10k New Year's Eve

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I'm considering doing something a bit different for New Year, and there are 10k races in Madrid & Barcelona on New Year's Eve. I've been trawling the internet though and can't find how to register for either of these.

Does anyone know how to register direct? Travelling from Scotland, I don't really want to book a package as this is probably based on travel from London or major airports.

Alternatively, any other suggestions of good races at this time of year would be most welcome! Thanks image


  • http://www.bcn.cat/santsilvestre/es/index.html
    for Barcelona

    for Madrid

    I ran in Madrid last year and it was a great event.
    I'll be running in Barcelona this year.
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Thanks TPF. Just had a look at both sites - Madrid is closed for online entries for the popular race (unfortunately I don't have a 10k time of the standard for the other!)

     My only concern with the Barcelona race is that I can't get the site in English. Any idea how to translate it? I can figure out the entry form but I'll be lost if they send information re registration etc. image

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Ok - figured out how to translate using Google. Anyone got any hotel recommendations? Ideally in the centre of Barcelona but not too expensive/not a hovel either!
  • Clag

    How did you manage to get round the country drop down menu? and how much entrance fee and how do you collect the race number? For Hotel I'm staying at Hotel Jazz about £370 for 3 nights but just off the rambles

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