Parental leave for sick kids



  • No he can't do that any more, not after last time..

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    not just my house then

  • Mr Puffy 'reasonable' is only for a day or two to arrange alternative cover for your son.  There is no statutory entitlement to be paid for this leave.   You may be allowed the time to take him to appointments but again this will almost certainly be unpaid.
  • Leave him in the car outside work. Then take up smoking - and use yuour fag breaks to check on him ? Sorted.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions and advice, I expect he'll be a lot more chipper when I get in. 
  • Can you arrange to do some work at home or are you strictly office/work based - so that you are there but still working. 
  • At the end of the day, if your son needs or wants you to be around, then I guess work should understand.  No matter what your "actual rights" are

    Hope he's ok

  • Likie you said earlier, maybe you could do a few late starts and early fineshes. Doing alternate with his Dad, so his time alone is not as long as it might have been?

    Wish him well image

  • image I am his dad.  Aren't I?

  • er what is the legal age a child can be left home alone? is it 14 or is it 16 - not that this means any thing to employers but if he were too young to be legally left to fend for himself then you do have a bit of an argument surely?
  • i am not sure there is one - i think it is an urban myth
  • ? im sure there is - otherwise how would people who get prosecuted for leaving kids alone be charged? suspect is it is probably 13 or 14 tho ?

  • there is no legal age . . .

    it's down to how vulnerable they are

  • doG really !  i get the point about different levels of maturity but even so .... a very mature and sensible 9 year old could just be left alone everyday of the summer holidays under that description which doesnt sound a good idea
  • i was, and as the oldest was in charge of 2 of my younger siblings too - and my dad was a social worker in child protection, and therefore presumably aware of the law
    not something i would ever do to my kids

  • Mr P - you have mail
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