Edwinstowe Christmas 10K

Anyone doing this one and ran the trail before - interested to know what it's like.

 I hear it's the first year of the race so good to get a heads up of the area.



  • Jaseyshef

    The organisers have run the summer 10K for the last 2 years and do a good job. Generally well attended, parking good. The area has small undulations which should be nothing to worry about!

    Parking usually free and the area has a number of good pubs for well earned refreshments after!

     Centre Parcs is a couple of miles down the road too.

    Dee Jay

  • Cheers DJ,

     sounds like a good 'un.

     Are the trails and paths pretty solid then - no mud baths to be had?

  • Karen and Reg put on a brilliant race at Sherwood Pines (as mentioned above) but this isn't held there. It is held in Sherwood Forest starting at Edwinstowe.

    I used to run around that area and the main paths are solid, you might go off the main paths during the run, but not knowing the course I'm not sure.

    The only problem I can see is that it is a tourist area. You will no doubt pass the Major Oak (Robin Hoods Hideout, supposedly) which can be popular. Be prepared for walkers slowing you down.

    I was talking to Regs' brother today and he reckons it's going to be a cracking race. image

  • I agree with everything Extreme Muzzy says. I would add that Karen & Reg have run a summer 10K (ish) from Edwinstowe Cricket Club for the last 2  years which has been well organised albeit on a much smaller scale than their Sherwood Pines event.

    You may remember the floods in Sheffield 2 summers ago, well 2  days after that we ran the Edwinstowe race and as the area is very sandy there was hardly a puddle never mind mud! Deffinately trainers / trail shoes not the old Walshes (fortunately)

  • i'm signed up for this one, it's good to have a local race available at this time of year I hope it becomes a permanent fixture.

    A PB would be nice! I hope it's not too hilly/soft image

  • Thanks for the brilliant comments guys, The Cricket club are letting us use their changing rooms and showers, and the across the road conservatory/Attrium is going to be used for the entries on the day, and probably a hideaway till race start if the weather is not so pleasant. UKA have been and accurately measured the course for us. Spot on 10k I have put the course map on the web page www.2pointb.co.uk 

    best wishes RegB

  • Hi all,

    The question is road shoes or studs?


  • Hi All,

    This will be my 1st 10K since injury in June. What are the hills like. I'm not wanting to put to much stain on the old heel.image  

  • Hi Reg,

    Just a quick question about Sunday....

    Will this be a chip race like the Sherwood Pines 10k ?

    I've received my number in post, just wondered if I need to register / collect a chip on the day, or just get to the start before 10:30am ?

    I've got to pop somewhere first, I just want to make sure I get there in plenty of time.

    Looking forward to the run.



  • Hi Rich

    Its not a chipped race-but there will be official timekeepers and  finish clock by the finish gantry. Unlike a lot of trail races it is an accurately measured and certified course. The carparking is very close to the start and there are toilet facilities in the craft centre and the cricket club both next to the carpark and only 100 metres from the start.  You shoud just manage a quick warm up before the horn goes!  Hope you enjoy the course and have a good run


    Karen (Mrs Reg)

  • Hi All

    According to the official race measurement report the undulations do not exceed 2.5 metres over the whole course.  So what I am trying to say is there are undulations but nothing severe.  Look out for the large hill in front of you around 7K  and then be relieved when you turn right and leave it behind you!  The trails are on the whole well maintained and I personally would go for trail shoes or your normal road shoes..  There is only one small section that may be slighlty muddy depending on how much rain is received prior to the race.  Otherwise the trails are very solid.  Hope you are all looking forward to it and see you on Sunday- I may be wearing a santa hat!



  • Thanks Karen,

    If it stays this cold you may not be the only one in a santa hat !



  • HI guys, I'm out on the Saturday nigt so won't get much sleep but very temped with this race!  It will be my first 10k race since my awful shin splints that have kept me out of racing for the last year and half image  I am slowly (SLOWLY!!) getting back to my best but would like a slowish more of a fun run around this course, just making sure I finish around the 55-60min mark - where do tyou think that will rate in the amount of competitors?  I don't wat to come last! image
  • Go for it Malakite - and to everyone else enjoy the race, I'm quite looking forward to it now I shouldn't need Ranolph Fiennes to guide me round.


  • well

    I hope everyone enjoyed that. I most certainly did. What more could you ask.

    Very nice scenic course, great weather, well organised and on top of that the symbol of Nottinghamshire.

    I hope they do the run again next year. If they do they can count on my entry.

    Well done to all. Great day out.


  • yep was a great race, the course was fun, the organisation and the marshals were brilliant. Thank goodness the ground froze or it could have been messy!

    I would definitely do it again next year.

  • I agree excellent race really enjoyed it, very well organised and the marshalls really helpful.

    I will definitely entry again next year.

  • I agree excellent race really enjoyed it, very well organised and the marshalls really helpful.

    I will definitely enter again next year.

  • really great race and enjoyable. Marshalls excellent especially the bloke at about 2/3k when we turned sharp left, really helpful about conditions under foot.

    I will definitely enter next year.

  • Great race - perfect day.  As above, the marshalls were excellent and organisation top class - will definately see you next year!
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