Swanley 10K

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B4 I enter a run I like to b sure of where I am going!

Reviews talk about Nonsuch Park which is near Epsom, Is there a park in Swanley? Can't find one on Google Earth, organiser's website is a complete non-starter, just refers u back to RW!

Can any1 give me some more details, 'cos I'm not about to enter online or turn up on the day without having some idea about where I'm going!


  • It's in Swanley Park (used to be called New Barn Park).
  • I would like to know who is running this event. They don't ahve any permits,  permission to run the event?
  • I believe Mark Caswell at MCC Promotions is running this event. I entered one of these events last August (Newham 10K) which I thought was quite good. So, I entered this one a few weeks ago believing it to be held on Sun 07 Dec 2008 at 11:00 am (as originally advertised). I hope this is still the case as now Runners World indicates it will be held on Sun 11 Jan 2009. This may be a mistake on behalf of Runner's World as  the website that promotes this race still says it is going ahead on Sun 07 Dec 2008. Does anyone know for sure?
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    this race just gets odder, now its changed to January, but organisers' website still says Dec, inasmuch as it says anything at all!

    Really not sure about entering, in fact almost certainly won't, plenty of other events!
  • I already entered this race for 7 Dec,but have received an email from organiser that it has been postponed to 11 Jan due to unforeseen circumstances!
  • I just received the same email. Seeing as I've already entered, I'll turn up on the 11th Jan and see what it's like.

  • there is a 10K at Ditton on 7 December starting in Kiln Barn Lane - I assume that is not the Swanley event which had originally been advertised as that date in the Runners World magazine !!
  • I've had a look and can confirm that the 10K at Ditton on the 7th Dec is a different race. The Swanley 10K is definately on the 11th Jan (although they have yet to update this on their web site).

  • There is the Swanley caper in swanley that is held every year and is great funj. Every one recieves a Xmas pudding.  It is advertised on the runners world web site and is run by the local running club.
  • Think I might enter this one as a New Year early run, I think it is good to give full support to new races and it would be great to see a big turn out from local runners


  • I plan on entering, see what it is like. I wasn't aware about the problem with the dates in Dec and Jan. The website http://www.southlondonfives.co.uk/ confirms that it is 11th Jan. Will be nice to see what it is like.
  • Did a 10k back in the summer (paddock wood) and only 28 runners turned up!! hope this one is not going to be like that!!
  • Any race organiser with a bit of common sense knows to get land owners permission and race licences plus risk assessment for insurance and first aid organised. up to very recently there is no knowledge of any of this.
  • is the run on this weekend !!!!!
  • According to the website there are 293 entrants already, so I guess it's on and raring to go!

    I'll be rocking up and entering on the day.  Haven't got my trail shoes with me, so shall be slipping around in road shoes.  That'll be me, on my arse.

    http://www.southlondonfives.co.uk/ then click 'athletics'.  I assume that's the entry list.

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    Well, I didn't do it as felt it was going to be a shambles, and reading the comments I wasn't far wrong - for those who turned up and regretted it, hey, you still had a run, at least we're still out there, and any race is better than none.(I Think?)
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