Belvoir Challenge 26

Anyone have any ratings on the race and course. This would be my first off road marathon so I'm a little nerous. How much slower so that I can be mentally prepared. Lesley


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    Oh this is a fab, fab, fab race.          Don't get hung up about time as the distance is approximate, the going greulling, the weather usually foul and of course you have to stop for cake!       But it's one of the best races I've ever done for the atmosphere, the sense of achievement and the hot puddings afterwards!   butdon't do it with a bad cold and cough like I did and end up with pneumonia afterwards - not clever!

    To put time in context, I did the half distance in 2:45 a couple of years ago  - usually I'd do a half marathon in 1:40-1:45ish.      If I was doing the marathon, I'd expect it to take 5:30ish hours (and my marathon time is3:45ish).  Hope this helps!

  • Wot Lizzy said.image

    How much slower ? A lot !!

    Usually cold wet and very muddy but the cake and stuff at the checkpoints make up for it. Great fun if you just see it as a challenge rather than a pure race.

    If you want to get an idea of what to expect, and you live fairly local, try the Seagrave Wolds Challenge in a fortnight (Saturday 15th November).

    There is a thread for it where you can get all the details. (I've boinged it for you)

  • Agree with Lizzie it's a great, great race, I have run the shorter race ranging from 15 to 17 miles so dont take the distance too seriously. It's huge fun sometimes really muddy and like skating but if frosty can be quite hard on your ankles. The cakes and goodies at checkpoints are brill as are the hot puds at the end.

    I did 3.15 last year which measured 17 miles ( Stopped for cake, flapjack, coffee, pizza, soup,) In fact you can actually put on weight in this event.

  • Hi Everyone, thank you so for all of the great comments - food great course challenging and slow?? i may just try this one.Muds good for the complection I've heard. Do i need special trainers?  Regards Lesley

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Definitely fell shoes or trail shoes as it can be very muddy also lots of fields and rough paths-! Make sure you've done some longer runs in them first as they can be less forgiving than road shoes. If you're East Midlands-based, the Derby Runner in Spondon has a good range.
  • Boing.

    This Challenge is nearly upon us again.

    I'm in the wimps event image (15 miles)

  • reading the comments above i`ll have to give this race ago, 26 miles of mud , pain and cakes great stuff
  • Walked some of the course today - if the snow stays, its going to be a killer!

  • if anyone has entered this race but is unable to take part and is willing to transfer their place , can you let me know. Willing to pay entrance fee back
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