Which is better?

Which is better - doing one 10k every Saturday or doing five 2k runs during the week?


  • I often "intend" to do two runs every weekend, but usually it comes down to having the time and inclination to do just one - so I like to make the most of that and do a biggish one. As I was doing a 10k this morning I was thinking about getting up a bit earlier and doing some early morning runs. I find doing those hard to maintain week on week, especially now the days are shorter and colder. So I wondered if the effort of doing regular frequent short miles was better than just rolling it all up into doing one big one a week.

    The principle can be extended out so is it better to do one 20k a week than four 5ks, etc.

    I wondered if someone would come in and suggest some alternative, such as doing two 5ks - and that's the first response!

    Why would two 5ks be better than one 10k?

  • better for what?

    if going for distance/week then either way you have it covered. if training for a specific race distance then you need to adjust accordingly, its no good training for a half on just 5k runs. but equally just doing one 10k a week will only make you good at running 10k.

    there are a lot of training plans around, most seems to do 3-4 runs/week, with some shorter runs and hill or interval sessions, and a long run at weekend.

     but if all you want to do is get out there to feel a bit fitter then just do what you want.

  • Sorry - I haven't made myself clear.

    I don't mean exactly 10K - I mean the principle of doing a distance, whatever that is, either in one go, or split up into small chunks.

    Most training plans have people doing a bunch of smallish runs very frequently. But if we are talking about two people doing the same distance training every week, but one does it in either one or two big chunks, and the other does it in smaller chunks spread out every day, is there any significant difference  in overall stamina, speed, fitness, etc?

  • AS already stated it depends if it is for general fitness or a specific distance event.

    If you are say, running a 10k, then you will need to do that distance at least once a week in one go with shorter distance's at least 3 times a week to build speed.

    If you just want to keep fit and have a target of say, 20k a week then do 4x 5k or 5x 4k or 2x 10k i could go on but i wont. 

    Doing the 10k once a week in one go will build stamina for that distance, if you only do shorter distances all week you will struggle to complete a 10k if needed.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Yes, that makes sense. Thanks.

    I don't train for specific events. I enter 10k, half marathon, 30k, 20 mile and marathon events just for fun - though I do keep an eye on my PBs and try to beat them.

    Well, I WILL actually train for a marathon. But I don't actually train for the other distances - I just make sure I'm running fairly regularly. I'm not a fast runner, and  all I really want to do is make sure I remain fit enough to enjoy the races I enter.

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