where does it get lost ?

Opening disclaimer - - -  I work in an indie running store (but i'm not going to advertise it)

I've just taken part in a rather large 1/2 marathon at the weekend. While milling around at the start I have a bad habit of looking at peoples shoes, how the walk / warm up and what kit they wear.

Now seeing the amount of info that is in the likes of RW, RF and online advice sites, why are so many people not taking notice about correct shoes, decent socks, avoid cotton t shits etc.

Many (and I mean lots) of the runners weren't wearing shoes designed for running. A good number were not in correct shoes for thier running action; and the amount of cotton t shirts was amazing.

Now I know I have an interest in getting people into quality kit, but I don't expect everyone to spend a small fortune either. It just seems slightly barmy that this advice is all around, but again a good proportion of that race  didn't pay attention. We are not talking a small town fun run here, but a 1/2 marathon ! 

any ideas why ?  (sorry for the bizzarre rant)


  • because there are too many people out there Mr Boot who take no interest in finding out about the sport they take part in, read any relevant info, or don't log onto RW/Fetch/any other running site........

    to them - running is any easy way to keep fit with whatever they have lying around to do the job. they aren't interested in knowing more

    I think it's as simple as that
  • I see a lot of club runners wearing cotton teeshirts.

    My wife bought me a running book 5 years ago - and I think it was Liz McColgan that was advising people to run in cotton tees ? Very odd.

    Lots of people are just dumb I guess ? image
  • What FB says

    Don't strees about it.  Just be thankful it isn't you that has to suffer the chafing, the bleeding nips and the sore knees. image

  • Ignorance.

    Is this information really all around?? Only if you know where to look!

    I ran for several years in bog standard 'jjb' trainers.....I wasnt even aware of different types of running shoes/running styles etc etc.

  • i suppose you guys are right. It doesn't occur to me (and i'm no fast or great runner) to try something like a 1/2 marathon without doing a bit of research ..
  • Perhaps they have no problem with running in cotton t-shirts? 

    I used to, never found it a problem really.

  • Plenty of races hand out cotton t-shirts to run in (Cancer Research 10k).

    The only reason I ever got proper running shoes was that my local JJB had no staff around to let me try on some shoes and i got bored of waiting ten minutes (possibly a world first in a JJB) by Barber recommended the running shop next door when I mentioned it and he sorted me out with a great pair of NB shoes.

    The information isn't really out there at all, don't recall there being much in any of the websites for the bigger races telling you to make sure to buy shoes and clothes that are fit for purpose.


  • Yes it's a man-nipple issue Kitten, I was sore after the bristol half, but one guy finished behind me with two red streams running down his chest poor bugger image
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Tom Tom T. Barrow wrote (see)
    Yes it's a man-nipple issue Kitten, I was sore after the bristol half, but one guy finished behind me with two red streams running down his chest poor bugger image

    Winceimage    ... never forget the Petroleum Jelly / Vasaline.

  • My OH gets bleeding and sore nipples if he forgets to tape them, even when wearing a wicking top/vest.

  • I find nipple clamps offer suitable protection against nipple rash, banana clips if you're pushed for time.

    For me techy tops were a doGsend as I would wind up with a frozen back with a sodden cotton t-shirt but I have still managed to overload techy tops on the odd occasion when we've had some hotter weather but they are still miles better than having a cotton t slapping your back.  A grey marl t is more of a fashion statement of sorts though, kinda oldskool especially if matched with some Greenflash.

    As for trainers, I'm not really sold that "running" shoes will make much difference to people over some plimmys.  Being overweight/out of shape and having not trained properly for the distance will be more of a hindrance than wearing Tesco Two Stripes.

  • All places of work should be encouraged to have a running club.  I'm just throwing that idea out there.
  • I'd settle for a stationary cupboard...
  • I'd agree that the information isn't always out there.

     Added to which, running shops can appear elitist and not terribly welcoming, especially to the complete beginner.

  • The information is clearly out there - look at this site and the others like it.

    Its just that people dont think to look for the info.

    Its not really the end of the world to run a race in a cotton teeshirt anyway is it ?
  • I think propper running shoes make a massive difference.  When i made the switch i was amazed.  I also think for the service you get the price of running shoes is very reasonable.

    I just think that people see running as an easy, cheap sport and dont always want to get fully involved and find the info they need.

    I can get bleeding nipples even in a propper running shirt if the weather is wrong.  Maybe i need a mans sports bra.

  • I agree that the price of running shoes is very reasonable. however, if you've not bought them before, they seem very expensive (at least, I thought so the first time I bought some).

  • i think when you start entering runs for fun, you see people in proper running gear and feel like they are more serious and care about timings etc. When you start you get fitted with trainers and just want to finish and as such don't always get kitted out correctly, sort of makes it more serious etc. 

    Appeciate this is not the right way to think but I was guilty of it 2 years ago. But now kitted out proper running tshirts and for winter thermal tights and long sleeve and a windproof and I can see the error of my ways, level of comfort on a run is much improved, as well as the psychological 'i feel like a runner' feeling. (and I did it on the cheap thanks to advise on here! ) 

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