Where do you put yours?

This might sound like a daft question, but where do you ladies put your HRM strap? I am finding that the ideal place seems to be where my bra strap goes. If I put it lower then it can ride up over the bra and lose the skin contact, plus its then on the edge of my ribs and uncomfortable. So I have ended up putting it on first, underneath the bra strap. But then the bra feels tight. So far, this hasnt caused problems (sample size of 2), but i dont want to end up with discomfort during a race or long run.

do i have a particularly short ribcage (I'm not very tall), or does anyone else have this problem?


  • I wear mine under my bra strap - though my sports bras are crop top style not proper bras if you know what I mean - it seems fine, never had a problem
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I wear mine under my bra line, which given the almighty size of sports bras sometimes means it's nearing my middle! (Maybe a slight exaggeration) However, it works fine and as long as the strap is tight it's not going anywhere. image
  • thanks, i agree Clag, with a normal bra under bra line would be fine. with a sports bra for a person of generous boobage such as myself the band seems very wide! perhaps i will try a bit lower and see whichworks best
  • I agree with you Meg on the issue of generous boobage. I am a 30G and until i started using an HRM, My Royce bra tended to chafe after about 6 miles of running. But when I started using the HRM under my bra strap, the chaffing stopped.  I now wear my bra on the middle fastening rather than the tighter fastening and that helps accomodate the HRM.

  • glad its not just me Toco! tried again today, seemed better under the bra rather than below, and on a 55 min run didnt bother me at all. was just a bit worried as new bra so fairly tight already. thankfully havent had any chafing probs with bras, just with ipod armband on longer runs. (long for me is 45m!)
  • I lost a bit of fat around my ribs this summer as my mileage went up . I didn't        adjust the HRM chest strap and I ended up with wounds where the sensor frictioned off the chest.Very ouchy. It kept rubbing off the scab and in the end i had to take it off for about 3 weeks. Now I make sure that it is properly tight and secure. One of my bras has a deep rubber end on it and I wear the strap INSIDE this. The two together seems better for signal and comfort.

    Sometimes I push it over to the side so that it sits more under my left boob. This works well too.

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