fools and horses

nuff said...

good fun though wasn't it!!


  • Great fun. Can't believe there were three water jumps! Wore the oldest shoes I had and binned them the moment I got back.

    Disappointed by the stoney-faced Barbour-clad spectators though. You would have thought that running through a load of rivers and stuff would have got them shouting encouragement a bit.
  • Did anyone see the couple dressed as a convict and a policewoman? If so, that was me and Mrs DW!

    Excellent fun - will definitely be going back again next year!
  • I went along and watched - and I hope I wasn't too stoney faced in my URWFRC vest!!!
    I met up with Mr & Mrs Dog Walker, and me and #1 son had an excellent time. Will definitely do it next year (that is if I haven't been up half the night with #2 son, who's got tonsilitis!)
  • DW

    i was right behind you for most of the run!!

    didn't recognise you without the vest though...i was running in a group of three (me yellow running vest, bro - black polo shirt, sis ginger hair white t-shirt)

    dontcha just lurve those chicks in uniform!!
  • WWR,

    Was off on hols all last week and only sorted out my outfit on Friday so wasn't able to post details!!!

    Women in uniform certainly work for me! ;-)

    Sorry I missed you again after brief meeting at Burnham. Will hopefully catch up properly with you soon.


    You certainly weren't one of the stoney-faced ones! It was a joy to see a friendly face in a URWFRC vest! I seem to remember you taking a piccy when we first saw you on the run. If it comes out okay, is there any chance you could get me a copy or email me a scanned image or something? If so email me and I'll send you cheque for any expenses incurred. Hope all is well with son #2 also.

  • Will send you a piccy don't worry!!
    #2 son has developed a rash today - possibly an allergic reaction to penicillin, or just part of the virus he's got...but the main thing is he went to sleep 10 minutes ago!!
  • Thanks for piccy - much appreciated.

    Sounds like #2 son is having a bad time of it - enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!!

  • This one sounds like good fun. Where is it based?

    Homer got his vest the other day DW, do you think ours will turn up pre Windsor?
  • BK,

    Only Fools run was this Sunday at Blenheim Palace in Oxon. Great fun it was!

    Homer was a special case as he wanted his for GSR. See kit update thread on URWFRC forum for other details, but in summary you should get it on Saturday.

  • Sorry DW, just seen the other thread. Look forward to getting it.

    Does this race always clash with the GSR. Sounds like I may have to try this one out
  • BK,

    Did you order yours on the URWFRC web site? Were you one of the ones who sent theirs back as it was the wrong size? What size are you expecting now?

  • I was one of the last orders Lamby took and it wasn't a resize. The cheques been cashed.
  • Thanks to all of you for coming along, it seemed to go pretty well. II'm glad to hear you had a lot of fun.

    Having done the maths we expect the event to raise over £25,000, so thanks.

    I hope to see you next year, we're planning to get even more there!
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