Bedford Half Marathon

I seem to recall that there is a profile for Bedford Half. Someone did one, but it was a million-digit website reference, and I just ended up in a Black Hole. Has anyone got one of those little links that you just press and it goes straight to a profile, without having to press too many buttons??

Many thanks


  • This should be the correct link, you will need to click on the arrow tab to get the elevation

     Bedford Half

  • Yes, this was the one I tried, and I only got Missouri and Wisconsin on the map/ satellite. I couldnt locate Bedford. Am I pressing a wrong button??

    Many thanks in advance.

  • It should take you to a map of the course without you needing to press on anything.  Try pasting in;

    There was a profile on their website last year but I can't seem to see it this year.

  • Nope, I must be pressing a wrong button.

     I went onto the website in the end, and created my own account. A bit time consuming, but it now works. I dont relaly know what I am doing with it though, and ithe profiel info isnt as good as the site. That used to be better, but laetly Ive been totally unable to get a profile on any course mapped out.

    Thank you anyway, I see you have done a bit on there??

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