GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • OUr King Rat was an Elvis impersonator- please explain.  Mr FL was looking for the stilton today and had forgotten he has banished it to the freezer only yesterday!image  Our two loved it too and enjoyed singing and shouting.  Was long- nearly 3 hours, why is that necessary?
  • Hi Julia, Sorry about my cut short email yesterday! It must have sounded like i was laughing at you big time falling over, but my little girl 'Needed' me, so i at to cut the email short! I really hope you are o.k & it dosen't stop you getting out for your runs!

     I done my 6 mile 'Long' run yesterday, was planning to swim today but little girl still off school till tomorrow, so I've just done 1/2 an hour on my ski machine which was good, planning on resting tomorrow then off out again on Wednesday for about 4 mile run, 5 if i can fit it inimage

     Going to try to actually enter some races soon, so that I am motivated enough to train for them, apart from the Brentwood 1/2, I have nothing else actually entered, so going to search around for smaller runs to enter.

     Are you going to do the Race for Life again this year? I plan to do it again, but again i will be walking it with occasional runs with my little girl on my shoulders, she loves to get a medalimage

    Take care, I hope your not too sore!

    These Garmin thingys sound good! Can't afford one yet, still using my £30 stop watch with heart rate monitor i got from Argos 2 years ago! hehehehe, when it finally gives up I may treat my self to a new Garmin thingy! Don't want anything to complicated to work though, i like a stop & start button! hehehe.

    jen-jen x

  • Foxy Lady

    Can I take it you're based in Wales if you come to Oxfordshire over a bridge?!

    Yes I think the White Horse Half would be too close to RHM!Good luck if you choose to enter Grove/Wantage is a pretty area.
    However it may take me a few months to recover!If all goes well at Reading then I'd definatly be wanting to do another half but probably not til the Autumn as I'm not good in warmer weather.However have pencilled in doing the Oxford Town and Gown 10k in May.
    In the Autumn there are lots of HMs to choose from.Would love to do the GNR after seeing it on TV last Oct-however it looks very crowded-even more so than the Reading HM?!

    Yes last days of holiday today.I've got to do some ironing of school uniforms this pm and check name tags etc!Yes really look forward to having more time to run during the day but hubby works from home so I often go out at 5pm while teas cooking!
  • *waves at everyone*  Sorry, not been able to get on just lately... Was either shopping (food), cleaning or wrapping presents on the run up to Xmas and then Mr CS whisked me off to Scotland for Hogmanay (think thats spelt right), oh and there was a problem with my internet connection at home... Grrrrrr!!!  Er-hum 4lb gain for me over Xmas/New Year image.  Well all that chocolate & wine had to go somewhere...  We've still got loads left so I am trying to limit myself to just a couple of chocolates a day and alcohol free Sunday - Friday, Saturday is gonna be our night for a glass or 2 of wine.

    Darren - my Mii looks a right portly little thing at the moment, will do the body test thing again tonight and might even have a quick go on the jogging thingy... Have you read in the back of the book that on the jogging one there are the characters from super mario to spot around the island???  I've only managed to spot a few of them so far.

    Everyone seems to be doing really well and loving their Garmins, I have a Nike+ sportsband & a stopwatch/HRM.  Dont actually use the HRM that often as the chest band seems to restrict my breathing, might be psychological...   Will upgrade to a Garmin when all current equipment gives up the ghost, so not for a while yet.

    Oooooooh havent been to a panto in ages, could have something to do with not having kids I suppose...  It's behind you... Booooooo.... hisssssssssss.... etc.  image

    Well I went out for my longest run yet (10.5miles) and my bloody Nike+ decided to run out of battery charge so its not recorded anywhere for me to show Mr CS or friends... Good job my MP3 also tracks mileage or I wouldn't have know how far I went.  Had a very strange pain in my left leg after about mile 8 though... It ran from the inside of my ankle up to about the middle of my calf and was REALLY hurting by the time I admitted defeat and took it down to a walk.  Asked my physio about it (seeing her for a different injury) and after feeling my ankle & calf said it was probably down to the cold and the muscle getting tired.

    Keep up the good work & happy running everyone.

    Caz x

  • Well done Caz on the run, keep an eye on the ankle, did the phyio check your knee tracking?  I had a long standing odd inner ankle prob, that only sorted itslef when my knee started hurting.  Diagnose with tracking issues, lots of knee strengthening and ITB stretching later I realsied that in fixing my knee, my ankle had got better (touch wood), and now if it strats to hurt, it means the knee will follow a couple of days later and I crank up the exercise routine again.

    I remember when my Garmin ran out shortly into what I knew was about a 10K run  and it was the first time I had run it with garmin and was looking forward to an accurate distance, aaaargghhhh, annoying.

    I suggest a race (of a slightly different sort) to see who can shed their Xmas 3lbs first- I need some motivation, can you tell?!  Xmas cake finished today and back to work tomorrow so that should help!

  • Hey Foxy no cheating on that race... You've all got an exta 1lb to gain before the race can start... No fair that I'm starting right at the back... In fact I'm still in the car on my way there... image

    I am seeing the physio for a torn/pulled muscle on the inside of my left thigh (tear is about 3" above my knee) so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.... Hmmmmmmm...  Will keep an eye on it and if it re-occurs come back to you for some stretching/exercise suggestions. image 

  • Just cut and pasted them from another thread I wrote them out for, hope it makes sense

    not terribly technical so will do my best to describe!


    1.Individual and 2 legged squats from standing, was told 30degrees was enough, not needed to get thighs parallel with floor although I sometimes try with a wall to support my back.

    2. Straight leg raises (usually done sitting, but sometimes do when standing around at work!)

    3. ITB stretch.  Stand next to something about thigh or hip height for support- lean to it with the nearest leg at an angle to the wall (so your bum is near the wall, foot away), you can cross the opposing leg over for a bit of balance- end result is you give your long outside thigh muscle (ITB) a good stretch. 

    I do 2 sets on the bad leg to one on the good and have been gradually increasing the number of squats, length of stretch. 

     It is this which seems to have made the biggest difference to be ankle (knee still a bit creaky!) altho' previous to this doing my Darcy Bussel Pilates DVD seemed to help relieve it when it was hurting, especially when it was very bad post Half-M.  This seems to have lots of toe pointing and stretching out long and tall, mostly as floor work.  It's quite a cheap DVD on Amazon and if you can cope with the plink plonk piano music it is fine, has various programs including abs, stretches and a short all over one.

    I did them 3 times a day for 4 weeks, went back to the sports massage lady and by then tracking was fine.  I now do them as part of my post-run stratching routine ie 4 times a week; if I get an inkling the ankle may start to twinge I do them on the other days as well.

     As for the race, first to lose 3 lbs, then I know most of us still have downward aspirations so can keep it going......

    I had high hopes of being about a stone lighter by my HMin Feb but Xmas has completely screwed that.

    About to possible sign up for another HM at end of March- to keep the motivation going so maybe I can aim for it by then, altho' 2 holidays and some time off running between now and then will not help!

  • Foxy Lady

    I feel a bit of a prat thinking that the only bridge to Oxfordshire was the Severn one!Also now remember you mentioning a physio in Reading so feeling very stupid now..

    Anyway I have since looked up Sonning on google in the desperate need to improve my knowledge!I have learnt that the bridge was completed in 1775 and its rumoured that Dick Turpin used the bridge as an escape route from Berkshire to Oxfordshire!

    The Marwell 10k looks great,one definately I will remember for next year!

  • Cor so much chatting on here.  (women hey)

     Foxy seems a nice race to enter the whitehorse?

    Caz my mii character is rather rounded unlike me image. Not weighing myself tonight.  I have only seen the character on the bridge pointed out to me by my son.  I have no chance of getting a go on it now with Mario karts, Batman and star wars he had for xmas trying to limit him though.

    Entered a race today my first  for Feb 16 a 7 miler @  Ennstone in Shropshire. Will fit in well for my half in March.

    Toy came today a mans read of manual and out it goes up my hill. The incline is 400metres in 1.1 mile for those interested its getting quite boring now but hey I needed to know.  The one thing I noticed I had a real big spike when starting off with hrm? any thoughts.  It definately looks the business and I think I will use it loads.

    Take care all forecast -9 degrees here tonight brrrrrr!

  • Couldn't get out last nice cos of ice - so did Davina Dvd (cross training) Jesus christ that woman is evil... I ache everywhere. Roll on the good weather.  Men are much bigger gossips Darren, just join in he chat image Goos luck reclaiming the wii!
  • Well done Darren-  re spike to you mean HR?  Mine always leaps up as soon as I start and gradually settles at about themile mark, I assumed that was normal.  Julia is our HR queen- she may be able to confirm or deny.

    It's -3 out there today, hopefully slightly warmer by the time I run after work- due an easy 3 miler today.  I know easy weeks are part of the training but that sounds downright lazy to me now, especially having donned my work trousers this morning and realising they are def. a tad tighter than the end of last term- the scales do not lie! Maybe I'll sneak an extra mile in if legs are feeling OK.

    WhiteHorse looks nice but looks like next HM will be the Water of Life one in Marlow as a couple of running friends want to do it.  Def. can't do both as only 2 weeks in between so a bit mad.image

    Have a good one!

  • Foxy Lady

    Hope your first day back going ok.

    My youngest,Harriet skipped into school this morning looking very grown up in her uniform!Have got some nice photos of her.
    She knows the school very well as she went to the nursery class there for the past
    15 months but still lovely to see her looking so confident and excited to be starting 'big school'!

    Just wondered what you were doing at Guys/Charing Cross-hopefully working there and not as a patient!?

    I trained as a Registered General Nurse at Gloucester Royal Hospital in 1985 but originally I'm from Cornwall(Bude).
  • Doh, lost the thread here, couldn't get the site to work yesterday...................

    Hope you are all ok, Foxy, hope you were safe today, I didn't go out as we have ice all over (-5) at one point and thought it was silly to risk my limbs for the sake of running. After all it was only 6 x 400m intervals image . No, don't worry, will do them tomorrow as weather supposed to be starting to warm up. My baby was back to school today too but I don't bother with labels anymore, good old felt tip pen on the washing labels does fine for her as a year 10 student!

    Darren, yes your heartrate will shoot up really high really quickly, mine does anyway. I always feel really out of puff for the first mile or so but everything settles down after a while. Strangely enough I seem to find that my HR also gets lower the further I travel too. Weird. (told you i was an anorak!)

    Going on the Wii fit later, we finally managed to get one just before xmas and am very impressed with it image

    Hi Jen-jen, I did not think you were being at all rude! Yes, i'm doing the race for life, Curves will all enter again like last year, i've decided to be a fairy this year so whatever colour t-shirts we get i shall find a matching wand and tu-tu image

    Managed to contact a man at Little Havens Hospice by e-mail and he's said they'll send sponsor forms and a t-shirt to wear for the Brentwood half. Groovy. Think it might be yellow, not sure if that's my colour or not.

    Must go and finish cooking dinner now, chilli beef stew yum yum, take care everyone, it's very dangerous out there!

  • Hi Julia- managed to christen my new running tights across the frozen land without incident imageand unlike the old pair they didn't keep falling down- yippee. image Was between 1 and 2 degrees but cooled down quickly afterwards.  Took my old running partner out, she has only run once since end of September so ran a bit with me, let me go on and started walking back and then I caught her up.  Should have been 3 miles steady but a did a little extra so 3.55, for the first 3 I managed an ave 9.40 mi/miles so quite pleased with that.  Beautiful day out there. but parts of the Thames still frozen!

    Another rest day tomorrow and then some intervals on Thursday morning (day off) after the school run.  Weather looks warmer but wetter.  My new trainers are so clean I still look like a "resolution runner" but at least they are wearing in OK.

    The whole RW site crashed last night, I popped over to Fetch for a bit and found a forum thread there confirming I was not alone with this.

     Julia- did you say you work in a gym- is it hectic now, or has the credit crunch postponed the inevitable diets?

  • Hi Foxy, wow you are quick, 9.40 min miles are fanatstic! That would make you a sub 30 min 5k runner then? Something I aspire to, 33 mins is my best so far.............

    Sounds weird to think of the Thames being frozen, our pond is but thats only 12' x 8' image. I should really have gone out today but it was too easy to use the weather as an excuse. Still, will definately do them tomorrow instead and........wait for it..........I may have persauded Mr T to come for an outing. He was a milkman for 12 years so is now anti physical exercise but was wobbling his (very small) tummy earlier so I said, 'you should come out with me tomorrow, see if you can catch me round the park, that'll get our heartrates up image '. He's always up for a challenge so you never know.................especially as I said, bet you can't catch me!

    Need to get new trainers, I have new balance 1062's that i bought last feb and have done around 400 miles in them. They don't seem so bouncy anymore.

    Re the gym, we had quite a few people cancelling before Christmas but are now starting a steady flow of possible new members, guess all those mince pies are to blame!

  • Just checked my last RFL in July 2008 and did it in 29.26 according to Garmin.

    Well done to Mr T.  He can be the "T-luctant runner". image (Mr FL is known locally as the "relunctant runner")

    You probably do need new trainers especially if you mostly road run.  I now keep 2 pairs on the go, one running in and one running out, it's meant to be better to alternate if you run quite frequently and let them dry out properly. I record which pair I use and keep a monthly mileage check on them.

    I'm a Nike Girl, my first pair of trainers from JJB (inevitably wrong size), were asics and they annoyed the back of my heel.   Once I tried Nikes I was hooked, have gone from Pegasus to Vomero Zoom and now on 2nd and 3rd pairs of those.  If I find ones I like I try and get a second pair cheaper on the net- often old colour ways are discounted, however alternate pairs I get my gait rechecked and refitted esp. as this time they had changed from the +2 to the +3 model so I was concerned as to what they had done.  Nothing major I was assured and they seem OK.  I do think it's important to support my local running store as well as their advice is pretty useful.  Now I've joined Purple Patch I should get a 10% discount there too.

     BTW- just saw you popped in to Losing it with Nam and Bearimage.  I'll have to watch out I don't get too repetative!

    Don't let MrT interupt your Intervals session- I know you look for any excuse but they are important.

  • Wow - Chilli Beef stew now thats what I call talking sense. Any left?

    HR- Exactly as you have described first mile very high then settled down.  Thanks for clearing that up.  I'm either out of puff in the  1st mile or around 2.5 miles and then O.K. I will look into my HR for longer distances @ weekend.

    Foxy - Good speed you seem to be out running a lot lately do you train for 4 or 5 days? The weather has been pretty poor today no sunshine here at all max temp been -1. 

    Foxy and Saltpod - Yes I like a chat but not a gossip if you know what I mean.  So carry on chatting.

    Julia - I purchassed new balance 1026's with my Xmas vouchers very impressed with them and half price in jjbs.

    Susiebe - my youngest started last September cor I was really emotional (Dads & daughters hey) and yes she bounced in full of confidence without a care.  If Harriet is a cuddly bear type of girl - We took our girl to the teddybearwarehouse for her birthday she absolutely loved it.

    My supportive wife has just brought out the choc's again Green&Blacks organic. The ginger flavour & the Almond flavour being rather yummy.  Another night not on the wiifit It will be asking me where I've been.

    Take care all - rest day today intervals or tempo tomorrow must now read instructions like a woman - I mean thoroughly.image

  • Obviously beef night tonite- we had beef and butterbean casserole with rice and cabbage.  Very fragrant!

    Darren: Since I started this HM training plan I have been running 4 times every week, occasionally it's five but only to allow for less the week before.  Previously I ran mostly 3 times a week.  I am hoping to keep the 4 times a week schedule going after the HM, hence possibility of doing another in March, however will probably take a full two weeks off after the first HM (recovery week and skiing) so will then have to crank it back up again.

     Mind you I'm not yet at my second anniversary of first donning my trainers yet- March 6th 2007!  So not sure if I can really judge any trends based on that amount of data!

    Happy reading instructions- I had to read them several times to get on with it properly, and now know how to do what I use it for, sure there is loads more I could do with it.  Mostly I use the RW downloadable training plans and just follow them as best I can; saves thinking!

    Susie- How was Hannah after her first day?  Mine are tired and grumpy and older cub was kicked and sworn at by a classmate (yr 4)- it is not supposed to be "that" sort of school.

    Foxy Lady will be in there tomorrow guns blazing, teeth bared and claws out.

  • Darren clarke

    Harriet isn't a cuddly bear type of girl but I will take a look as always looking for new ideas of things to do on their birthdays.She's a bit of a tomboy really,loves dinosaurs and boys!My elder daughter is a fairies and princess type!They compliment each other well though.

    Foxy lady

    Harriet really enjoyed her first real day at big school.Tired tonight though and said that she doesn't like her new teacher "cause she's a girl!"She thinks boys are best,not helped by the fact that her best friend is a boy!

    Sorry to hear about your son's not so nice classmate-hope your son is okay.Hope you scare em all!!


    Good luck getting your other half out!I've tried to encourage mine to run but no luck yet.He cycles a lot though.Hope your knee is ok after your tumble the other day.The ice is a real danger at the moment but I'm going to do a careful 4 mile run tomorrow.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, you know I said Mr T may come out?........I think I'll wait until the weather warms up a bit he said. I even offered that he could buy himself new trainers too as we visited the running shop today. image Mind you, I had a suprise, I've lost a whole trainer size since losing 3 stone, down from 8.5 to 7.5! Have now got a brand spanking new pair of New Balance 1063's, updated model, do now i know i'm smaller i've found 1062's at £40 off online and they have my size RESULT. Only went up to size 8 so have not been able to shop online before for shoes. WOOOO HOOOO

    Darren, the stew was lovely, we had some left so that's in the freezer for another night. Chicken curry tonight. I like Green and Blacks Butterscotch chocolate myself (amongst many many other things) but chocs all gone now image.

    Foxy, fantastic time for your 5k, that is an ambition I have. Don't worry if you are repetitive, after all, there are many many people 'losing it' out there, mind you I tried not to repeat everything there and here! You will be pleased to hear that I did my 6 x 400m intervals today, decided I have to just get up and go straight out so I don't have time to talk myself out of it. Like Nike say 'just do it' image Very slippy tho' so I walked down to the park then ran round in circles on the grass. The river Chelmer was frozen today when we went to Chelmsford. Weird sight!

    Susie hope you 4 miles was good today, my 14 yo baby still likes tu-tu's and fairy type stuff but she wears them with trainers and hoodies, not quite so 'girlie' ! image Knee is fine thanks, all scabbed up !

  • Ps Hope you duffed up them bullies good and proper Foxy !
  • I think you can tell who the thugs are doing to be, when we used to go to mother and toddler groups a girl bashed my girl on the bonce and every now and then this girls name reappears as a thug. She was also the reason for abandoning guides for my girlie. image She's in the same class too now.............

    I did find my R4L was only 4.5k (as per Garmin)  but if i sub 30 min it this year i may well forget to mention that....image

    I joined a running club last year so get a discount on races, it is hard to fit in tho and I haven't really had much coaching benefit or anything. I will probably not attend so much this year but it's good to have made some friends to look out for at races. The main buddy i met doesn't go much either but it's cool as she only lives round the corner so we can meet for a run sometimes. She kindly waits for me at finish lines too! (Thanks Jen!) I shall have a look at Purple Patch, I've never heard of them before.

    I also bought new gloves today and amazed at how a simple pair of gloves can be packed with so many features. For starters they.............keep your hands warm! Then, if you get too sweaty they are self wicking so evaporate any excess moisture. They have a high visibility/glow in the dark bit so you can be spotted easier and the thumb and forefinger have sticky bits on to enable ease of gadget twiddling. Oh and if you get too sweaty elsewhere they even have a towelling section so you can rub yourself down. Blimey. And I thought they were just gloves!

    Yes. Mr T dodged. He is busy killing the enemy on call of duty 4 now, still that must use quite a bit of energy i suppose image


  • Hi all

    Managed my 4 miles this pm,seemed a lot milder so could've done without hubbys vest!
    Ran the first 3 miles as quickly as I could,still took 34mins which is a bit disappointing as have done 5k in 33 mins before(same as you Julia I think?)Anyway as soon as I slowed the pace down for the last mile it was so much easier and I felt I could've gone on for a few more miles at that pace.Therefore I've come to the conclusion that I'm better suited to endurance rather than speed!!Which isn't a bad thing with the HM coming up!

    Cooking tea so must go or chicken will be black!

    ps Know what you mean about the thugs.I can spot them as toddlers!
  • Well done on your 4 mile, I think it did warm up this morning (in Essex anyway) as car showed 3 degrees -when will i see you, again - as opposed to -5!

    Don't forget that 5k is 3.11 miles. That .11 makes all the difference you know! Mind you, i know what you mean, i can't imagine ever getting under 30 mins, that would involve running 9.39 minute miles image

    Still we can dream eh? I definitely get better the longer i run for so would agree i'm a long distancer. Maybe we should be aiming for the ultras! image

  • Can you please stop talking about food You all had beef last night and tonight Chicken or meant to. I've got it completely wrong I had chicken last night and Fish pie tonight.  Now bloomin masterchief on and eating Mexican  I adore good Mexican food now I'm hungry again.

    JuliaT & susiebe - I agree with the thugs theory.  May just try a butterscotch flavour in a minute. 

    Foxy - I doubt you will have time to read this with everything you have on,  downloaded training plan -well what a mess to get myself in, my plan starts in November 2008 and finishes way before race day tried to change around a bit but gave up after completely losing the plot.  Sporttracks is a fine site I like the way it logs my trainer miles.

    Done 4 miler quicker pace (Tempo) today beat the stickman, I didn't give him much chance mind.  I actual read instructions to set this up. 

    Regarding heart rate No spike today (I put more water on sensors).  With my cheap heart rate I managed max of 208bpm - I set Garmin up to 190 (177 it advised me) I went over the zone I was aiming to train in (zone 3 tempo)  Have reset Garmin to 177 trial and error I guess.  I really like the idea of this HR malarkey.

    Everyone seems well motivated at the moment big pat on the back.   It would be easy to call a day off with the weather

    Bloomin wiifit Still not losing that Xmas stuffing.

  • Can you please stop talking about food You all had beef last night and tonight Chicken or meant to. I've got it completely wrong I had chicken last night and Fish pie tonight.  Now bloomin masterchief on and eating Mexican  I adore good Mexican food now I'm hungry again.

    JuliaT & susiebe - I agree with the thugs theory.  May just try a butterscotch flavour in a minute. 

    Foxy - I doubt you will have time to read this with everything you have on,  downloaded training plan -well what a mess to get myself in, my plan starts in November 2008 and finishes way before race day tried to change around a bit but gave up after completely losing the plot.  Sporttracks is a fine site I like the way it logs my trainer miles.

    Done 4 miler quicker pace (Tempo) today beat the stickman, I didn't give him much chance mind.  I actual read instructions to set this up. 

    Regarding heart rate No spike today (I put more water on sensors).  With my cheap heart rate I managed max of 208bpm - I set Garmin up to 190 (177 it advised me) I went over the zone I was aiming to train in (zone 3 tempo)  Have reset Garmin to 177 trial and error I guess.  I really like the idea of this HR malarkey.

    Everyone seems well motivated at the moment big pat on the back.   It would be easy to call a day off with the weather

    Bloomin wiifit Still not losing that Xmas stuffing.  May have to do an Ultra?

  • *hangs head in shame* I have totally skived off this week....  Have only managed a piddly couple of miles on the treadmill but nothing major.  I WILL go out for a decent run this weekend and I am planning on going out for a mile run with Mr CS tomorrow night, he's only just started running again so we are currently trying to find a happy medium (he's a short & fast runner whereas I'm long & slow)... In fact we went out for our 1st run together on Christmas morning, it was probably less than a mile but it was his idea so who was I to say no.  We even had our santa hats on image

    Thank you for the stretching/exercise tips Julia, will try them out if my ankle plays me up again on Sunday.  Will wear full length pants this time though if its as cold as it was when I last went out.  What on earth was I thinking of wearing capri pants???   Really sorry to hear about the bother Cub1 is having at school, dont know how you are managing to refrain from pinning the bully up against the wall...  Good job I'm not a parent really, I'd be constantly getting into trouble. image

    Caz's Top Tip on how to run a sub 30mins RFL... Do it when it is pishing down with rain and really cold (for a summers day).  I was suprised when I looked at my watch last June to see I'd finished in 28mins 32secs LOL.  Won't manage it again this year though as I'm planning on signing my friend up for it too, the one I've been slowly introducing to running since last August...  She has gone from practically having a panic attack if she ran for any longer than 2mins without a walk break to being able to run constantly for 20mins, we only do a decent run on the treadmills once a week hence the slow progress but I am really pleased with her and she has even admitted to looking at areas when she's out and thinking 'this would be a nice place to run with Caz'.

    Darren - We bought the Lego Star Wars the other day, haven't played it yet but I can see me getting carried away and whacking Mr CS with the controller again... Just like I did when we were playing tennis the other day. image  My target on Wii Fit to lose 2lb was set for today but its more than likely gonna be a whopping great gain... Might have to set it to lose 2lb in a month or something tonight so I dont upset Wilfred  (thats what we've called our board) again.  Mr CS found something out the other night by accident, when you are at the screen with the calendar on and your Mii is stood at the left if you move the pointer over you Mii and press A your Mii reacts to where you've poked it.

    Happy Running Wii Fitting everyone.  image

  • Mr T broke the chandelier when he was playing tennis..........all fixed now though. Have you noticed that the wii board says 'ow' when you get on it?

    I'm going to wear a tu-tu for this years race for life, sorry Darren to discuss such things especially as men are not allowed to participate.image

    Caz, any running is better than none and I have awesome respect for anyone who runs on Christmas day. Mr T still shying away from 'the great outdoors' but I plan to keep working on him in the subtle ways us women have. Something like 'Oi you fat git get out and run some of that lard off' should do the trick. No I merely jest, he has a slim trim figure in reality. Stretching tips woz not me I'm afraid, don't like to take credit for something I didn't do.

    Foxy WELL DONE on your fantastic victory, everywhere I seem to look there are new houses and flats being built. Where are the people who are going to live in them? image

    I saw a traffic cone and a beer can frozen in the river chelmer the other day........I did the same with my Garmin, when I downloaded it showed my race as one month before it was even tho i'd put the right date in. So i put the race date as one month later and that fixed it.

    According to my Garmin, I achieved a top speed of 12.6 mph today! Which is 4.46min/mi ! Blimey, only did it for 16 feet but hey, I got into the sprint zone for the first time in my life, normally in slow jog.....image perhaps I have a sprint gene tucked inside me somewhere....

    Well done on beating the stick man Darren, i always chuckle when i see him on the screen. I remember seeing a thread about someone who challenged their man to a race and he kept standing them up and not appearing! haha.

    Chicken tonight, Mr T is cooking, smells yummy, heard him mashing the mash so must go, happy running all image

  • Sweet pepper and lentil curry with brown rice, yes veggie nite tonight!

    School are taking the thug issue seriously, not sure if it will make a huge difference with little Thug but they are trying.

    Are we the only household without a Wii?  My sister-in-law's family have 2 so maybe that averages things out!

    I averaged 7.20 min/miles on my 200 metre intervals today, Julia, but did have to virtually walk the recoveries and feel knackered now.  Also need to research exercise induced asthma as think I have it, especially with this cold weather.  If I use my son's puffer I run much better and if I don't I have a tight chect for ages after and an annoying cough. UMHimage.

    Going to try and get my stick man working for my run tomorrow.  I am just about to read back and find Julia's instructions and decide a pace.........

    That should keep me quiet for a bit!

  • imageimage

    Heh Julia- you write good instructions, I just found the stick man!  It was the scrolling down to find him bit I had missed out on before. I'll let you know by far he wins as I've just set up a little race for tomorrow.


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