midnight feasts

hi. Pretty new to the forum but have been lurking for awhile. I'd like to know whether anyone else has this problem. Although not strictly running related it is linked to nutrition. I've been running for years. Done a couple of halfs and maras and have my sights set on an ultra. My problem is this. No matter what i eat during the day i always end up eating through the night. Sometimes this can be the equivalent of another meal. This interrupts my sleep pattern as well. And i'm getting pretty fed up. Anyone of you knowledgeable folk have any ideas or are going through the same thing?


  • Try looking up Night Eating Syndrome/Disorder - you might find it relates to you.
  • thanks bear. Doing a bit of research now. I've had this for over a year to a varying degree but it's just getting out of hand now and affecting my training which is annoying.

  • I have the same problem - I have a padlock on the kitchen door which my wife hides the key for when I go to bed, otherwise I can eat loads in my sleep. Sounds bizarre, but true!
  • I had the same problem for years i would get up to eat in the night and honestly thought i had no control over it(had a eating disorder in the past and felt it was part of that) but i have train myself out of it and havent woken to eat for a good few years now.  It is habit to a degree and all habits are hard to break but can be done it will be hard for the first month or so then it will be come the norm.

    good luck

  • I do the same. You're not alone. It's totally messing up my training too and getting me quite down too. Let me know what your research shows.

  • hey, thanx for the responses. Althoguh relieved that i'm not alone i do feel sorry knowing how frustrating it is. Harvi, i'm afraid all i can do is google but i found out that it can be a mixture of things that causes it. Stress plays a factor' but apparently night eating disorder, although not an official disorder, may be caused by decreased seratonin/melatonin and leptin levels. Leptin is an appetite suppressant and melatonin apparently helps sleep. No real help about how to cure it though. Some sites say that certain types of anti depressants help. Not too keen on those. Will power alone won't help. Tried last night and was just impossible. Only realised what i was doing half way through. . I will keep trying to retrain my brain. Maybe an appetite suppressant before bed? I think there are herbal ones out there.

    Thanks for the encouragement myway..
  • Cheers for that. I know I def do it more when I'm stressed and feel low. I ate a whole pack of cadbury fingers last nite. Well actually, I did stop when I saw the last one in the pack and chucked it in the bin! It is a difficult process. I've signed up for Reading half and got charity place for flm (never ran more than 9miles) so I really wanna beat it. I've read about using other sources for outlet like boxing, breathing properly, yoga. Running is great but can stress your body out and mentally tire esp if you're focussing on PBs. Rather not turn to drugs. Also read ginseng, st john's wort can be beneficial. Good luck with it and keep me posted. .

  • thanx, will keep you posted. Hopefully will get this thing cracked so i feel less knackered and sluggish before training. Good luck yourself if you're trying to get rid of the monkey.
  • Have you ever considered that you may be dehydrated?  It is easy to misinterpret this as hunger

    A good trick I've used is to drink a large glass of water before I eat anything.  If I'm still hungry after the water then I figure my body needs the fuel.

  • Good advice Captain Hook. I tend to drink 2-2.5litres everyday but maybe need more as I'm quite active. Will increase and see what happens. Cheers.
  • hi, thanx for the advice. My problem is eating during the night/early morning though. I tried having a glass of water by my bedside and sipping that when i wake up hungry. I still end up having a snack to get me back to sleep and the water just makes me need to get up a little later to visit the loo! It is a good idea though and it may substitute some of the snacks so i'll add it to my arsenal.

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