GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • Watervole - glad you're feeling better, and woo hoo to your race number arriving - always makes it feel very real image

    Toby - well done for finding a car, and great bargaining. I always leave Mr B&T to do the haggling - I'm rubbish at it (too English!)

    Foxy - enjoy the intervals <evil snigger> I've never worked out a 'price per mile' for a race, but good of the organisers to apologise.

    Mel - maybe my double posting was a strange echo? And not evil at all about Norton BTW. Sounds like you're out running regularly again - excellent!

    Good news - Shin still getting better. I can still feel it when I walk, so no running yet. But have ordered some calf compression sock things, and am being patient.

    Sal - enjoy your non-snowy runs!

    Mel - maybe my double posting was a strange echo?

  • well got the 4 miles done i was going to do them on the treadmill but it looked so nice out it would have been criminal so went out instead the whole thing took just over 40 minutes which i thought wasn’t too bad until i compared it on to another run over the same course last September and found i was a whole 7 minutes slower

    Thanks everyone yes dead chuffed just have to patient now and wait to collect it

    My number for the Bath half arrived last week

  • No Bath Half number here yet ... probably just as well, feel so frustrated not running ... Toby - well done for getting outside. Probably as well to take it slow and run to how you feel - don't want to strain that knee!
  • Evil intervals D&D! That's over for a week.  On my own in the dark and some horrible driver aimed straight for me image and yes high viz hat and jacket!  Not nice. Got up the gym for some core and upper body stuff afterwards. Tomorrow is light x-t and then 7m fartlek on Thursday.

    I really find those sessions annoying, give me a machine that goes bleep and tells me what to do, but at least it will be light and with RP.

    And another race to look forward to on Sunday!

    Mel- revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • Hi all

    No running today as worked last night imageGrr workimage

    Was in Swindon yesterday,helpingmy sister paint her bedroom.Arms achy today and did develop a little blister on 3rd toe with all the running last week.My toenails looka sight,all at various stages of regrowth etcimage

    B+T,really sorry to hear of problems with your it both legs and are there any good stretches etc you could do.Did the same problem ever happen in your old shoes?If not maybe worth trying your old shoes again until its betterimageDid you manage to get out of that wedding and aim for Bath instead?

    FL,you are verygood doing your intervalsimageMy intervals consist of running fast between alternate lamposts,does that count?imagepeanuts and sulanas vanished from my sight so not tempted,OH keeps his nuts in his office now.Have discoved rice cakes,30 cals each which are really quite nice,thought it would be like chewing cardboard but not at allimagelost a couple of pounds last week with aim to loose half a stone by April,very doable i think and know it makes sense toimage

    toby,we have a diesel car,3rd one i think and its fine.Dimageiesels cars much quieter now than they used to be

    WV,I've done Wokingham and enjoyed it,quite flat i remember image

    hello to everyone elseimageHave agreed to let HL1 have 3 friends for a sleepover on friday as start of half term,I know I'm madimage

  • FL - grr to the driver - how inconsiderate. Did you get their registration???? image  But well done on the intervals.

    Susie - just the 1 shin, its the leg that the running shop lady said was 'odd'!!! I think its obviously going to be a weakness for me, but its only flaired up because of running too much last week. I was following my schedule in terms of 'weeks', rather than 7 days at a time (does that make sense?? It does to me!)  I was wondering about going back to my other shoes, but they made my shin hurt in a different place image

    Good news, it lookslike Bath HM might be back on imageimageimageimageimage FIL (its his side of the family) said it was such short notice that if I already had plans, I shouldn't cancel. Still need to sort out what Mr B&T and the kids are going to do. Complicated arrangements involving mosque on Saturday & then reception on Sunday (I think - still haven't had an official invitation!) - so nothing definite yet, but looking better for me image

     Susie - best of luck for the sleepover. At least everyone will have plenty of time to recover before term starts again! I can already hear Mel sniggering about your OH keeping his nuts in the office....

    Oh Mel - that reminds me. When I was looking for other races I could do instead of Bath, I found a 14M race in the New Forest, that started & finished at a holiday park. I was thinking that could be a good excuse for a weekend away. Looked at the details, its the Sandy Balls Holiday Centre image

  • Sandy Balls.......... you're 'avin' a larf............!!!

    Afternoon all...... all quiet, going for a run tomrw. Had a walk today, concrete paths fine to walk on, but off road is treachorous.

    Wont it be nice when Spring is here, and the nights are lighter <sighs> Do you remember when you used to just put on a tiny pair of shorts and a running vest, and you were out the door. Now the cupboard looks like a car boot sale, full of smelly half wet kit, all piled high and in no order. Oh for those skimpy vests....... and white shoes!!!... remember those.... when they were all new and white and smelt nice.

    Mine smell of fox poo at the minute....

  • Morning all

    did the 10 miles yesterday all in all not a bad run whole thing took a shade under 1:45:00  Avg pace 10.02 mm have to say i was a bit disappointed with the last mile which came in at 10.03 mm i thought I’d run it a lot faster as buy that time i thought i was going quite well

  • Water Vole - I was laughing, but not having a laugh Sandy Balls is a real place! image Sigh - yes - I remember  Spring ... a long time ago. Poooh to the fox poo - always makes me laugh when I've run across fields, and my cats can't stop sniffing my shoes when I get back.

    Toby - good run. isn't it funny how sometimes our perception of a run / split is different to what Garmin says??? I think if it was feeling good after 10 miles, then it was good image

    Debating whether to post something on another thread, or whether to bite my tongue. Had a slight disagreement with someone, ending up with them telling me I don't need sympathy I need someone to tell me I can do it because "you have the fear my dear". image Think maybe I've got into a debate with David Cameron. Don't know whether to be more upset that someone presumes I think I can't run a marathon and I'm scared, or for someone calling me 'my dear'! Think I'll just say nothing!

    Calf feeling better again today - just the merest hint of tightness as i walk. Calf compression guard should hopefully arrive today, so I'll try wearing that and see how it feels.

    Stay warm!

  • Morning Black and Tabby!! Jolly cold out there this am!

    Re the post. It depends on what you are posting. If you are posting in response to the comments made, then you have to carefully consider what you are going to write. There have been so many occasions on this website, that threads have got out of hand either because someone has really been out of order, or because things have been taken the wrong way. Both have the same effect, that of a spirally downward trend into madness. One person has even got banned!!

    But if you are repsonding on a totally different thread, on a totally different subject, I would post. The website is generally a good website, and I doubt even if the person involved even remebers who you are!! They dont if they are so up themselves that they call you "my dear"!!!

    Morning Toby... Im with B and T... if it felt good, then it was good. Must have been a tad chilly? I went out last night, socially, and it was -4 when I got back. This am its 0 !! But it will still freeze your wotnots off!

    SNOW IS DUE ON FRIDAY..... Thought Id mention that. The Beeb said 4-8"......

  • It had better not B.up my race on Sundayimage
  • .... Id look at the forecast, Foxy...... where is it?
  • Bramley 10/20, near Reading. I shall have a look.....
  • Think should be Ok by Sunday, it's a road race.
  • Hmmmm, yes do, its a big swave down centrl England, over to the Wash as well, you could be affected if they arent able to clear it off public areas... the overnight temps Fri and Sat are v low..... lets just say, you might need to get the Huskys out.......
  • .... Watford Half was cancelled last Sunday, due to still- lying snow.......... I still have snow here. Canal paths are a sheet of ice and cant run on them, altho most public fottpaths OK.

    Dont wish to be the Merchant of Doom, as longs as it clears, Im sure it will be fine, and Bramley is a bit further west than Watford/ here is.

    10 or 20....??

  • Just looked at your Event reviews.... you live near Reading? Are you doing Maidenehad this year?? Im down for that. Did just 3 miles of it last year.. too hot... so went with sole intention of a speedy (for me) 5k and did that in 26.30 minutes. But it was too hot!!
  • Morning

    Well done on the intervals Foxy - it consistently surprises me how inconsiderate drivers can b. Fingers crossed the snow stays away from your race

    And well done on the weight loss Susie, I'm sure you'l get there by April

    B&T - I'd prob not respond, life to short to get involved (so to speak) with people like that. 

    Intervals at 845 last night which was blimmin miserarble - 4 of the 6 managed to hit target pace so pleased

    Thanks for the weather update WV, hopefully we're to far North to get any

    2nd viewing on Fri - fingers crossed


  • Yes, I think you're all right. Thanks for the advice. Dignified silence (on t'other thread) it shall be. Mind you, am very tempted to ask if he knows he's just called an 18 stone 6' 4" rugby player 'my dear' (I'm not - but he doesn't know that!)

     Foxy - good luck for weather on Sunday. And for the race as well  image

    Sal - good intervals - and fingers crossed for the second viewing!

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    WV - the devil's work is required to punish those of low moral stature. I usually bounce back after various injuries .. but it does drive me mad at the time when I can't get out and the pounds pile back on. Re your later post .. I've realised it's now light as I'm driving to work so something is happening. Yes - I have vague memories of last summer's tiny shorts and skimpy vests .............. sorry, where was I? image Fox poo? Oh dear, you have my sympathies. Defenitely a peg on the nose when you clean them? image Re possible snow later this week - didn't sound like we would get 4-8" in Glos. But as we all know, they could be wrong.

    B&T - I quite enjoyed the haggling for my new car .. Mrs Wm was there and she enjoyed it too. We had a chuckle at it being like a slow-motion game where the salesman suggested a price, we pulled a face and he disappeared saying "I'll see what I can do" and re-appeared with a lower price .. and on and on. I think it took 2 hours in total before we agreed on a figure £1500 less than we started with. Glad to hear the shin is gradually improving. Also glad to hear you may be able to do Bath HM after all. Re nuts - I believe I heard you sniggering too image As for Sandy Balls holiday centre - what a great name and clever of the business to use that as you won't forget that name in a hurry. Re the other thread - probably best to ignore it (but oh so tempting to reply telling him what a sad, patronising git he is!). But I'm liking the idea of your 18st rugby playing alter ego making him think twice in future.

    Toby - well done re the 4miler .. shame it was slower then it felt. Bath HM number arrived - exciting! Well done re that 10 miler as well.

    Foxy - well done re the intervals and hope you got that b*****d's number so you can report him? Yes - will enjoy playing 'dumb' if my 'ex' phones about the Norton expiring - "Oh, that must be because I've installed a new copy" .. " No, I'm afraid I've installed it on three machines already so you'll have to get your own copy" .. "Sorry .." <mwah-hah-harrrr>

    Susie - hope your arms aren't as achey today. I used to eat rice cakes - though some I tried which were salt & vinegar flavour took the lining off the inside of my lips so I threw the rest away. I have since discovered corn thins which have more flavour.

    Sal - well done re the intervals - hope the 2nd viewing goes well.
    *waves* to everyone else

    Not a lot going on with me. Had a good 4ml club run on Wed including a little 'spurt' in speed over the last few hundred yards. Should be able to get to the club session later (hills/intervals) after all. Was going to post that I got in at 8:50am so I would miss the traffic at 5pm and get home in time. But then found my colleague covering 'lates' had phoned in sick and I would be expected to cover until 5:30pm. I was expecting to be asked to stay on later than planned - but to my surprise they've agreed I can work through my lunch break, leave at 3pm, drive home and log back on and work from home from 4-5:30pm.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Durrrr .. obviously it was Monday when I HAD a good club run and today is Wednesday! image
  • B & T you could always put them on your ignore member list post and that way you won’t have to read their answers i have 2 or three on mine that at one time or another were blatantly rued

  • ........... just send them the Curse of the Witch via telepathy.......

    Royal..... what does "clean them" mean when you are referring to shoes?

    Now.... to the roll of drums and flourish of trumpets.......

    6.96 miles in 1.07.32......  da-daaaaaaaaaaa.......imageimageimageimageimageimage

    Thats 9.42 minute miling in bloody freezing conditions. Mega pleased, ready for Wkingham now, sub 2.10 as long as I dont blow it. This was, I think my last major run, since I dont think the Weather Fairy will be looking after us this weekend, so I am v pleased. Thanks for all the advice I received re getting over bug.

    Didnt get cold except to my face, which feels as if its been sand blasted. I wore my normal running tights, but with jogging bottoms OVER them, so my legs stayed warm throughout. Two hats, two buff things... one for over head/ cheeks and one for neck, footie socks for calfs (calves?), gloves, 2 tops. Lordy, Ive just given up washing kit, theres to much of it! ..... it can jolly well stink.... just bare essentials go straight into washing machine now.......

  • Hi all

    6 miles this morning,overall pace 10.5 m/m and garmin was ok but it was justover an hr so will see if still ok for my long run on Saturdayimagelooks like its almost as cheap to invest in a new one rather than have to send it back to Garmin to have a replacement fittedimagesilly me thought i could just buy a battery and fit it myself.

    mel,will have to look out for corn thins though find the salt and vinegar ones fine,got some chilli ones to try tooimage

    B+T  I wouldnt like that comment either but better to keep quiet as some thrive on a response.Hes sounds like hes probably got 'little man syndrome' as i like to call it.No disrespect to toby,mel and AH but some men are just like that(so i've found before meeting OH)image

    SS,well done on intervals,4 out of 6 sounds fine by me especially in this cold weather.Yes really keen to lose this excess weight,trying really hard and eating slower which has helpedimage

    waves to you all, school pick up time,alreadyimage

  • Watervole,you sneaked in there before meimage

    Great run,great confidence boost before Wokingham,really well done and yes a bit nippy out there today but much prefer thatimagegiggling at the amount of clothes you woreimage

  • Hi Susie. The worse bit is trying to peel them all off after. But the best bit, as you said, was the confidance boost. It was lovely reading everyones successes just sat here with a peg on my nose. I now have a bit of a cough, but I know that will settle down. And I am not not worried about what the weather will be like......... It cant be as bad as today.......

    <God of Bad Weather starts brewing up the cauldron ready for week on Sunday.........>

    <Innocent Water Vole doesnt realise what she has just written>

  • Evening All,

    FL - image to the car driver.

    B&T - Always keep ones dignity and don't get caught up in a silly war of words.... Insult them back with intelligent repliesimage

    Susiebe - image

    Good running All

  • Morning all

    well was a complete an utter wimp yesterday i could have gone out for my run as we have no snow or ice but knowing i had to ride the bike to work just didn’t fancy getting cold twice in one day so i set the treadmill up in the living room and did the 5 miles on that while watching old episodes of Dragons Den

    Rest day today hopefully i will go down and collect the car

    Keep up the good running everyone

    Foxy Lady there are some right Pr**s about glad your OK

  • Watervole - that's a lovely image you've created there - fingers crossed the bad weather has been & gone by Sunday week. I finally cracked and put 3 pairs of revolting trainers into the washing machine (2 were mine, and 1 was son's) yesterday. Amazing - we now have trainers that can live in a cupboard rather than in the garage!!

    Toby - it was freezing yesterday - don't blame you for  running indoors. Exciting about getting your new car - hope you can get it today!

    AH - yes - intelligent insults definitely much betterimage A number of other people have commented that hey want (and intend!) to use the thread to talk about injuries / worries / doubts  AS WELL AS successes and positive thoughts - so I feel vindicated, and will slip back on there without replying directly to him.

    Dreamt about running last night  - was a lovely dream, it felt so easy (so obviously a dream then!!) Woke to find I can still *just* feel the spot on my leg - was hoping it would be gone today. Even the builders I usually sculk past in my lycra asked why I wasn't in my "jogging gear" this morning. Hopefully calf sleeves (think I'll just call them leg warmers as that's basically what they are!) will arrive today, so I can have an experimental plod tomorrow and then have half term off to recover image

    Who's running today before the snow that Water Vole so kindly ordered arrives? image

  • ...... excuse me!!!!!......................... 'twas not moi  !!!....................... I actually think (oooooh, theres a dangerous thing), that this cold weather is going to be with us for some time. I live near Watford, and have noticed that, over the years, whever we get weather from the East, its always has a detrimental effect on the weather, be it hot or cold. Hence the v hot periods that Kent experiences in the summer when the weathers from the East.... and the conversely, when the weather is bad in Europe, so we in the south east/ central get it bad... and for longer periods.

    Seeing that its minus a billion in Russia at the moment, snowing in Rome etc, I think we will have cold weather for at least a week. So Speaketh the Vole. The Met Office can't forecast what day it is, let alone weather, but one day they might latch onto this theory, and announce it to the World together with a better forecast. But remember you heard it first from the Vole. 

    Lordy its cold out there. Thought about a recovery run, but thought it not worth it... going swimming this pm instead. I have a bit of a cough today, but Im guessing quite a few folk will have bad throats with this cold weather.

    Black Tabby.... the person is just a *anker, so just ignore them... rise up above it all like a mighty Tiger (as you might have guessed, I love my analogies...... )

    (edited for rubbish spelling)

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