Great South Run

looks a bit  nippy

the weather does too image


  • just about world record pace -around about 5 min miling ..good to see !
  • Paula was looking good wasn't she? should be good for New York ...
  • it was a bit nippy, to say the very least, thankfully i love running in the rain - although i wasn't too pleased at being quite so cold and wet when i started. still it was a really nice course (my first time there) so  that was good. I didn't manage to see Paula at all, but having watched the run this morning, she did look very good and really comfortable.
  • Mark Donnelly 6

    I agree with you my 6th year and its the 2nd year so far its was a bit nippy yesterday inwhich rain comes down and we running more faster with a nice smooth course and Ch5 may skip some of out tv wave alert at the begin of the race.But I think we should go back to Great North Run TV Hours more then 4Hours will do it and won't cut out some segments.I think adverts will spoil it.What about BBC,Ch4 or Sky for change.Well Done All

  • I was quite impressed with the channel 5 coverage, except for the adverts which were a right pain. They concentrated on Paula and the leading men, rather than the fun runners and z list celebrities, which is how it should be.

    Katherine Merry did a very good job as presenter, and I should imagine has a good future in this field.

  • Recorded it on HD recorder (working all day), watched it in the evening.  One button press and the adverts are gone ........... best purchase I've ever made!

    In the habit now of setting everything on the recorder, start watching 20 min later, skip adverts, pause for a pee, cuppa etc, saves hours of wasted time!

    Katherine Merry was excellent ....... Sally Gunnell, watch and weep!

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