GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • <Pulls up a chair & pours self a LARGE Baileys> Dont want you drinking on your own Saltpot... image  Hope you feel better soon hun.

    Well I managed to push my friend to 4km on the treadmill, took it down to a walk break at each km but only for a minute max before I made her take it back up to a run, she's a newbie btw so I am really pleased with her.

    Thanks for the shout Julia, muchly appreciated.  I think you're right about the time of year, its so cold & dark before you even get home from work that its such a push to get your butt back out the door to pound the pavements.  Will let you know how I get on at the weekend, pleeeeeeeeeeeease let me find my pace right easy so the run just flows and the miles ebb away. <wishful thinking>.

    MTP - Wish I could do 10 miles and still have energy left, atually some days I'd be happy to do 1 mile & still have energy LOL.

  • Well I did it, I went out with no itinery or anything, just to run...  I managed 8miles in 1hr 30mins,  I had to take a couple of walk breaks but only little tiny ones so I am well chuffed with my little self.  Actually wanted to run for longer but I gave in and took a walk break and then could not force my legs to run again for anything longer than 30secs so gave up and walked the 2mile back to the car.

    There was some cross country thing going on at the side of the canal today and can I just say what an unfriendly lot most of them were. I always at least smile at any other runner/cyclist I see when i'm out but I got practically nothing back. Hmmmmm dont know why I bother some times...

    How is everyone else doing???  Baileys anyone??? 

    Edited for typing error. Ooooops.

  • Well done Caz.  Great run there. 

    There really are some miserable folk out there.  I'm like you, always smile and say hello, but often no response.  Their loss.

  • Well done Caz!!  Keep smiling! Thankfully, I'm lots better - baileys and vodka (purely medicinal) have helped.  Running tomorrow - not been out for a week - not good - worried? me? you betcha! xxx
  • Wow! I've just been browsing this thread and I'm very impressed that you are all doing so well. image

    I tend not to look in the beginners forum much as I'm no longer a 'beginner' due to having been running for about a year and a half . I've never signed up for an event longer than 10km and you're all well on the way to either 10km or 1/2 maras.

     Congratulations and keep on running!

  • Good evening everyone, how's the weather where you are? It's fffrrreeeezzziinnng in Essex, I've just treated myself to a little on-line shopping in the long sleeved  running top department..........good excuse eh image

    Mind you, because it was so cold i went super quick today, the downside was i only managed 3.5 miles because i was knackered. The upside was a new 5k PB of 32.40 Hurrah image ! Must try another long trot in a couple of days.

    Saltpot, glad you're feeling better, good luck tomorrow! I managed to avoid opening a bottle of wine tonight and feel very virtuous. I don't buy Baileys anymore as they don't make the bottles as big as they used to. It never lasts as long anymore..................image

    Cazsoul you did FANTASTIC! WELL DONE image I normally find most other runners round here give a smile. Either that or they are simply trying to contain their mirth. NO I didn't say that i vowed to stop putting myself down. The cyclists always nod, i think thats really cool, like being in some sort of 'fit' club image maybe they're triatheletes or some such

    Hi Ultra Kazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, how are you?

    Hello Anne, thank-you for your kind words. I started running in feb and still think of myself as a beginner because i'm always towards the end of the field in races. But not last. YET image 

    Happy running everyone. My novel is now complete image

  • Hi Julia, I'm good thanks.  Well done on the run - short, faster runs are as important as the long runs.

    I never need an excuse to buy running kit!  I got some sunnies in Decathlon today - bit bizarre at this time of year I know but winter sun is so glaring.

    It was lovely out this morning in my part of our fair county.  Wind was a tad chilly but it was gloriously sunny and when the wind dropped it was actually a smidgeon warm! 

  • Morning all.

    You all are doing so well.

    Julie - I took my friend Tina that did Billericay 10k out with me yesterday for a 7 mile run. We did it in 1.16.30. I made her work hard. Good think is she is still talking and wants to go out next weekend. God it was freezing yesterday.

    Kaz - How is your knees? My left one has a niggle, so I am having a rest  day. Bernard is of the weekend of Halstead marathon, so I might join you.

    It looks like I might be able to do Brentwood half marathon.

  • Morning T.  Thought it was lovely yesterday and def glad I had to do my run then and not today!!

    Knee is ok-ish.  Should be ok for Luton and Hastings but not sure whether it will hold up to Draycote/Wye/Connemara training.  Will just have to see.  A rest day isn't a bad thing - look after that knee!!

    Halstead's a nice one T - assuming we have a cooler day!

    Haven't decided about Brentwood yet.  Will see how I feel nearer the time.

  • Kaz - I forgot to get dinner out of the freezer so I will have to go to Asda image I think you must do Connemara, as it looks beautiful.
  • Saltpot, how was your run yesterday???  Sometimes a week off does you the world of good, glad you're feeling better.  Vodka & baileys... Always goooooooooooooood...  The only time I drink whiskey is when I've got a cold and then a hot toddy is deffo in order LOL.

    Julia, well done on that short run and new PB that is really good hun.  As Kaz has already said, short fast runs are just as important as long slow ones so keep up the good work.  Dont suppose you fancy a trip to Sheffield in April do you??? Judging by your times it sounds like you run a similar pace to me...image

    Talking of it being f-f-f-f-f-freezing and new running kit, after my run on Saturday I worked out what I wanted Mr CS to buy me for Xmas... A new running jacket... I have a lovely one but it has really shallow pockets that dont fasten and when I was out I was regretting not putting my gloves on up until mile 4 when my hand finally warmed up and then they would've been too hot with gloves on, hence the need for deeper pockets and also when I got back to the car I struggled to get my lace undone to retrieve my car key as my fingers were numb with cold again.  He took me out yesterday and bought me a lovely saucony one in pink... Yay!!! Roll on Christmas...

  • Hi all, glad everyones still plodding along and doing well.

    Have been running outside more recently as my treddie broke down last week - what a disaster!!! Still, it's better to do the bulk of runnng outdoors I know but it's just soooo hard when it's stair rods outside and you can still run in the relative warm of the garage. Still, managed to fix it and all's well with the world again. My long runs will always be  outside.

    Does anyone else plan to do the Wokingham half?

  • Has anyone else had 3 email notifications for the 1 response on this thread??? Hmmmmm <looks accusingly at RW IT Dept>

    Glad you got your treadmill fixed MTP although you should really get outside as much as possible.  I dont even know where Wokingham is, so think you can safely count me out of that.  But if anyone is doing the Sheffield one and anticipates a 2hr 30min finish then I could always do with a running buddy... <smiles sweetly>

  • Hello all,

    Nice day for a run - Managed 7 miles - so still a long way to go -  image - Got my new winter kit out so felt good.  Had my gait anaylysed today at Sweatshop and apparently my left foot seriously over pronates, do i'm wearing the wrong trainers - what so people think? Sales gimmick or important? 

  • Morning Saltpot, I have to admit I noticed the difference straight away when I got new trainers following gait analysis.  I was getting a pain above my right knee prior to new trainers even at low mileage which I dont get anymore, so as much as I would love to say gimmick I dont think it is.  You dont need to spend a fortune on new trainers and if they try to sell you the most expensive ones in the shop then walk away.  Happy shopping and well done on your 7miles.
  • Hi all

    Saltpot - I think wearing  the wrong trainers can lead to lots of nigles - knees, anckles etc, in my experience anyway. I was told I slightly over pronate my right foot and so bought some slight stability trainers, these seemed to help cure the shin splints I was getting on the treadmill.  Expensive game though I know.

    Going to Amsterdam with the better half tomorrow for a few days, shall go out for a couple of runs me thinks - be a nice change to run round somewhere new. It'll be nice and flat too, hope I don't get lost in some street I shouldn't be in lol.

  • mobThePlod wrote (see)

    Going to Amsterdam with the better half tomorrow for a few days, shall go out for a couple of runs me thinks - be a nice change to run round somewhere new. It'll be nice and flat too, hope I don't get lost in some street I shouldn't be in lol.

    Ha ha, likely story... Or rather, yeah right and thats the story you'll be telling Mrs MTP... I got lost hun honestly... image  Have a nice time.
  • Ta very much CS, will do. Well done on the 7 miles by the way - that's where I am up to now. I worked it out that I have 10 weeks to the Wokingham half so I reckon I will be up to 13 by then injuries aside hopefully. How long to the Sheffield half then?

  • Sheffield is 26th April... Mr CS says I dont really need to worry about my milege until the new year but I think he's having a laugh... Has he not seen how long it takes me to increase my mileage???   It took me best part of 4 months to get from 5k to 10k.  Will keep plodding away each week and hopefully by the time it comes round I'll be able to manage at least 15miles without collapsing in a heap on the floor. *fingers crossed*
  • I'd say Mr CS is about right. In my experience I was a bit like you, I looked at my old runnning log I kept from 1 year ago and I remember how long it took me to get to 10K - and how slow. However when that happened it sort of snowballed for me. I think my milage automatically went up for the week and as a consequence only then did I start to lose weight (which makes running for me sooooo much easier). I don't weigh myself but I have gone from fat belly trousers to medium belly trousers quite quickly after reaching 10K. Still a while to go before I get into slim belly clothes though.

    So keep at it and I bet you will be surprised by your progress especially now your up to 7 miles. I'm going to try and up my long run by 1 mile a week until I get to 15 mile while cutting back on some of the other runs I do - hopefully that will work out.

  • Well - decided 'over pronating' was too risky! so I'm now £80.00 lighter and the proud owner of a pair of Brooks - adrenaline! they best be good!! image
  • Just found this thread and after reading am encouraged by the posts.

    Julia T what an amazing achievement, you've inspired me, I have just entered my first half next year, am doing the Reading one, so realisation (and determination) is sinking in!

    I did a bit of running in 2006 and entered a 5k and a 10k then I didn't run again until May this year (although I had been going to the gym twice a week). I joined a slimming club in July this year and have lost 4 stone so far (2 more to go) anyway this year I have done a 5k in May, 5 mile multi terrain run in October and ran a 10K last weekend. I'm up to 7 miles in training but only manage to get out to run twice a week at the moment, at weekends I do a long run and I do a shorter mid week run. Am also waiting for delivery of a forerunner 201 which should arrive next week image

    I'm training with a friend who has also entered and luckily we run at the same pace so good for motivation.

    When I ran the 10k last weekend I suffered from what I can only describe as 'lead legs' my legs felt really really heavy at around 8km and there was just nothing left to give although from a breathing/lung point of view I could have continued, I have never experienced this before, I was surprised to get this lack of strength & energy as I have run further before, I did walk for about 20 seconds and managed to run through it to the end.

    Well done to everyone else too there are some really positive posts from people in the same sitution as me that have spurred me on. image Thanks

  • Well, I have not been getting any e-mails so have not been here for a while and look what i've missed!

    Kaz, sunnies are deffo not daft, i was blinded by the sun glaring on the soaking wet roads the other morning. It's lower in the sky at winter! image

    Tracey i'm glad your friend is still talking to you, she is probably very glad to have you pushing her, it's too easy to stop when you are alone........

    Cazsoul jacket sounds nice. Do you have to wait for Christmas until you can wear it? What is happening at Sheffield.......? image i bet it's long whatever it is image

    Glad your treadmill is fixed mob, i'm not good on them, i have a tendancy to fall off them and i do find them boring. Still i guess they're safer when it's dark at night and it beats keep looking over your shoulder to cross the road!

    Have to page back now as can't remember what else was written.....

  • Hope Amsterdam was good Mob! Saltpot I think you will notice a difference with the trainers. I just wore any old thing when i started and, ok so my legs were not used to doing it but i got bad sore knees and my shins were really sore. I posted on here and everyone told me to go and get properly fitted so i did and the difference was amazing. Still get sore now but only because of over exertion. (Apparently i'm very rare as a supinator image ).

    Welcome Awaywithfairies you have done fantastic! 4 stone is mega loads. The running makes such a big difference to losing weight i think, i just wish i had discovered it years ago then i could have avoided always having to shop in Evans and cutting out the size labels. So nice to go to 'normal' shops now! And i've discovered some legs and am wearing skirts! Short ones too!

    Have ordered 2 books off Amazon today to hopefully give me some sort of training schedule. I think i'm losing direction a bit, i try and do a long run a week, a quick run with maybe short sprints and some hills here and there but i thought you can't beat a good read!

    Have a good weekend everyone

  • Morning All,

    Saltpot, welcome to the Brooks family... I have a pair of Brooks Switch and am dreading the day they have to go to trainer heaven as I've not had a moments bother with them.  Have you managed to get out for a run in your sparkly new trainers yet????  Did you notice the difference if you have???

    Awaywithfairies - Welcome on board hun and WOW what a fantastic loss... Well done, bet you are really chuffed with yourself.  With regards to your lead legs, did you hydrate and fuel up enough beforehand???  If I haven't eaten sufficient then I find I burn out so quickly when I go out for a run and always take a donut drinks bottle with me (better safe than sorry) on anything longer than half hour or so.

    Julia, I have the Running Made Easy book and although I've not read it in full, I have dipped into it for training/fuel/clothing ideas.   Can't beat a good book for those 'I need to know NOW' moments.  Santa says I have to wait until Christmas for my jacket...  Not long to go now... Oooooh I'm getting so excited!!!!

    Are you ready for this.... I went out for my long slow run along the canal on Saturday and managed.... 9.4 miles.... Count them, 1     2     3     4     5    6     7      8     9!!!  And without a single walk break... I was absolutely buzzing when I got back to the car and couldn't wait to get home to tell Mr CS.  imageimageimage

  • Hi

    I hope everyone is doing well with their training.
    I've not run for a while now due to an injury.I banged my knee on a bedroom cabinet when I got up one night to go to the loo..stupid really but was half asleep and staggering around in the dark.Anyway went back to sleep and although it was a bit stiff and sore the next morning went out for a run.Ouch!!Stupid me!
    I ended up seeing a physio last week who diagnosed tendonitis and advised heat and low impact and low intensity running only.I've been too scared to run on it though and just kept it elevated as much as I could with alternative ice and heat treatments.
    Touch wood feeling much better now.Still a bit stiff feeling but no pain now and I'm just so relieved..
    I have a 10k race on Dec 14th which now I'm very hopeful of doing but am going to continue to rest my knee til Saturday when I will attempt a very short,slow run.I know it only gives me a week before the race but just want to make sure its completely healed.
    I've hated being injured,I'm a nurse but make a hopeless patient!!
    p.s Hubby has since moved the bedside cabinet!!
  • o poo i just typed loads and lost it all. image
  • WELL DONE CAZ, what a mega achievement. How are your legs now? My books are about marathon and half marathon running, can't remember the names.

    Susie sorry to hear about the knee, isn't it frustrating not being able to run. You may find the rest does you good though and you are rejuvinated and invigorated (sorry, been reading the dictionary again image )

    Went out yesterday and managed 11 miles. Hurrah, it ws not a fluke the other week after all. Had sore quads after tho and hobbled about in smug satisfaction! All ok now.

    Made a momentous decision yesterday. I would like to have a bash at a full marathon one day Gulp image Stupid or what ! ?  

  • Julia T

    Well done on your 11 miles.The furthest I've done is 7 miles though if it wasn't for this knee then I think I would've done at least 8 miles by now.Have been out of action for almost two weeks and I just hope I haven't lost too much fitness.
    Its been terrible being injured,I really feel for anyone who is out with a long term injury.
    Anyway,its so much better now,the constant achy pain has gone though i've become a bit addicted to lying on the settee with my leg up on a cushion and a lovely hot compress on my knee.I then take it up to bed and use it to warm my feet!!

    I too would love a crack at a full marathon one day but will see how I feel after Reading half,at the moment even a 10k sounds like a long way!!
  • Hi

    Hope you don't mind me dropping in sounds like everyone is improving I have signed up for my first half (first race in March). I have been in training for a couple of months and have got up to 7-8 miles on an undualiting course.

    Cazsoul I am very intersted in how your hill training is coming along is there a plan to follow?  My half(Ironbridge) has a steep drop and yes it goes up again. Even though I have no problems running up small inclines the steep hills really catch me out.  There is a steep hill nearby  which has about a 10% incline and lasts for about a mile,  I just cannot get up in one go.  All I can do is run to one tree walk to the next tree and repeat several times. I can run on my treadmill with a 6% incline easily for a mile but I quess its not the same.

    Just done some tempo training very flat course concrete based meant to do 3-4 miles I couldn't stop and managed 6 mile in 53 mins very fast for me.  It is such a great feeling when something goes well.



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