles for a 1:44. Now I have a 7 mile road race 2 weeks this Sunday and need some speed work as I'm quite comfortable with the surprising amount of endurance I've got. Is sub 52 a possibilty? Is it too late for speed work to have an impact? Any good sessions any wise sages can recommend? Many thanks one and all


  • Do some fast miles to get used to working harder for shorter periods and maybe some loops with a (not too steep) downhill section in it  to help develop leg speed.   I wouldn't bother with anything more structured than that in the timescale.
  • In two weeks, you're not likely to be able to make drastic changes.

    Try some 60m sprints with jog recoveries and maybe a 6x800m the week of the race.
  • Cheers guys, appreciate the advice. Will have a bash at some quicker miles this week and have a go at those intervals next week. Out of interest, how long does it take for adaptation from speed sessions, say one or two a week for 4+ weeks, to take hold before paying dividends?
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