Pain on outside of knee



  • Haha sounds like exactly something i would do. The more seasoned hardcore runners on here would probably say nooooooooooo but hey how can you tell him where it hurts if it doesnt???? image
  • My point exactly! Well, the choice was between running and climbing today, and I've only brought my running kit, so I will have to run now image
  • Harri - you have chronic ITBS. If you run you will set yourself back weeks or even months.

    If the physio isn't a total quack, you don't need any symptoms. Take some time out.
  • Oh Swerve! It's like having an angel and a devil on my shoulders, listening to you & classybird... image But I have to admit you are sensible.

    I've just had to move the physio to Monday anyway. So that's 2 reasons to stop being an idiot.

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