Parental leave for sick kids

My 15 year old son has broken his leg and is on crutches for 6 weeks.  In this enlightened age, what is considered reasonable time off work  to look after him?



  • Not sure on the HR implications - but he'll probably be sick of the sight of you after a fortnight.

     Good luck

  • he is too old to come under the most recent legislation, i would check with your HR department

    if it was my son he would be left at home to fend for himself whilst i went to work


  • I broke my leg and only missed about a days work. If he's 16 - he must be able to fend for himself a bit ?
  • 15.  I am sure he will be flying around in a few days when the pain eases and he gets used to the crutches  but for the moment he's been hit for 6.  Me & mrsP leave at 7:30 and don't get home till 6, it's a long time to be on your own for 6 weeks.  I thought the odd late start/early dart would be reasonable, plus time off for clinics & physio?

    As for HR  here, Genghis Khan had to leave, he thought it was a bit of a harsh regime. 

    TBH I don't take much notice of current workplace practices, like most people I just get on with it and work it out but on this occasion I just thought a bit of friendly advice might come in handy for when I have to put family first. 

  • Hopefully there will be a HR bod along soon - but I was under the impression that you're entitled for some paid time off in case of emergencies like this. 

     Depends on the individual company policy how much?

  • maybe just take a sicky mr puffy

    easier i think - i know new legislation came in for parental leave but it was for kids born after 200 - i only know as i have one
    you are probably better off asking on a parent forum - somwhere like mumsnet or whatever its called

    i was half joking about leaving my precious babies alone - i would not leave them in pain all alone, i was thinking about the time when they are used to the critches and are really just sitting around with the playstation/xbox/dvd/tv and actually don't need you there

    i am here at home with mine for half term and an off to see high school musical with the youngest today - the odler two have grunted at me a few times and are mostly just "chillin" image

  • 2000

    i do not have a 1008 year old child

  • parental leave

    it reads like gobledegook to me but i am sure read slowly it makes sense

  • Our Emergency Leave for Dependents policy is that under such circumstances a parent would be allowed to take 'reasonable' time off to care for a dependent, but it would be unpaid.

    They could, of course, take time from their paid holiday allowance, too.

    Parental leave does only apply to new babies or adoptions, then up to the child's fifth birthday (or fifth anniversay of adoption).

  • All the places I worked for had  'compassion leave' - I think it was up to 5 days' that you can take to care for a relative who is unwell or if somebody dies etc. With a sympathetic boss you can take more time off, I think, and work flexi hours...

    I  would take a sickies as last resort  - if we take sickies to cover up that we need to care for our families this will ultimately lead to a very harsh workplace where these things aren't tolerated. 

  • The 5 days of compassionate leave are PAID days.
  • there is a stutory entitlement to parental leave though stellina - on top of your entitlement to compassionate leave - which i believe is given at a managers discretion and is specific to your employer
  • Compassionate leave is NOT a legal requirement

    Unless you are the person organsing the funeral - in which case you get one day to organise and one to attend the funeral

  • Sure Lurker that was to add on to what you mentioned, since I too believe that parental leave applies only for children under 6. 

     P.O - I did not say it was, just mentioned that all the places I worked for had it so perhaps it is worth of mr Buffy to check.

    But then, we get a lot of holiday allowance too so perhaps I am just lucky to work in a human-friendly environment where ahem... employers are considered an asset.

  • Sorry Stellina - yeh some places offer it kindly

    Others don't.

    My bad  image

  • Hey PO babes!image
  • I wouldn't take a sickie, I would be happier just taking the time off and fielding the flak really. My line manager is quite decent, but only works part time so I end up arguing the toss with a couple of directors who just don't give a monkey's.  We did have a ecent HR person but she got no support  so she left.  Now its one of the consultants, again only part-time

    Being paid doesn't really matter either, I'm not anticipating having a huge amount of time off,  just so I know he's safe really.

    thanks for the link Lurker, it obviously applies to younger kids but there is a link on that page that I will look at more closely at home. 

  • Heya Stellina! Good to see you back image
  • Don't think you will have a  statutory right to parental leave as he's over the age of being covered by current legistlation.  The rules on it are very defined.

    Compassionate leave and emergency leave to look after dependents aren't a statutory right and would only apply if you it in your contract/handbook.

    My rules for compassionate leave are pretty strick and this wouldn't be covered.  We don't have emergency leave but I am always prepared to negotiate on individual circumstances.  I'd say first offer to take some holiday entitlement or ask for flexibility for a couple of weeks (starting earlier & taking couple of hours at lunchtime), making it clear that you will work your weekly hours, just spread about a bit more.  Or ask for some unpaid leave. 

    Sounds pretty harsh but I have 45 employees with lots of offspring/partners/grannies and it would be impossible to set down rules to cover what was and wasn't allowed.

  • By the time we were 16, our parents were going away on holiday and leaving us at home alone to cycle to and from school.

    My brother had a GA and an operation to sew his tendons back onto his shoulder and was back in school the next day.  At 16. 

  • Will he not be at school for much of the day anyway - or does H&S mean he's not allowed?

  • Who you talking to?

  • Well its half term this week so it doesn't arise yet, but if he's not allowed into school then that's when the problems start...

     PO had you not been down  t'pit for a few years by the time you were 16 then?

  • Wotcha PO image

    Talking to Mr Puffy, refering to his son.

     <ooops cross post>

  • Heavens no.  H&S prevents a world of fun.

    Different world really  image

  • Not being funny ..................... but can't you just put some food in the fridge, leave him some pain killers and ask a neighbour to pop by?

    Sorry, maybe it's worse than you've let on 

  • Turf him off the school. It's only a busted leg. Surely that doesn't mean he is out of action for 6 weeks!

    Either that or just keep him stocked up with a 6 pack of beer and a party size bag of McCoys crisps each day and he'll be right.
  • No,  It's a straightforward fracture in his right tib but he got it playing football and was laid out in the rain for a good half hour and was obviously in shock.

    He's a tough lad, plays in goal every week in a good competitive  league, and as I said before when the pain wears off and he's good on his crutches he'll be fine, but I don't want to leave him alone all day for the first week or so, and he will have to attend clinic and physio over the next 6 weeks so i will have to take him and need time off for that.

  • give him access to the internet and he'll be fine on his own searching all the porn sites.............
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