Jonathon ross and Russell brand

what is it with this country?

we indulge people like Brand and Ross, laugh at them, give them shows whwere they have carte blanche to do whatever they like,a nd then when they go over the top we want them nung out to dry!!

it was a bad joke FFS, they have apologised...get over it!

andrew sachs is probably glad for the publicity. expect another re run of Fawlty Towers



  • hmmm... missed whatever that was - what was the joke?
  • TBH I don't understand what all the fuss is about. It was normal for his show. At the start they warn the show contains 'adult material' FFS.

    He frequently does material like that on the phone; what starts as a normal conversation with a guest degenerates into smut / innuendo / self-obsessed rambling.

    Beeb are at fault for letting it be aired if they thought it was that bad it should have been pulled instead of blaming Brand and Ross. Their producer / controller should have stepped in, they're not alone in that studio!

    Double standards or what.

  • Brand, egged on by Ross phoned Andrew Sachs mobile and left 'lewed' messages suggeting he'd shagged sachs' granddaughter. Sachs was supposed to do an interview but pulled out

    (Sachs' granddaughter is 23 and an 'exotic dancer').

    Don't really go for Brand or Ross... but this is much ado about nothing.

    Or it might be the death of civilization as we know it... TM Daily Mail

  • I agree with Siance, the show was pre-recorded so ultimately the producer (or whoever is in charge) takes responsibility for what's aired, it shouldn't all fall on Brand / Ross!
  • Brand is always a bit like that anyway - so you should expect something a bit smutty on his show - same as on Rossys show - its not like its Parkinson or anything. Dont think the Beeb will be putting those two together again for a while !
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭

    Brand sounds to me like a pretentious misogynist idiot 99.99% of the times.

     Ross makes good programes though I always thought he chickens out very fast when his guests don't look happy with his "jokes".

     My vote: Sach them. No tax payers money to those two.

  • Nah - I agree with you about Brand, and Ross is very funny. I say just lop Brand's head off for the masses. Ross gets the thumbs up in the gladiators' arena!
  • I hope Brand shags one of Ross's daughters, (when they are old enough) and see how funny he thinks it is then. I don't think it was funny it was just cowardly, they would never had said it if Sach's had been there.
  • yaaaaawn

    mountains and molehills springs to mind

    or something to keep the right wing, blue rinse, Daily Hate readers happy in their poor sad lives......

  • Not funny, not witty, not nice but ultimately not very important.

  • It's my considered opinion that they're a pair of juvenile t*ssers, so I never watch/listen to them.

    I think anyone would be upset at the idea of Russell Brand /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]h@gging]sh@gging their grand-daughter!

  • Both should be sacked.
  • both should be shot

    pair of useless feckers - can't stand either of them
  • Ross is bearable but Brand is a complete scumbag...neither of them is particularly funny...more purile than anything else.
  • I'd volunteer to beat them both to death with a mouldy cabbage (should take quite a while and give me a good workout)

  • Haven't heard it, but from what I have read, it was in bad taste.

    Brand was funny when he started, but his act seems a bit stale these days. Ross is just incredibly irritating. Self-obsessed, unfunny moron.
  • Have you seen Andrew Sachs grand daughter ? Ay Caramba ! She looks like a very exotic dancer to me !
  • She's a Satanic Slut....kinda puts herself up for a bit of ridicule like!  (Still don't think they were funny!)
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Miserable Bleeder wrote (see)
    I'd volunteer to beat them both to death with a mouldy cabbage (should take quite a while and give me a good workout)
    waste of a mouldy cabbage imho....
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ross is genuinely witty but waaay too full of himself and in need of some strict editorial supervision. Brand is just a dullard, I have no idea why anyone should find him funny. But plenty do and good luck to them.

    But what they did was out of order. The senior BBC suits who okayed it should be demoted. Not paid off to leave but demoted. If they seriously think it's okay to leave messages like that on someone's answerphone as part of a programme, then they're not fit for their job

    I work for the BBC so I can predict what will come next. There'll be a smooth and smug patter from the top boys, if the fuss continues some "managing editor" or suchlike will be quietly given a wad of cash to go away. And the rest of us will have another training course to attend.

  • Oh good grief - Gordon Brown's commenting on it now.

    I think this matter should be taken to the UN.


  • North Korea, Iran, Syria, Brand, Ross...
  • bad hair in Woss's case !
  • Brand is a genius, he is up there with Hancock, Morcambe, Barker, and the Krankies.
  • I didn't hear the item in question, they were obviously just egging each other on. I find both of them amusing, but I think this went too far, and as Muttley said, there should perhaps have been some editorial supervision.
  • Adult supervision seems more appropriate Moo

    So, we're up to our necks in debt, on the brink of recession that could turn into a full blown depression, the pound is taking a battering in the currency markets, our boys are fighting a bloody war in Afghanistan, under equipped and understrength...

    ... and Brown sees fit to make a statement on this trivia... we're truly fooked!

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