I'm training, quite seriously, for the FLM. I am generally very heathy for a 51 year old female and exercise very strenuously at least 12 hours per week. I seldom really get out of breath and my recovery rate seems very swift. My blood pressure has been checked recently and it's fine. I do perspire copiously - should I say I glow a lot??? When I run, particularly uphill, my heart rate can go up to 200 very easily - but my monitor usually averages it out over the course of a 10 mile run to 155. (I do live in Wales so perhaps our hills are "good 'uns" ) Resting, my heart rate is usually 60 ish - please tell me, am I going to drop dead???


  • lol, don't think you'll drop dead Fran, I'm a 36 year old female and mine has been as high as 209 on a long steep hill, I average about 163 on a 10 mile run.
  • Blimey - twelve hours you say ? What kind of miles and what kind of time are you going for ?
  • Oh, I'm not that tough - 12 hrs includes spin classes, gym and a swim - I'm totally untalented as an athlete and can only usually manage averages of 9.5 minute miles, but hey, 3 years ago I couldn't run for a bus!
  • looking at those figures Fran I don't think you have anything to worry about but something must have spooked you to have posted the "am I going to drop dead" comment......care to share??
  • Thank you  - Close family member did die suddenly from heart attack last year so silly rates do alarm me - but I've since read that running around pylons or even sweat affects transference of signals - hope that's the case!
  • sometimes they can stop them completely which sort of freaks you 1st time - I have a level crossing near me that I run over - the power rail always stops my HR monitor....

    if it's any consolation, my father died of a single heart attack which made me think about my lifestyle - that was over 20 years ago now and I make sure I keep fit, heat healthily and not worry about it. when your time's up, your time's up........
  • My average HR is 180 althouhg I can go to 200 at some points during my run. My resting HR is 38. Im just turned 37.  I only run about 5km twice a week  and do astanga yoga every day.
  •  I'd say for your age 200 is high but then we're all different aren't we.

    My max (aged 53) HR is about 175 which is marginally higher than average for my age and I only reach that with speedwork. If you're hitting 200 under hard running which I assume is the case with your hills it is almost certainly no problem providing it drops quite quickly again when effort is reduced or stopped.

    Another possibility is a faulty monitor, interference (as above), so probably find ways of excluding these possibilities. I'd also try running hard and fast in a gym/on a treadmill if you can to determine your actual max.

    I don't consider 9.5 min miles over long distances slow by the way. I was very happy last year finishing the FLM in 4:28 which averages out at 10:14 minute miles.

  • Wanna aim to do the london marathon in 3-10. current pb for marathon is 3-31. 

    10k pb is 40-12

    How fast should i run my tempo runs? HOw far shpould i run for marathon tempos?

    cant get my head round tempo runs!! about 7-20 is that right? if i do them on tread what gradient should i use?? 


  • Not sure if you've had a reply on other forums to your December question, but generaly, I find (and others seem to agree) that running on a treadmill should be between 1 and 2% to mimic road running.

    Not an experienced marathoner, but tempo runs for marathon should be minimum 7 miles excluding warm up of a few miles. And for a 3:10 marathon, I'm guessing possibly quite a bit further!

    That's an aggressive target, you've set yourself, but good luck with it!! image

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