GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • Water Vole - I'd guess to keep the crusing feeling going, you'd need to do more longer runs beforehand so your stamina was better??? I've always had the same problem - was hoping this marathon training would help! Love the image of the Hercule Poirot  walk image Hope your quads ease off soon

    Foxy - running course sounds great - I did actually follow the link you posted to have a look at them!  I bought some cheap Adidas calf guards, and I'm wearing them now. Not sure if they're actually doing anything, but they're certainly keeping that calf toasty! Start of the week was FREEZING - by the time we got into our hire car, the thermometer said -12C image and that was about mid day. By the end of the week the sun had come out, and it was actually too warm if we stopped for any length of time.

    Susie - good idea about taking my trainers tomorrow. Sniff - not more hugs & sympathy, I will cry - I warn you!

  • Hi All,

    B&T - Wise to see a physio - Just wishing you a speedy recovery, Can you defer London to next year if need be - I'm sure you don't want to though.  I was in the same position this time last year and decided to run I felt that I would let to many people down.

    I'm a big fan of compression gear and have decided to run more with them this year as well as afterwards - Don't know if it works but it aint doing any harm.

    Wv & Susiebe - If it is Roy Keane I will stop going detest the guy.  Latest links are the Reading manager, Lee Clarke & Gus Poyet - just wish they will anounce someone soon.

    Club run tonight 6 miles at tempo effort with some good climbs - have meet up with a guy that is around my pace he is a tad faster on the flat/downhills then I catch him up on the hills so we have started to push each over a bit.

  • Morning all

    Well used the treadmill yesterday to do the 5 miles but i have 10 today so will be going out for a run wife got a great deal on our train ticket for Brighton £9 each so with travel insurance they came to £42 instead of the usual £90

    Waves like a mad thing to everyone

    must go now bed is calling

  • Poor you, anotherhill.... but I think Clarke/ Poyet would be miles better than Bruce. Hope you get it srted, it really does weigh the club down not having a Manager...... at City we had a conveyor belt especially fitted to cater for all the ones we had....

    Morning all... Hercules has departed, just an almost pleasurable ache when I go down the stairs now. Im having a little run this lunchtime, get back into it properly tomorrow, Parkrun Sat.

    Have you heard about Brighton Half Marathon... they put the cones in the wrong place at a u-turn, and the course was about half a mile too long!!! OOOOOOOOOEEEEEEERRRRR. On South Today (the regional part of the BBC Breakfast show) this am, they said that the organisers were going to re-adjust all the times. I wonder if they could do that for Wokingham too........image

    So, Toby and everyone doing the Full.... watch out!! Seriously, Im sure they wont cock up a second time!!!

  • W/V yes i heard about Brighton as some of the people on the Brighton 2012 thread ran it but no such worries with the marathon the last 2 years it run like clockwork

     this isn’t the first time they messed up the Brighton H/M the back in 2010 apparently it was so badly marked out that they had people running the wrong way from what i remember the Brighton marathon people looked at the way it had been organized and took lessons from
  • Ive just found out we have been successful in the draw for Wimbledon this year... middle Sat, Court 1imageimageimage Dont like watching the screaming girls, thats the trouble......

    Morning Toby, nice to see you up and about... usually your posts are middle-of-night! Yes, should be OK for Marathon... usually its different folk who do the organinsing anyway? As you say, lessons learnt!

  • Back from physio - I survived! Although I wish I'd thought to clean my running shoes before I took them image

    Short version of tale is that yes its posterior shin splints, and yes it will heal - she's given me various stretches to do, I'm not to run this week but try swimming or cycling instead (hate both of them!!), keep on icing and ibuprofen- ing. She's keen to work out what caused it though, as otherwise it will just come back. She thinks the problem is my lovely new shoes image my 'wobbly' right leg, the physio thinks has too much support now which is causing the problems. This is the leg that the shoe lady told me was going all over the place and was over-pronating badly. My left leg, which shoe lady said was fine, is actually the foot that I over pronate on (arch flat to the floor), and the shoes are obviously fine for that foot.

    Another appointment booked for next week, when we're going to use the treadmill  - my nemesis!!!!

    Feel better now I've been, and that I have a plan of actionimage

    Water Vole - woo hoo to Wimbledon! I went last year (husband had to accompany clients, so I was there in my 'Margot' role) and it was ACE! Brighton Half -eek! How awful if you were running it, looking at your garmin and saying "I'm sure this course is too long!"

    AH - well done on the club run, and great you've found someone to 'push' you (and I mean that in a good way - I'd be happy to find someone to physically push me up the hills!) yes, I could defer to next year, but not sure what would happen to the sponsorship money I've already collected - will save that as a last resort.

    Toby - great about teh train tickets - keep thinking I must book mine for London (see how optomistic I am?)

  • B+T

    So pleased you have a plan of action.Your physio sounded very thorough.Even though it might mean new shoes its a small price to pay to be up and running again.image

    Definatly too much support is as bad as too little.I ran for a short time in some Nike Equalon shoes and they were TOO supportive as they caused a pain in the inner aspect of my knee,only on one side as like you my legs perform slightly differently so the too much support only affected one knee.Ive also run in some Nike Vomero shoes which were a neutral shoe,they were fine for short runs but for long runs caused ITBS(pain outer side of knee)Now i go for a very mild supportive shoe (Nike LG,or Mizuno Elixir 6 which i'm using at the moment).What i'm trying to say is that the wrong shoes can definately cause problems.

    My local swimming pool do aqua aerobic classes twice a week which I havent done for a while but it was great fun.I'm so uncoordinated when it comes to aerobics but it didnt matter as no one could see what i was doing under waterimageGets your HR up but none of the boring swimming up and down.

    sure it will soon be better,very reassuring to have seen someone instead of battling onimage

    school pick up time alreadyimage

  • i did a lot of swimming the year before last year when i had shin splints i did find it help i also did a lot of jogging up and down the pool but it good you know what it is and have a chance to mend before London

  • Hi All,

    B&T - Sounds like your physio is looking after you.  Hope you get a speedy solution.  fingers crossed for you.

    WV - The saga just keeps on going. 

    Nice 8 steady miles done tonight.

  • Sports massage this afternoon, apart from inflamed shins which needing icing post run, she was surprised how well I was considering the recent hammering to my legs, and my back is in a good place!

    She was very positive about my marafun plans.image

    So easy run tomorrow morning, plus a little trip to gym if I wake up early enough for both.  Starting to twitch and eating too much for a non runner. I'm telling myself my body is making new muscle.....image

  • Morning all

    Well did the 10 miles yesterday i decided to push the pace all the way round  as a result the run took me 1:39:50 with an Avg pace of 9:34 m/m which was a nice surprise i but the bigger shock was when i compared to the last time i ran the same course 2 weeks ago it was 5 minutes faster i had to sit down to recover from the shock

    Foxy Lady glad to hear the phyiso found you more or less in good working order              

  • (Toby, what do you do for a living, if you dont mind me asking... curious.... if you have to kill me if you told me, dont bother...)

    Well done Toby.... those times are coming down..... does anyones else find that their times improve when the wetaher gets better after winter? Mine usually do, then go worse in the heat, improve in Nov after the warm weather has gone. Whats the best time of year for running does anybody find? are just getting fat.image Actually I feel fat still... all that sitting around last week, scoffing, and then the post-race-fill-your-face stuffing. Had fruit for brekkie image. Swimming this pmimage

    Anotherhill...... when is the white smoke going to come out of the chimney?.... theyve taken ages.... cant they find anyone?image

    I wonder what sort of message it would be if you used ALL the little face-y things...... Morning All..have a good day...

  • Susie - glad I'm not the only one with mis-matched legs! Hadn't thought of aqua aerobics - will investigate as less likely to drown doing that than ordinary swimming image

    Toby - someone on another thread has been aqua jogging whilst they had shin splints. Did you use a floatation belt thingy, or just bob about??? Do you do it in the shallow end or thedeep end? Can't quite get my head around how it would work in a big swimming pool!

    Water Vole - appropriate name - enjoy your swim laterimage

  • W/V i am the night shift supervisor for a stationary wholesaler the shift picks the good to send to our customers i start at 7pm and finish at 3am normally but when it’s busy i have had to do anything up to 14 hr day

    Bless the people on this thread they had to put up with many a moan about it

    B&T no flotation device it just as it sounds you just jog up and down the pool so i would stick to the shallow endimage with the help of the water you don’t get the full impacted you would get if you were out running the water sort of softens it

    But also get the resistance as you run against it especially if you leave your hands in the water with your palms open

  • Blimey, Toby, thats a tough job.... wouldnt like a 14hr shift either. At least you can run during the day, though nightwork is hard.

    Just got back from a wet walk.. swim this pm. I did a run yesterday, thought I would be OK as my RHR was down to normal, but my legs felt terrible after about a mile! Should be OK for a proper run tomorrow, Im hoping.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for my absence .. not been able to log on from work recently as big bruv (and big sis) have decided some of us are spending too much time on t'internet - been busy most evenings too. Last Thu's PT session went okay .. there was no re-run of the calf problem as we stuck to weights/core work.  Been managing to run regularly as the hamstring niggle didn't amount to anything - did 6.6mls last Wed instead of the club's hills/intervals session, 3mls on Sat and 4.5mls with the club on Mon including a little 'spurt' at the end. Not sure if I'll manage to get back in time for tonight's club session - as ever, will depend on the traffic.

    A general 'well done' re all the running, cross-training that has been going on.

    <<skips over all the football-related banter>>   image image

    WV - Re V day .. I got given a little flower ornament that moves in sunlight to brighten up my study. I keep a tally of ALL my runs .. even the bad ones. What you lose on the uphill, you gain on the down. Use Fetch to log runs and it will work out your mileage, m/m etc. for you if you don't have a Garmin or similar. Just seen the 2.08 result .. big well done for that! My only tip for keeping on 'cruising' .. concentrate on someone ahead of you and on keeping pace with them, then catching and overtaking them (I sometimes imagine a rope between us slowly being wound in). A female bottom on the road ahead does it for me .. your motivational factor may be different! image

    Susie - see you've got your b'day present (Garmin) sorted for April. My bike is currently at my house instead of Mrs Wm's.

    Foxy - great selection of pics from the Bramley race I see. Glad to hear you got out and enjoyed that bike ride last week. You've been shopping for some more kit I see image

    Jess - great news re the band.

    B&T - sounds like you enjoyed the high-altitude x-training. Sorry - had to chuckle at why your daughter had to give up the snowboarding. Sorry to hear 1st run back meant sore calf .. hope you are not feeling too down about it. Hope this helps --> (((B&T))) Glad to see the physio was able to advise what the problem is and possible cause. Had never thought of you as 'Margot' before but now you mention it .. image

  • Hi Guys- back running for me too, before I get REALLY fat!  image6miles easy (was meant to be 4 but Chris at the weekend as a bit rude imageabout x-t unless really necessary (injury or core stability).

    Bit of a mad morning as had to supervise planting of Jubilee trees at 7.40am before school run and work. Then a nightmare day at work- culmination of a 3 day epic sorting an entire year group onto a school trip tomorrow with kids arriving today and expecting me to miraculously fit them in, cheques going awol, etc etc....  All done now and weekend for me! image

    Anyway, the running, my FEET are so soreimageimage. I had felt they were a bit swollen in my shoes but they were the worst bit. Legs were stiff and glutes tight but no time to ice anything.

    Planning to try and sort a new core program out including some of the new stuff I learnt at the weekend and will do that tonight as actually a quiet night in ( red cabbage braising, banana fruit loaf baking and pasta sauce currently bubbling).

    Those of you not on FB missed my Trainer Trauma yesterday- suddenly noticed I didn't have my new, only run 8 miles, trainers I am intending to run the Mara in; yikes. Not in the car, nor at hotel but luckily course organisers had rescued them and brought them back and don't live far away so they are safely home for reps session tomorrow morning. Not sure how that will go, but hopefully today's will help.

    I did try and keep it slow and around 10mm, but was also trying some techniques I learned which made me go quicker so 9.38mm overall and have dug out HR monitor and kept it to 140bpm.

     I need to check my RHR again (although might still be raised from last week!) and redo my calcs if I am going to use it. I have a stupidly high MHR of 250 ish which makes training tough! But if I'm going to geek I should do it in style.

     Talking of which 228 m ytd and 104.11 in Feb so far.  Pleased with that! On target for the year for sure, infact may need to revise my targets since I don't recall the Big M was one!!

    B&T, hope the calf is improving.

    WV: hope you felt at home with the swim and the rain and let yourself recover!

    Toby: well done on the 10, with those hours, it is awesome that you manage to train as well.

    RWM: Big wave!! ANdimageimage to Big Brother/Sister.

    Hi to everyone else, I never get all this footy talk I'm afraid.

  • Hi all

    6 miles for me this am. ave 10.3 m/m.Number for Bideford came today,chip attached to the number so no fiddling with shoes trying to get chip in position this time.

    FL,glad you got your trainers backimageWhere were they hiding?228 miles alreadyimageimageAny go faster techniques appreciatedimage Weight loss def helping me,great incentive to watch the weight as running feels so much easier

    WV,hope you had a good swim.No wonder tired legs today after your HM image

    mel,great that you're running again regularly image

    toby,I do a 12 hr night and a 10hr night each week,cant imagine 14 hrsimage.Hate nights but do sleep well the other 5 nights,we always try to plan little treats/trips away so we can spoil ourselves,after all we deserve itimage

    have good evening all

  • Susiebe- they did video gait analysis of us. I know I scuff a bit but I was advised about picking my feet up and leg angles and also trying to avoid heel striking.

    Weightloss does make a huge difference, I am testement to that for sure.

    There was a big mat outside our meeting room to leave muddy trainers. With 5 pairs of mine there I got a bit confoosed and left the newest pair on the mat and Chris and Claire who run the course retrieved them and waited for someone to notice and call them ie me!image

    Mileage is a quarter way to last year's target already but aiming higher this year.  Just scoffed and now unable to move so core work may have to wait an hour or so while I plan a LSR for this weekend to meet fussy JohnFols requirements and mine.  Was meant to be 18 but he now wants 15....grrr.

  • Hi All,

    Sorry to bore you all with the footy talk - Just say its a bit frustrating being a Wolves fan at the Moment.

    Any how running wise intervals done tonight 8 * 1/2 mile with 1/4mile jog recoveries all around the 6:47 M/M - have to be pleased with that.  brings 250 for the year with tapering and recovering just hope I can keep it up.

    FL - What weekly mileage & your longest LSR are you aiming to peak at during Mara training?

    Susiebe - Always nice to have a number come through the door.

    Take care all

  • Hi AH

    Longest run will be 20, a couple more times.  Weekly mileage, doesn't go over about 38, can't risk injury with such a short training time and I learnt enough at the weekend to know I won't make any major physiological changes over this short a period, need a year serious training for that, which is tbh what my friend said when I orginally considered doing this and why I said no then!

    Critical thing seems to be getting runs over 2 hours to teach the body to fat burn once the available cals are gone and to sort nutrition and hydration plans.

    I heard your footy thing mentioned on the news tonight...image

    I see you have more miles than me image I am expecting a flurry of numbers, with 5 races in 6 weeks coming up!

  • Evening all
    Amazing mileage from AH and Foxy. LOL at you losing your trainers
    Physio experience sounds good B&T. What did they say about VLM? Skiing sounds fun
    Club sounds good AH. I'm benefitting by being pushed by someone at my club. She chased me round parkrun to my pb on sat
    well done on you pb Susie
    Speedwork tonight: 4 x 800m (8.57, 8.56,8.54,9.01) then 4 x 400m (8.44,8.46,8.54,8.49) off 90s recoveries. So chuffed to have times starting with 8s
    Yay City image
  • Well done SS, those a great splits. Nice and even which is the aim with reps.

    More noo trainers on their way, found a good deal on line on the ones I like.  With my mileage I like to have a couple of spare pairs lurking in the cupboard. Should go through almost 3 pairs this year.

    Early run again tomorrow so time to feed the cats and head for bed.

  • Morning All, loads of posts to read, really good ones too! Everyone seems OK?

    Slowsal... those times look good for sure, were you not looking for sub 30 for a 5k (forgive, Im still tyring to remembber what everyone does!). You should be on for sub 30? Another good performance by City, wathed it, looked good. Yaya back, good goals. They look good at the back too.

    Another hill.. what can I say...image... one day it will be sorted.. someone must want the job.....

    Foxy, bet the gait analysis was brilliant, worth going just for that. Ive got rubbish form.

    Well what beckons today in my Exciting Life? Done the food shop, going out to play at lunchtime... not really sure what to run, as training is taking care of itself the next week or so... 5k Parkrun (aka paced run!), LSR Sunday, then 10k week Sunday. It will be nice to go out in capri pants and t-shirt.... to think we were all running in cold temps just a few days ago!!

  • Morning all

    rest day for me today but i will try to do the stretching and strengthening exercises later did the 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday so that was Ok apart from the fact the television packed up while i was doing them so the O/H had to go out last night and get a new one more expense we’ve could have done without

    Waves to everyone well impressed with all your times and runs i must work on my speed after Brighton i would dearly love to go sub 50 min for a 10k and sub 1hr 50 min for a H/M by the end of the year

  • Reps done this morning (please note no longer calling intervals as that is the recovery bit in between image).

    Went well 6x 800m and a total of about 6.5miles. Legs improving after last week's exploits and feet less painful.

    It was postively balmy. Wore my New sugoi short shorts and a tank tshirt having walked out the door in a long sleeve and gilet and walked straight back in to change.

    Nice and image out there now as well. Should I do the hoovering or hop on my bike.  Ooooh I know which I'd prefer.

    Supposedly rest or xt day tomorrow so may save bike ride for then. Need to find a nice road route which doesn't knacker my legs as much as the off road muddy one I like.

    Also aiming for parkrun on Saturday, but not aiming for a PB. Then about 18miles on Sunday. Have to burn off last night'simageimage chocolate fest somehow.  Lent started a day late hereimage.......

    Toby, what time are you hoping for at Brighton?

    I suspect JT may have entered a slightly slower finish time that I am hoping for so may well be starting way back in the pens but always nicer to overtake people than be overtaken!!!

  • Foxy Lady would love to go sub 4hr (RAFL) as i know that’s not going to happen i would however like to bet my PB of 4:13:28 but any time under 4:30:30 would be ok with me

  • we all need a goal Toby, so much depends on the day itself... I will see you there! I may even get some letters and do a Foxy shirt, got so many shirts I can sacrifice one... and I need one for supporting at VLM.

    Anyone know where you can get iron on letters????

  • Water Vole - glad you enjoyed your walk - but take it easy on those speedy legs!

    Toby - thanks for that. I just googled 'aqua running' and found lots of stuff about how to do it in the deep end  with a flotation device, so I *might* just have ordered a cheapy one from Amazon....image

    Mel - glad you've been out with your club again, and BOO! to Big Bro / Sis at work image  Think I need some floaty kaftans to really work the 'Margot' look, and must try and talk a bit more posh as well image Thanks for the hug - I'm vascillating between being optomistic and postive about getting this leg sorted, then 10 minutes later I'm nearly in tears again. Positive today though!

    Foxy - glad your trainers are home again, not surprised your feet are sore, and "how high?!!" to your MHR - I thought mine was high at 200! Actually, must check mine, as since I got my new Garmin my HR seems to be very low and whilst I would love to think my HR had lowered with all the training I've done, sadly I don't think it has. Maybe I need to check my RHR as well <heads off to sofa image>

    Susie - good 6M this morning - always exciting to get your number, and how sensible to have chip attached  to it!

    AH - great intervals, and great mileage so far!!

    Sal - GREAT to have intervals that start with an 8image Physio asked what my expectations for the marathon were, and I said if I could get to the start, and then get to the finish, I'd be happy. So she said that was okay. image

    Was rather down last night (ridiculous how running, or rather NOT running can have such an effect on my mood) , but this morning gave myself a good talking to and set off on my bike. I'm not a fan of cycling, so set off determined to HATE every minute of it. However, just being out in the fresh air was really good and I felt MUCH better by the time I got back. Its funny how quickly my garmin was beeping the miles away, and felt REALLY wierd to be on the 'wrong' side of the road (compared to running, not compared to driving!) 12 miles in 1 hour and 6 minutes - felt really fast until I realised I would still finish a marathon behind the lead runners at that speed image

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