Cold is goooood

I LOVE running in this weather!! Had the bestest 5km run today, shaved 1 min off my time image

But none of my non-running friends seem to agree that it being colder is so great. Pfft .

Anybody else with me? 



  • I love the cold LadyBoy All my PB's have been done this time of year.
  • Hello Ladtbee

    yes, i go along with that -

    i love having my hat and gloves on and really striding out, especially after dark

    running in the dark makes you run faster anyway !!   image

  • Yay for faster times image

    Although I think the weather heard me & took it to heart: it's only gone and started snowing here!!  Not sure I quite fancy a run in the snow?!?!

  • yes yes YES

    Hippo weather


  • I love the sunshine.

    16 - 20 degrees C is ideal for me, with little wind. All of my PB's for 1500m, 5k and 10k were achieved in June/July.

    I do like running in the cold though, it just never produces as good times.
  • 16-20C?!?! I roast at that temperate! Clearly you're not working hard enough Paul image

    Don't Hippos come from hot sunny Africa?!image

    Yargh, we've had about 2" of snow now. The weather's got abit carried away.

  • i much prefer the cold, especially when its crisp and sunny and cold image I'm not a happy summer runner at all. (actually I'm not much of a summer runner full stop image )
  • I did my 5k PB (19 mins, 32 seconds) in around 17/18 degrees C. Lovely!

    I always get my highest mileage in during the summer months... plenty of time down at the beach running along the seafront.

  • Yes winter running is lovely. image

    Summer running is horrible.

  • Winter running!  Right with you there.....don't go quite so red faced!     image  

    The heat of summer just leaves me feeling URGHH!!!!   

    Def. faster run times at this time of year, only started running seriously  about a year ago.image 

  • I love the winter running apart from when it pours down. running in the cold dry is brilliantimage
  • I love the cold but i love the rain too!

  • I love the cold but was a bit shocked at the ice this morning..had to abandon my run and wil have to try again later !
  • i know!! i had to go to the gym, bah. it's such a nice day too, gorgeous clear skies. would've been a cracker for running, but didn't quite fancy the black ice we have around here! weather took me far too seriously - i didn't mean I liked it THIS cold! image
  • I'm not a summer runner - do prefer the cold, but today got back and didn't jump straight in the shower and as a result have had what can only be described as Severe nip pain.  Ended up standing in a hot shower using my hands to make little nip baths to make them all better image
  • Yes, I'm with you. I love cold, crisp weather and struggle in any sort of heat.

    In fact I thought this morning was the ideal time to start on my new "teach yourself to run in the mornings" resolution. Okay, it was 8am and not 6am, those of us that are afflicted by being crap and slothful in the mornings have to start somewhere. The clear, cold air and the crispy bits of frost on the pavement were definitely motivating. I like running in the dark too...  It's all good image

  • Owwww. The torture we put ourselves through.

    I may like the cold but I have to admit OJO that I like my nice warm bed a lot more in the mornings. I've been saying for years that I'll start running "in the mornings" yet I've never yet managed a pre-9am run. Ooops. 

  • Hi

    Started running in August so have only run in the heat (well sort of we did not have much of a summer).  However, went running at the weekend in the rain and ran the furthest I had run 5.5 miles in 1 hour and today I decided to attempt a very steep hill.  I live in Kent so have been running hills since I began.  I then ran another two miles, again up hill.  The weather was perfect.  Cold, crisp with a slight breeze.  Felt really good.  I have relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis, so the heat always affects me.  Looking forward to the winter!!  Wendy

  • I love the cold, can't wait until it snows for that crunchiness (but not the slush afterwards)

    I've fallen out with cyclists though, they seem to like either trying to ram me or blind me with badly angled lights.

  • I too am a winter running supporter - so much better getting in some good base mileage over the winter months. Cold crisp air - quiet streets, its bliss.

    Its my friends and family who get on my nerves trying to put me off.

    1 "its too cold out there - you'll catch your death"

    2. "its too dangerous for a women to be running alone in the dark"

    3 "You'll get knocked over - drivers cant see you"

    4. "you cant see where you are running"

    They get on my wick with it image

  • I like my warm bed a lot too LadyBee, it's a bit of a needs-must thing at the moment. I have to say it was not a very impressive running performance, it was the actually getting out there that was impressive....

    Well done Wendy, sounds like you're improving. 

  • Running this afternoon and it was chilly but not cold enough for tights.  Having said that, my legs didn't feel they got up to running temp and sucking down lungfulls of cold air, especially when trucks pass, is not a lot of fun.  My only real concern with the colder weather is ice on the paths, no fun and increases the chances for injuries.
  • Winters fine if you are lucky enough to get out in the daylight, but if not it means pavements and busy roads which is my idea of hell - give me the warm summer evenings and off road anytime ..although a lovely bright sunny autumn/winter day is lovely but they usually happen when im stuck indoors at work image

    Hopefully we might get a a full moon and some snow that would be good !image 

  • Granted there are some safety concerns to running in winter but they're nothing that decent street lighting/ a torch, reflective clothing and common sense can't fix. Unless it is icy....

    Dula Heritage...that sounds very annoyin. The "but you're a woman" argument especially. My rule is that I won't run (alone) anywhere I wouldn't walk at the same time of day.

  • I'm a fairly recent returnee to running - but being up on the moors early this morning, minus one degree, sunny, only a slight breeze, just me and my dawg - well, it was great. I found the recently churned but now frozen mud to be a bit of an ankle turner, but it's a laugh running along wondering wether the frozen bog/puddle will support your weight or (frequently!) not. It was really great, and if I wasn't working tonight, I'd be up there again tomorrow early.
  • I did my first run in tights and gloves today and loved that nip in the air.  I got home and was warm as toast, but not bathed in sweat.  I am really enjoying crunching through leaves at the moment, as I had six long weeks in the gym this time last year, and basically missed autumn.

    To be honest one of the (many) things I really love about running is the different seasons.  I don't like running when it is very hot/humid, but I love the long summer evenings, the crunchy leaves, the rain, the crisp frosts, the sunshine, the stars.  I love the smells of flowers in the summer evenings, dampness in the autumn, and just feeling the different air temperatures.....  I ran in a thunder strorm once and that was great (but a bit scary).  I have run when  it was dark and snowing, and loved looking at the snow flakes swirling down in the light of the street lights.  I had a great run once when I saw a stunning double rainbow.......
    I HATE the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ladybee - I wish I could run in the morning but I just can't get my body going. I so wish I could but I can't image
  • Just toooo cold today for my poor nose
  • Big yay to cold but sunny, big NO to cold & wet... 

    Cant wait to try out all my new long sleeved tops & fab running jacket, have only been managing to get to the gym just lately so no need for layering...  But this sunday could be MY day... image

  • Orion R Beanie wrote (see)
    Just toooo cold today for my poor nose

    Wish I just had a sore nose.

    Yesterday I annihilated my nipples in the freezing rain, I thought they were better today so I went out again...  someone remind me again why god put nipples on men?

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